Home Remedies For Memory Improvement: Diet, Exercise, Tips For Better Memory

Don’t you remember where you kept your car keys? Falling short of memory on the list of items you were asked to get from the grocery store? Or is it you are not able to recall those three sentences you were taught at your moral class? If anything such is happening with you then perhaps you require special treatment for your memory improvement. No, this is nothing too serious to worry about but yes! It might off course be a big reason to worry if not taken care of now.

If you are experiencing memory problems and want an absolute solution for it then all you need is look for some exclusive home remedies for memory improvement and try out the special tips meant for having a good memory power. This article is all about the memory improvement tips, home remedies and the memory exercises which would definitely help you to some fair extent.

Home Remedies For Memory Improvement

Home Remedies For Memory Improvement:

Before we talk about the home remedies for memory improvement; let us categorize the various remedies into three prime sections, i.e. diet to improve memory, exercises to enhance memory, other home remedies as well as tips for better memory. So, below we will be discussing on each of the home remedies in a detailed manner.

Appropriate Diet To Improve Memory!

Diet can help you have a better memory power. There are some memory enhancing diets or the memory boosters which actually help fair in improving the memory condition. Let us look below for some of such foods for memory improvement.

This can further be studied in the following categories.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables Help Memory Improvement: Fruits are perhaps the most effective home remedies for improving memory. Because of the excessive content of phosphorus in fruits, especially dates, oranges, figs, apples etc; they are known to treat weak memory issues in a great manners. Blueberries known for anti-oxidant properties are found to be most effective in improving short-term memory.
    Vegetables also help in enhancing memory power. Carrots are highly effective due to the carotene content present in them which act as wonderful memory boosters. One can eat the raw carrots or can make carrot juice to get benefits of improving memory from it.
  2. Herbal Teas Works Great For Improving Memory: Herbals teas prepared from herbs like Rosemary, marjoram, Sage, basil etc works great for memory improvement. One must drink twice the herbal tea prepared from Rosemary or other essential herbs for restoring memory. These herbs mixed with olive oil can also be used to massage over the neck and head for better results.
  3. Dry Fruits and Nuts To Enhance Memory: Dry fruit like walnut is one of the most effective home remedies for weak memory. 20 grams of walnuts along with 10 grams of figs can give great results when taken daily. Apart from walnut, apricot is also well known for memory enhancement.
    There is also memory weakness due to lack of thiamine. Pistachio nuts rich in thiamine will help you greatly in memory improvements.
  4. Consume Eggs To Enhance Memory Power: Lecithin which helps in keeping the memory nerve cells healthy are found in higher percentage in eggs. Studies have found that taking about 70 grams of lecithin a day aids greatly in enhancing memory power. So eggs are one of the best home remedies for memory improvement.
  5. Vitamin Supplements For Memory Improvement: It is known that vitamin supplements, like the supplements containing vitamin E and Vitamin B6 can help in enhancing memory. Studies have found that vitamin E helps in increasing the short-term memory in adults. It is also explained via research studies that loss of vitamin b6 causes memory loss and thus by taking vitamin supplements rich in vitamin b6; one can essentially treat the memory loss problem.
  6. Other Diets For Memory Improvement: Among other diets which act is wonderful home remedies for memory comes Okra, Wheat Germ, Atrichokes, Almond etc.

Below is one of the best recipes provided for memory improvement using Almond.

Almond-Milk Shake For Memory Improvement:

Almond and milk shake helps great in improving memory status when taken continuously for 45-60 days. It must be kept in mind to take the shake in empty stomach. Now let us check out the recipe below for improving memory.

  • Keep 7-8 almonds in water overnight
  • Early morning peel the almonds and grind them to make a paste
  • Mix the paste with a glass of milk and take it for at least 45 days every morning

Exercises For Memory Improvement- Appropriate Memory Exercises!

Before we look forward in listing down the exercises for memory improvement, let us first have a look at the how exercise helps in memory enhancement. So below is the section explaining about exercise and the brain for memory.

Exercise And The Brain:

There is a popular saying, “One workout away from good mood!” Exercise surely helps in keeping you physically fit as well as assists you in enhancing a better mood and pleasures your mind. They say, “A happy mind is a healthy mind.” So, exercising can actually prove beneficial to mind and memory status. In this current section we will discuss about some of the special mental exercises which can work as best home remedies for memory improvement.

Some Mental Exercises That Can Enhance The Memory And Learning Skills:

  1. Musical Training To Improve Memory: “Music is love! Music is life.” For people who have experienced the magical wonders of music perhaps this quote comes absolute. Musical therapy or musical training has a great influence in the mental status or the memory improvement. It has been noticed that people who have undergone musical training show better results in mind games and memory power as compared to the people without any musical training.
  2. Oxygen Therapy For Memory Improvement: Administering oxygen before a stage performance or an examination can prove beneficial in better performance. Evidences clearly shows that an enhanced blood oxygen saturation can help you have an enhanced memory function. Thus, oxygen therapy can work pretty well for memory improvement.
  3. Meditation-The Best Mental Exercise For Memory Enhancement: Meditation is a kind of mental exercise which helps in improving focus and attention in mind. By continuing this type of mental exercise one can increase the memory status as it gets easier to pay appropriate attention and the essential things of daily life get organized naturally.

Some Special Tips To Follow For Better Memory:

  1. Sleep Well For Better Memory: A good sleep is highly essential for memory and mind health. So it must be taken on a serious note to take at least 8 hours of sleep daily.
  2. Get Organized To Support Your Memory: They say, “Being organized is being in control!” It is always better to keep things organized for better remembrance. Keeping a well organized chart or to do list memo or notes can help you greatly in giving a support to your memory.
  3. Get Social To Overcome Weak Memory: Social interaction, friends’ meet and group parties help greatly in eradicating stress and depression. This can greatly contribute in treating weak memory.
  4. Repeat Your Lessons To Boost Your Memory: Just recall how many times and how often we have been repeating our ABCs in childhood. In fact every now and then every single adult who met with us asked to repeat the alphabets A to Z. Perhaps those repeated lessons have actually printed the alphabets in our mind that will last forever. The same thing must be done for all little things you are intense to remember. Follow the strict rule for memory, “Repeat, repeat and repeat!”
  5. Visualization Enhances Your Memory: Visualization is something where one image can be associated with the things to be kept in memory. Like for example if one wants to remember a person’s name who is known as Alex, he can keep a visual image associated with the person and the name like take an example of an elephant ride. So it can be remembered Alex on an elephant safari.
  6. Do Mental Exercise To Improve Memory Power: It is always a task of intelligence to have mental exercises. Entertain more of puzzle games, it is also good to play video games for a well organized mind exercise in daily life.

Final Note On Home Remedies For Memory Improvement:

Sometimes home remedies work better than the advanced medical treatments. If you are finding yourself in a troublesome place because of your weak memory or memory loss issues, and are hesitating to take the prescribed medicines or the drugs for memory improvement, then all you can do is try out these above mentioned home remedies and check if there comes a way out for your memory and mind health.

“Wonders do come from the simplest things!”

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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