How to Stay Healthy After 50: Top 10 Healthy Habits for People Aged 50 & Above

Middle age is something which we all fear; however, in today’s world, the big “50” need not be a dread anymore, if you have the right mindset and the right habits that is. The mindset, that this is your time, the time you spend on yourself and your hobbies, accomplish the pending bucket list and to be the best and the coolest version of yourself is the way to go. To maintain a good life the body and the mind needs to be at a peace and the top 10 best healthy habits for people aged 50 and above:

How to Stay Healthy After 50: Top 10 Healthy Habits for People Aged 50 & Above

Start A New Hobby

The first and foremost healthy habit to cultivate when you have reached 50 is developing a new hobby. Once you reach 50, you have plenty of time on your hands and the best way to use up the time is to start a new hobby, a hobby that you wanted to do all your life, but could not accomplish it because of shortage of time. Now you have a golden opportunity in your hands to follow your hobby in your 50s and give it your undivided attention. The idea of something new would refresh your brain and keep you busy all at the same time, and a healthy body is a reflection of a healthy mind. Thus, starting a new hobby is definitely a good habit for people above 50.

Take Care of the Diet

As the age passes and when your reach 50 or above, the body systems change and you have to change your habits to adapt to the changing systems to maintain a healthy balance among the two. The foremost change that you need to make is in your diet after the age of 50. We are what we eat and when you are 50 or above, you should start limiting you hazardous food habits and change them to a healthy diet for a healthier you at 50. Diet for people aged 50 and above should include more of fruits and vegetables, as they are packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Foods to cut down in diet of people aged 50 and above are meat and dairy products, as these are heavy to digest and contain quite a number of calories too. The inflammatory nature of these products can wreak havoc in your body through worsening situations like joint pains, digestive problems and even depression and people aged 50 and above are more vulnerable to such health issues.

Don’t Stop Sweating It Out

Contradictory to the popular belief, people aged 50 and above should work out more rather than resting and giving up exercise altogether. At 50, people should start including more and more means of workout each day, like trying to walk to the grocery store, or starting yoga or cycling in the evening. The hectic regimen is sure to build up more muscle mass reaping a lot of benefits. Exercising or working out definitely is a must have part of the healthy changes in lifestyle for people aged 50 and above.

Practice Meditation

Another essential and indispensible healthy habit for people aged 50 and above is the practice to calm the mind and relax the brain. One of the best ways to reduce stress is meditation, which has been known to put forth astounding results. Be it focusing on breathing or living in the present moment, meditation helps you keep your mind and body at peace and in turn reduces the risk of catching physiological and psychological problems. Meditation is an important healthy habit to be developed by everyone, including people aged 50 and above.

Don’t Forget Your Sleep

Sound sleep is one of the best indicators of good health and deliberately diminishing the quality of sleep is nothing less than digging a pit for yourself. A minimum of 8 hours of good sleep should be ensured to maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body at and after the age of 50. Inadequate sleep puts the cognitive abilities of man on a decline, and makes it hard to maintain health. So having good sleep habits is a must healthy habit for everyone, especially people aged 50 and above.

Regular Checkups

Precaution is always better than cure and therefore it is better to know where your body is heading than to simply be surprised by any health problems, especially after the age 50. If you are reaching 50 or have crossed the line, it is eminent that your body will now be changing, it is best to get these changes monitored before they start to create any trouble. Most of the diseases that catch up with people in their old age start showing their symptoms in the middle age and these signs should be recognized and uprooted at the right time rather when it is too late. Regular health checkups are the best way to interpret the directions your body is heading towards, and is an important healthy habit to be included in the way of life of people above 50.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is the body’s means of expelling toxins from the body. Therefore it is essential for people to drink water to help good circulation of blood and ensuring nutrient absorption, more so for people aged 50 and above. A minimum of two liters of water a day should be had to keep the kidneys and the bladder in good health especially as you are approaching 50.

Getting Prostate Check Ups

Among the most common problems in men above the age of 50 is the problem of enlarged prostate. Though this condition is not life threatening, yet it can cause some very unpleasant symptoms and in severe cases can also lead to prostate cancer. Hence it is important to keep an eye on any change in behavior patterns and getting checked at the slightest inclination towards this condition in men aged 50 and above.


Reaching 50 introduces to your new best friend, the multi-vitamins. These are essential as the nutrition that you derive from the food isn’t enough at the age of 50 and above and multivitamins compensate for any loss that has not been attended to through food in people aged 50 and above.

Caring For Your Skin and Teeth

As the human body ages, its ability to ward off unwanted or unhealthy symptoms decreases and people have to make a little extra effort to maintain the same quality of life. In addition to this, a healthy mouth and healthy skin helps you debar a number of chronic diseases. Keeping your skin clean and moisturizing the skin helps manage keep the skin healthy and is a healthy habit to inculcate; whereas flossing and brushing your teeth keeps you teeth and gums and good condition and is another healthy habit which people tend to ignore. These are common practices that should be included in routine after the age of fifty.

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