8 Side Effects of Bluetooth Devices on Human Health

In the age we live in, the life has become fast and we have to manage multiple tasks at a time. Smartphones are without a doubt making the life simpler, but when you are on call with someone, it is really hard to do any other tasks as you have to hold it. Even before smartphones came into existence Bluetooth technology was making the life of mobile phone owners a little simpler. Nowadays Bluetooth devices have become a necessity. They not only allow your hands to stay free while on a call but also do not have limited reach like the wired earphones.

You can place the Bluetooth earphone in the outer ear. The device forms a wireless connection with your phone. Apart from earphones, there are many other devices that run on Bluetooth technology like speakers etc. No matter how useful they are, these bluetooth devices are not as safe as we think especially for those who use them constantly every day. For example, these Bluetooth devices expose the human body to microwave radiation which can cause health issues. In this article, we will discuss the health issues that are or can be associated with the Bluetooth devices that we use on the daily basis.

8 Side Effects of Bluetooth Devices on Human Health

8 Side Effects Of Bluetooth Devices On Human Health

  1. Ear Pain from Bluetooth Devices: There are many Bluetooth earphones that are heavier than they should be. The “cool” factor that some companies try to add to them often makes them bulky, which cause discomfort to the ear. If you use such heavy bluetooth devices on regular basis, they can harm the muscles of your ear which can cause ear pain. In order to be on the safer side, you can choose the bluetooth earphones or headphones that have proper cushioning to avoid this particular side effect.
  2. Deafness Caused by Bluetooth Devices: When we use Bluetooth devices, we forget the fact that our ears can only tolerate less 90 decibels of sound for a longer period. If you have a habit of turning the volume of your Bluetooth device up while using it, your eardrum can easily get damaged. Also, if you use high volume for calls and music on your Bluetooth device, then there is a chance that your brain will get habitual to higher levels resulting in an inability to understand and register low volumes. To warn you about the high volume on your earpiece, the smartphone companies have embedded a code that sends a warning message as a push notification if you use high volume for a longer period of time. If you see that message make sure that you lower down the volume immediately. By taken these precautions, you can avoid this side effect of bluetooth devices.
  3. Brain Cancer Due to Bluetooth Devices: The main problem with the Bluetooth headset is that they are constantly close to your head. Those who prefer Bluetooth devices to receive calls and listening music do not understand the ill effects of the electromagnetic radiation on the brain. The radiation being in the close proximity of the brain can directly affect the brain cells. Any person who uses the Bluetooth devices constantly every day is at the risk of getting brain cancer. In order to stay on the safer side, it is recommended not to use Bluetooth device for more than 15 minutes in a single stretch. Put it on only when there is a call coming and prefer to use either wired earphones or headphones or speakers for listening to the music.
  4. Risk of Leukemia with the Use of Bluetooth Devices: It has been found that those who use Bluetooth devices constantly every day have very low levels of immunity. In such cases, there is a higher chance of developing Leukemia which is a cancerous disease that develops in bone marrow and causes an abnormal number of white blood cells.
  5. Head & Neck Pain Caused by Bluetooth Devices: Those who use Bluetooth devices constantly often complain about headaches. These headaches can be because of the high volume or because of the ill effects of radiation from the Bluetooth devices. Ironically, over usage of Bluetooth devices also causes neck pain, which is one of the reasons to start using Bluetooth earphones in the first place as people bend their necks while on call without any hands-free device.
  6. Birth Defects from the Use of Bluetooth Devices: According to studies, scientists have found that the radiation from Bluetooth devices can cause side effects, such as birth defects and miscarriages as well.
  7. Accidents Due to Bluetooth Device Use: People think that using a hands-free device while driving is fine, as they can concentrate on the road because both of their hands are free. In reality, using Bluetooth devices while driving is one of the major causes of road accidents nowadays. This is an important side effect of bluetooth devices on human health, which is pervading the society.
  8. Hair Loss from the Use of Bluetooth Devices: Another worrisome side effect of bluetooth devices on human health is hair loss. Those who use Bluetooth devices for a prolonged period are prone to early baldness as well.


It is true that the technology can make your life much easier and simpler. However, everything comes with a price. Using Bluetooth devices can help you in performing multiple tasks at the same time, but on the same hand, they can cause major health issues in the long run. It is always better to use such technology within limits to avoid any health problems in the future.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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