Improve Your Sex Life With These 10 Workout Classes

Workout classes are an awesome way to stay healthy, strong and fit. And all the bending, twisting, stretching, heavy breathing and rising heart-rate at the fitness studio can also power up the sex life. It is amazing to know how one can improve their sex life with these 10 workout classes.

Improve Your Sex Life With These 10 Workout Classes

Improve Your Sex Life With These 10 Workout Classes

Just showing up for a workout can immediately increase body esteem, boost self-confidence and reduce stress, to make sex better. Want to perk up you sex life by working out? Here are the top 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life.


This complete-body workout includes samba, salsa, cha-cha, meringue, and even modern dance and hip-hop. Zumba is made up of a lot of stepping, arm movements, squats, core work, booty shaking, and lunges, all of which prepare the body for better sex. It is surely one of the 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life. In Zumba, a lot of sensual hip movements in the form of hip swaying, hip rotations and hip popping are performed on Latin-inspired songs. After taking up Zumba, one can learn and apply these hip motions when getting intimate in the bedroom. The looser the hips, better is the flexibility and hip movement.


These popular classes combine ballet movements with elements of yoga, Pilates and strength training. Barre is a full body workout which trains the entire body for some seriously satisfying sex. Barre consists of many isometric movements which enhance muscular endurance and help one hold sex positions for longer. Since a Barre performer needs to stretch after every movement in the class, they become extra flexible in the bedroom too. So if you wish to be in good form, this is one of the 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is not only an extremely effective method for torching calories and boosting cardiovascular health, but also for gearing up the body for blissful bedroom action. Any form of cycling prepares the body for sexual contact, so it is undoubtedly one of the important workouts that will improve your sex life. It enhances blood flow throughout the body, and improves heart rate to ensure proper regulation of oxygen in the organs. This is vital for holding an erection. In women, cycling raises vaginal pulse amplitude, and the higher the pulse, the greater the arousal.


PiYo is an exercise regime which couples the core-firming, muscle-sculpting benefits of Pilates with the flexibility and strength advantages of yoga. It is one of the most effective 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life. Since multiple muscle groups are worked in PiYo, the entire body gets primed for some very pleasurable sex. It is a blend of cardio, strength and flexibility training. While cardio enhances stamina to go on for longer, the Pilates-yoga combo improves flexibility to get into those interesting positions. Additionally, when people gain strength, their metabolism increases and they end up burning more calories to look and feel better.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a kind of fast paced flow yoga which focuses on aligning the breath with every movement to help the practitioner be more present in the moment, which is a key for sexual satisfaction. Vinyasa yoga too is one of the most popular 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life. Ones, who have remained disconnected from their body, can learn the art of experiencing pleasure again through physical movement, just by doing this form of yoga. Practicing yoga also helps to improve confidence and create a positive body image. By being more comfortable in their body, a person is likely to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Further, the lifting and tightening of the pelvic floor muscles can help to strengthen, and effectively control, the muscles involved in orgasm.

Kundalini Yoga

Originated in the 60s, Kundalini yoga is a kind of tantra yoga which encourages the development of the soul. The foundation of this trending form of yoga is inhaling and exhaling in a single slow, long, and deep breath for awakening the spirit. Kundalini can help to heal old wounds and face life with more love and confidence. Nothing is more attractive than a true, spiritual partner who is a calm, confident, and stable human being. So, when anxiety-free minds and flexible bodies which are in tune with the highest spiritual goodness, are combined together, it leads to a loving, ecstatic, and truly connected sexual encounter. This is a unique way in which this form of yoga is listed in the 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life.


This energizing class is driven by music and rhythm. Ripstix , which are exercise drumsticks designed specifically for POUND, are used in this class to help a person unleash their inner rock star while getting a killer workout. POUND workout polishes proprioception and kinesthetic awareness, which in turn helps the performer to become more certain about the way their body moves. This can lead to improved body-confidence and better rhythm between the sheets. This exercise also stimulates the production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter which plays a vital role in pleasure and desire. This is a latest trendy form of exercise and one of the 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life.

Versa Climbing

Climbing is an excellent way of sculpting the muscles and burning calories. It is because of these benefits that full-body fitness machine called Versa Climber is becoming increasingly popular in workout studios everywhere. These low-impact machines can be used by anyone for experiencing cardiovascular and sexual benefits. You can include these in your routine as it finds place in the 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life. Versa Climbing classes boost endurance and challenges a performer with intervals, which pump up their heart rate to help them get in better shape and go on for longer.

Pole Dancing

It can be surprising to know the huge number of benefits which pole dancing has on the body and sex life, as well. Pole dancing incorporates strength, core, body awareness, flexibility and balance, and even makes one feel sexy and uninhibited. A person can improve their core strength and overcome a fear of heights while performing the upside down moves on the length of the pole. This too can be an effective workout that will improve your sex life.


GROOV 3 is a high-energy workout which feels less like fitness and more like a dance party. It is a choreography-based workout which includes funk, hip-hop, and pop dance moves to a nonstop DJ music. These fun, simple combinations make an interesting workout that will improve your sex life. Stimulating the mind and engaging the full body can help to increase body awareness and confidence in and out of the bedroom.

You can choose from these 10 workout classes that can improve your sex life and plan an exercise routine for yourself.

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