How to Increase Your Memory?

A firm and good brain is totally dependent on the memory. Whatever be your age and whichever profession you may be involved in, a healthy brain with a sound memory is very much essential. For a pupil applying for examinations, or a working professional busy in his/her hectic schedule, or even a senior person who wishes to improve the health with a bold memory, there are various ways to increase your memory and performance.

Tips to Increase Your Memory

Age is never a constrain in increasing your memory. You may often see a man of 60 plus solving Sudoku and tricky puzzles. Scientists have in recent days brought to light that age is only a number. It’s all in the mind. I once heard a man speak out “I am 20 with forty years of experience”. Neuroplasticity is a new concept these days which speaks of how a human mind adapts and quickly adjusts with the changing world and society. With a perfect grooming and brain storming, the grey matter of your brain can create new neural pathways looking for diversified mechanisms.

How to Increase Your Memory Tip #1: Trying to Exercise the Brain with New Things is the Best Way to Increase Your Memory

Have you ever wondered why some people stand out from others in thinking and mentality? The only reason is because their brain and memory is never left idle. As the proverb says “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. When you have reached your adolescence, the brain is capable of taking in new ideas and developed millions of neural pathways. It will remember data at a faster pace tackle puzzles and riddles from a new point of view and analyze problems with less effort. In order to increase your memory, try to exercise the brain with new things.

Now the million dollar question comes “how to use it”. Well, as for all things in aspect of life the more you work out mentally the more able and strong the memory will be. You can solve puzzles, riddles, brain-teasers with new brain developing activities that are now very popular among children, youngsters and up to dated aged men. The best brain puzzles free you from the daily monotonous tangles of life and help you refresh the memory in a way increasing your memory.There are 4 major activities for a brain boosting schedule:

  • The brain boosting activities has always something new and innovative for you. The twist being that the activity you are dealing with must be unfamiliar and different for you. Something you might say out of the box. Whatever level of difficulty be the riddle and brain teaser it may be, if it is in the comfort zone, then things become useless. To nourish and uplift the standard of the brain, developing new skills and learning on new techniques must be an option.
  • It’s demanding and requires true ability. The thought of it says that the activity for brain boosting requires close and very fine attention. It is not enough if you solve the true part and keep on going the rest part monotonous and along with the force. The real challenge calls for constraint in all possible ways with a lot of mental effort. Like say, learning a music that is unpredictable every second. If you have memorized the difficult part, the games lost.
  • The dexterity and accomplishment is a positive note for itself. This speaks of activities that help you begin from a beginner level and final to an expert level. As you move on, the skills improve and your brain develops thereby improvising the skills of your capabilities. As soon as the next level is at your ease, you should think of not spending time and energy in the same level, go for the next level.
  • It’s beneficial and worth the energy spent. Rewards and accolades like prizes and boosting up energy levels help in the overall learning process. The activity must be very interesting and benefiting so that once you get into it, you keep on doing it in a continuous process for better benefits and experience. So choosing your challenge becomes the bigger challenge in a way.

How to Increase Your Memory Tip #2: Physical Exercise is Mandatory if You Want to Increase Your Memory

Physical exercise is mandatory if you want to increase your memory. Physical exercise is important in a way that it refreshes your brain by increasing the oxygen level to your brain. It also diminishes risks like diabetes and heart diseases. Exercising also improves neuro plasticity by supply of blood and oxygen into the brain matter by ways of exercises and yoga practice on a daily basis. Below are few tips on boosting up your brain through a physical workout:

  • Aerobics is a good form of physical exercise. This is because dancing on rhythms keeps pumping blood not only into the brain but also enhances blood circulation throughout the body level which is a very good factor.
  • Exercising in the morning is the best time to work out. It is the time when your body will fully accept the blood circulation and other beneficial factors. Also your mind is fresh for new challenges and obstacles that will come your way.
  • The next big factor being that aerobics also gives good hand-eye coordination. The exercises that you may choose should include complex motor skills as they are in a way valuable to the body and mind both.
  • Also a physical workout is great options that help you overcome the mental lethargy and weariness after a tough challenge that lie ahead. A short walk or a morning jog can also be kept as an option.

