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How Do I Gain Weight Without Putting On Belly Fat?

We cannot choose the area of the body where we will shed weight from nor select the region where we will gain it on. However, maintaining healthy fats while gaining weight can help us minimize the overall fat gain. To achieve a healthy weight, we would need to strategically add calories to our diet and practice regular weight training for building lean muscles instead of just increasing the level of fat in the body. Eating rich oily foods, sodas, processed snacks, ice cream etc. can help us gain some extra pounds, but not the kind that would help us in preserving our health and improving our physique. Are you embarrassed of your stick thin built? Are questions like “Will I Ever Put On Weight” and “How Do I Gain Weight Without Putting on Belly Fat” boggling your mind? Just Relax! Go through the following piece of read to know how you can get your dream physique.

How Do I Gain Weight Without Putting On Belly Fat?

How Do I Gain Weight Without Putting On Belly Fat?

Individuals who wish to put on some extra pounds without getting their bellies fat can achieve their goal in no time just by practicing the below mentioned dietary and lifestyle dos and don’ts.

Avoid Foods Which Increase Belly Fat (1)

One may not be bothered about the calorie intake and not worried about weight gain too, but they should always remember that overconsumption of saturated fats from full fat dairy and fatty meats can cause visceral fats to accumulate in their stomach. Thus, people who do not want to add extra unhealthy flab on their belly must diligently avoid the intake of refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and sugar containing foods like white bread, soda, white rice, baked goods, pasta, sweets etc.(1,2)

Eating More Of The Right Foods For Healthy Weight Gain

The body needs optimal amount to food to build muscles and recover from workouts. If one does not eat enough, their body tends to hold and store the fat. People, who wish to gain weight or build muscles without putting on belly fat, must eat the right type and quantity of food every day. Increasing the daily calorie intake is important for gaining weight. Whole, unprocessed foods pump up the daily calorie intake and are less likely to increase the accumulation of visceral fat to make the belly get fat. Whole grains like dense cereals, brown rice, 100% whole-wheat bread and wheat germ are high calorie foods which are also full of excellent quality nutrients and fiber. Fresh fruits, like pineapple, bananas and avocado, fresh starchy vegetables like fresh peas, corn and sweet potato, and dried fruits like dates and raisins must also be added to the daily diet. Nuts are high calorie snack foods that should be consumed judiciously every day to gain weight without putting on belly fat. These foods offer more energy and help to promote healthy weight gain. For people who find it difficult to put on weight, it is recommended that they increase their daily calorie intake by 500 calories. In case, one is putting on a lot of fat on their abdomen, they should only increase their daily intake by around 250 calories.

Practicing a Regular Weight Training Program(1,2,3)

Strength training and other exercise promote the building of lean tissue, rather than just piling on of fat, when one wants to gain weight without gaining in the belly area. It is vital to address all of the major muscle groups of the body, like the hips, legs, back, shoulders, chest, arms and abdominals. For people who are beginners in weight training, it is advisable that at first they only use their body weight for moves like lunges, squats, pull-ups and push-ups. They should start by performing a single set of 8 to 12 repetitions and can gradually increase this number, vary the exercises and add weights, as they become stronger over time. Even when trying to gain weight, performing cardiovascular exercises like hiking and jogging is extremely important to keep the respiratory system and the heart healthy. Since cardio does burn calories, people who wish to gain weight should just perform a few short cardio workouts of moderate intensity every week (2).

Lifestyle Changes to Achieve a Healthy Weight Gain Goal

Healthy weight gain needs proper planning and diligence. Individuals who wish to put on the right kind of weight must always carry high-calorie healthy snacks like peanuts, whole grain crackers, dried fruits, nuts, etc. with them since snacking at regular intervals helps them get more calories all throughout the day. These people must never skip meals and deny themselves of calories since the body perceives missed meals as stress, which triggers accumulation of belly fat. They should also drink judicious amounts of milk or fresh juice with meals.


By eating healthy foods and working out regularly, we can achieve our weight gain goals in no time. We can also build a strong and healthy body without putting on any unhealthy belly fat or flab.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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