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15 Best Smartphone and iPad Apps For Doctors

The present day situation is such that most of the work is done using smartphones. There are apps for almost everything you need. It is very easy to grab your mobile phone and get the required information or use the apps for specific purposes.

Best Smartphone and iPad Apps For Doctors

When this is the trend and demand of the hour, would the medical world lag behind? Certainly not. There are many mobile and iPad apps that doctors can use for their medical work. These apps are not much complicated and healthcare professionals can use them to keep abreast with the latest medical knowledge, be a part of the global medical team and engage in remote consultation too.

While there are numerous medical apps, most of them can be categorized as reference and medical information apps, patient monitoring and record apps, imaging apps, personal care apps and patient education apps. The medical information mobile apps can help doctors get quick medical information and references related to medical disorders, drugs and recent developments.

Some Of The Most Popular Apps That Healthcare Professionals Can Use In Their Clinical Practice Include:

15 Best Smartphone and iPad Apps For Doctors

  1. Mobile MIM – By MIM Software Inc.

    This mobile app uses a software programs and is useful for viewing, display, registration and fusion of medical images that are valuable for making a diagnosis. These medical images are radiographic; from imaging studies like X-ray, Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, PET and SPECT scan. It suits iPad and iPhone, requires iOS 7.0 or later.

  2. Draw MD

    This is a free iPad app that enables doctors to explain to their patients about a medical condition or a surgical procedure. This is a medical tool that provides visualization and interactive diagrams for better understanding along with the provision to type, draw or stamp on the image to make markings. This app includes nine major specialties that are mostly related to emergency or surgical care.

  3. EZ Derm

    This is an iPad based electronic health record system that can be particularly used for dermatological cases. It has a speech recognition technology, with the help of which the clinical notes dictated by the healthcare professionals are stored in the system and can be used in the app. These notes can be applied in other provisions of the app like videoconferencing, telephony and texting to communicate with other colleagues.

  4. SwiftPayMD From Iconic Data

    This iPhone and iPad app is of great value to doctors seeing many patients as in a hospital and have to record their diagnoses, billing codes and other details. This app makes it easier to note this information by using speech technology.

  5. Up To Date

    This app provides reference medical material that doctors would like to reach while making decisions regarding their patient’s treatment plans in clinical practice. Healthcare professionals willing to stay up-to-date with the latest information in medical practice, find this app very useful.

  6. NEJM This Week

    This guide comes from The New England Journal of Medicine and provides doctors with findings of the latest medical research work, science articles and publication articles on topics ranging from clinical practice to biomedical research.

  7. Micromedex Drug information

    This free ipad app is an excellent resource providing clinical drug information that can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere and can be checked even when offline. Doctors can get information related to generic and brand names, dosage details, administration, black bow warnings, side effects, etc.

  8. WebMD for iPad

    WebMD offers this free app, which is a reference source for doctors. It provides a symptom checker, details about medical conditions, first aid information, treatment and drugs.

  9. Pubmed on Tap

    This app provides information about the medical research studies and literature related to it. It has a database of references, citations, abstracts and full text articles from research studies. This app offers a provision for offline storage of articles, advanced search based on a criteria and email sharing.

  10. Universal Doctor Speaker for iPad

    This free app can be useful for doctors who deal with patients speaking different languages. This text based app works as a quick translator that enables doctors to know which words and questions to use when communicating with their patients regarding their visit, medical issues, diagnosis and treatment.

  11. Echocardiography Atlas by Epocrates

    This app is an excellent tool for healthcare professionals working in general medicine or specifically in the area of cardiac or emergency care. It gives an opportunity to study echocardiograms, both normal and abnormal along with images, videos and information on a particular medical condition.

  12. Medscape

    This free app provides daily medical updates, medical information and has detail guide on medical conditions, their diagnosis and treatment. It offers a great medical and surgical procedure reference and drug interaction checker.

  13. Epocrates

    This popular app provides information on prescribing drugs, generic and over the counter medicines. Also available is handy information on their dosages, safe prescription, adverse effects and potential drug interactions.

  14. The Merck Manual

    This iOS app is a digital version of the text and has similar sections that can be browsed for reference at any time.

  15. LabGear Medical Lab reference guide

    This is a complete reference guide for laboratory tests and also includes MedCalc.

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