What are the Effects of Increasing Age on Your Sex Life?

Effect of age could be perceived differently by different adults. For some adults a satisfying and active sexual life is of vital importance for their healthy and stress free survival. Moreover, it is important to realize that as we age our physical stamina changes rapidly and drastically affects our sexual life.

There isn’t any one particular method of satisfying ourselves. There are various methods which could be adopted in our diurnal activity to sexually satisfy our need and that of our partners. This always doesn’t require the presence of a partner strangely. The sexual intimacy that is shared between partners is extremely precious and could be expressed through touch or various other kinds of stimulations. The expression of our sexual desires is unique and innate to the partners who indulge in the activity.

Moreover such adults also exist who do not feel the sexual urge that often and therefore such people have lesser tendencies of engaging in sexual activities.

This could turn out to be a reason for bad breadth between the intimate partners. Unhappy sexual life has been held responsible for the breakdown of a lot of marriages. Hence, if it’s becoming a problem in one’s marital bliss or relationships then a doctor must be consulted. However, it is essential to delve into the reasons behind this lack of sexual urge in relationships as couples grow older before any measure can be adopted.

What are the Effects of Increasing Age on Your Sex Life?

What are the Effects of Increasing Age on Your Sex Life?

With aging a multitude of bodily changes are observed in both men and women. The hormonal changes reduced physical strength and stress could diminish their capacity to have an enjoyable sexual intercourse. For a woman the changes occur in her private parts. The first change could be observed in her vagina that tends to grow smaller and narrower in size. The wall of the vagina also becomes very thin and could be a little stiff too at times. As a result of the vaginal walls growing thinner and the vagina narrowing down in size it will take a longer time for the vagina to lubricate itself. These changes can have a massive impact on one’s sexual life.

Due to the aforementioned reasons vaginal penetration may become undesirable or too painful. There are ways to lubricate the vagina artificially if vaginal dryness is causing most of the issue. Artificial jell available in the market could be used to lubricate the vagina or one could opt for lubricating condoms too. The sex habit changes if the woman is undergoing some medical treatment. If she is undergoing hormone therapy to deal with hot flushes or because of her menopausal phase then statistics show that her sex urge increases from the normal rate.

Sexual changes can be noted in men too. Research has shown that as men grow older the problem of erectile dysfunction or popularly known as impotence becomes pretty common. Erectile dysfunction means that the man loses his ability firstly to have an erection and secondly to sustain that erection. Due to erectile dysfunction, most men take longer time than normal to withhold the erection. The erection may turn out to be dissatisfying for the partner as it might lose its firmness and size with age. The man tends to lose his erection sooner after the orgasm takes place or it takes a much longer time for him to again have the same. If the erectile dysfunction doesn’t happen that often in the diurnal activity then it is not a problem. However frequent occurrence of it calls for a doctor check.

Diseases that Come with Increasing Age – Affecting the Sex Life

  1. Arthritis

    Terrible joint pain can sometimes affect the sexual activity making it uncomfortable for the one suffering from it. In order to ease the pain one must indulge in a healthy regime of exercise and drugs. Changing the sexual position could also help the case in this matter.

  2. Chronic Pain

    This pain can sometimes act as an obstacle in the healthy sexual life of the couple. Older couples do not always have to undergo this pain and could treat it with pain killers. However, some pain killers reduce the capacity to have sex. Hence whenever the doctor is prescribing medicines, it is important to ask him about its various side effects.

  3. Dementia

    People suffering from this illness show an increased affinity towards physical proximity and intercourse. However they lose their ability to gauge what sort of sexual activity they must indulge in. A lot of them are patients suffering from severe dementia. Such people at times fail to recognize their own partners. However since their sexual urge remains intact they might indulge in it with randomly. This causes grave issues in the relationship and it’s a cumbersome task to manage such a situation. Medical consultants and psychiatrists should be consulted to help out in such a situation.

  4. Diabetes

    Men who suffer from diabetes tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction. With increased technological advancement and scientific uproar this can now be treated. Much has not been written about how diabetes affects a woman’s sexual activity. The little information that is available says that it could lead to vaginal infections. The infection causes itching in those areas making sex not a desirable activity of the diurnal cycle. These infections are capable of being treated too.

  5. Heart Problem

    The arteries in our body tend to be become thin and stiffen a bit too. As a result of which the blood doesn’t flow in the body smoothly. The narrowing of the arteries makes it difficult for men and women to have orgasms. It creates problems in the sexual urge of the partners. It takes time for them to feel sexually aroused and in case of men sustaining an erection becomes a huge problem. People who have had a heart attack in their lives fear that they may have the same if sexual activity occurs. Doctors prescribe a healthy sexual life for heart patients but in case of exceptions the medical advice must be thoroughly followed. If one suffers from breathing problems while indulging in sexual activity then the doctor must be immediately contacted.

  6. Incontinence

    Women as they grow older seem to lose control of their bladder. Frequent urine is observed for older women. If pressure is exerted on the belly portion during sex then chances are for the urine to pass out of the bladder. However this situation can be avoided by changing sex positions or emptying out the bladder before the sexual activity and after having the same.

  7. Depression

    A common phenomenon noticed in people across all ages. Due to depression and other anxiety issues people find it difficult having a sexual arousal. In this cases consulting a doctor will help combat the depression through behavioral therapies. Doctors at times prescribe drugs too that may reduce the sexual urge. The medical consultant must be informed about it so that the dosage can be changed. Many people suffering from depression become alcoholics too. Alcohol consumption might cause erectile dysfunction in men and delayed orgasms for women.

How Emotions Play A Part In This?

Sexual activities are a beautiful amalgamation of physical and emotional facets. How one feels can alter the way in which one acts and reacts. Report has shown that a lot of older couples are more sexually satisfied in their old age than they were in their younger times. There could be a lot of reasons behind it some of them being less distractions in their personal life, fewer chances of becoming pregnant, more privacy and less of responsibility. The thought of having someone for a lifelong period contributes effectively to their emotional bonding.

Some adults don’t feel comfortable in their older versions and might fear losing their partner because of them losing their charm and charisma from the prime years. This causes worries and stress in everyday activity. This may reduce the charm of an enjoyable sexual intercourse.

Older people also have daily stresses to combat and it’s not a responsibility free existence for them as some might assume. To topple all of it they might be suffering from added illnesses that weaken their zeal to live a healthy life with their partner. In such situations it’s important to confront the partner about their sexual problem.

Communication in the couple about the aforementioned problem might open up a lot of doors for dealing with it. Going to a counselor can help at times. A therapist would devise interesting programs to rectify the sexual problem and improve it in the partners. Talking about the problem helps to deduce proper solutions for it instead of delay delaying the matter. It is not an irreparable damage and most of it can be successfully cured.

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