How to Increase Your Memory Tip #3: Sleep Minimum 8 Hours a Day to Increase Your Memory

Sleep at least 8 hours a day to increase your memory. There is a big dependability on the amount you sleep and the amount you work. For proper functioning and keeping your mind fresh, a good minimum 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep is mandatory. Statistics say that on an average 95 percent of the adult’s compromise on their sleeping habits. The sleep deprivation must never be compromised on. The big difference lies when you start having headaches after a bad or insufficient sleep. Once the sleep is compromised, with a pathetic hangover, all challenges are easy.

  • Regular and timely sleeping habits must be maintained. Do not skip it even for Saturday parties or Sunday night outs.
  • Switch off the television much prior going to bed. The light emission from the television makes your hormones weak and lethargy.
  • Stop taking caffeine after lunch. If you are addicted to it, then it’s a straight out “NO”.

How to Increase Your Memory Tip #4: Friends are Motivating and They Can Help in Increasing Your Memory

Friends are motivating and they can contribute in increasing your memory. Have you ever thought that light talk with a friend or a great hangout with them with varieties of issues to talk to will improve your memory? Friends are the best fit in here. Studies show that friends give a great boost to your energy. Hanging out with friends or going around for a movie with them can be a great motivating factor. Relationships that are healthy promote brain energy for a better life.

Relationships are important in a way that they bring along the various tastes of life. Human being is a social animal. He cannot afford to stay alone, aloof from all the ways of life. Relationships bring along a strong and positive vibes in our brains. Indeed talking to others, a regular chit chat is the best known exercise for the brain.

The Harvard school of public health has given forward a research analysis stating that people who are more active don’t doze off easily. Meaningful relationships are value added services to your life. The benefits of socializing bring about in a way added advantage to your thinking ways of life. So, to freshen up your brain, join a club, volunteer in some activities that form a group or a club. You may also opt for a pet, like a dog which is a highly-social and friendly animal.

How to Increase Your Memory Tip #5: By Managing Stress Properly You Will be Able to Increase Your Memory

Check on your stress levels and manage them properly to increase your memory. One of the worst enemies of your brain boosting up is stress. The stress results in damaging the hippo campus. Sometimes it may lead to memory loss.How do you manage your stress level?

  • Learn the habit of speaking out a clear cut “NO” and set examples for yourself that are realistic and can be monitored.
  • Don’t forget to take occasional breaks.
  • Express your feelings. There is no benefit in being an introvert.
  • Lead a balanced life by controlling life between work and leisure.
  • Don’t lead a multi-tasked life. Go for one task at a time.

How to Increase Your Memory Tip #6: Increase Your Memory by Maintaining Diet That is Healthy and Brain Boosting

Increase your memory by maintaining diet that is healthy and brain boosting. Similar to a car which needs good and quality fuel for keeping a car well maintained, the body needs a diet that is healthy and brain boosting. A diet that is based on healthy fats is good. These fats can be olive oil, nuts, fish which are beneficial to the body and the brain. It improves memory and the brain health. Here are some tips that will boost the brain memory and reduce the risk of dementia.

  • Don’t miss out on omega-3s. Omega-3 fatty acids are very much nutritional. Fish is a high source of omega-3. Salmon, mackerel, trout, tuna, sardines, halibut, and herring are the cold water fatty fish.
  • What do you do if you are not into fishes and are a complete vegetarian? The fruits and vegetables having a rich source of omega 3 is walnuts, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seeds, winter squash, kidney and pinto beans, spinach, ground flaxseed, broccoli and soybeans.
  • Foods such as red meat, butter, whole milk, cream, cheese, and ice cream have saturated fat and increase the risk of dementia.
  • The pinpoint being, eat more fruits and vegetables. The colored and green vegetables are a high source of antioxidants which increase supply of oxygen to your brain matter and prevent them from brain cell damage. These antioxidant foods are also known as “superfood” sources.
  • Go for green tea. Polyphenols is an ingredient in green tea. They fight against free radicals that have the probability to damage brain cells and are antioxidants. It reduces the process of brain ageing.
  • Grape juice is good but in high amount may be harmful. It is very essential that your alcohol consumption is in control. For women 1 glass per day and 2 for men is ok. Other option for alcohol is wine which is good. Red wine is rich in resveratrol. It is a flavonoid that enhances blood flowing in the body and diminishes the risk of alzheimer’s disease. Other options may be grape juice, fresh grapes, cranberry juice and berries with peanuts.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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