Home & Natural Remedies for Migraine During Pregnancy

Migraine during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the oestrogen and other hormone levels fluctuate to a great extent. Fluctuation or changes in hormone levels is a major cause of migraines during pregnancy. It is because of these changing hormones that women get migraines even during their menopause or also during their menstrual cycle. It is in most cases that the pregnant women experience the migraine during their first and third trimester.

However, in this case, it must also be mentioned that migraines are absolutely unpredictable. Whereas it might occur for the first time in pregnant women, who have never had a migraine ever in her life; regular migraine sufferers might find relief from their chronic migraine headaches. This is because, just as the oestrogen and other hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, some natural pain-killing chemicals such as endorphins are increased during this phase which eases the pain. Hence, women experience relief.

Since there is a restriction in the medicines that are taken during pregnancy, home and natural remedies are the best options to get rid of migraine headaches. Here are some useful home and natural remedies that can provide relief from migraine during pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Migraine during Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Migraine during Pregnancy

  • Cool Compress: Cool compress is an effective home remedy that can provide relief from migraine during pregnancy. You need to lie down and use a towel to apply cold compress. Sometimes, a bag of frozen peas is an easy way to apply cold compress. Cold compress helps in numbing down the nerves and thus, the pain signals are restricted.
  • Hot Bath and Compress: Taking a shower or bathing with warm water by adding Epsom salt to your bathing water offers a soothing and relaxing feeling and can be useful home remedy for migraine during pregnancy. Hot compress can also be combined with cold compress. For that, a bag of rice or similar grains can be used. You can warm the bag in a microwave and use it for compressing.
  • Massage: A massage of your shoulder and neck is very comforting and can help you to get rid of migraine headaches. Your spouse or a close relative can give you a soothing massage to get rid of the migraine during pregnancy naturally at home.
  • Drinking Plenty of Water: Dehydration is a major cause of migraine, especially during pregnancy. Hence, when you drink a lot of water, you stay hydrated and avoid constipation. Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water every day is a must during pregnancy.
  • Avoid Migraine Triggers During Pregnancy: The foods, beverages or other environmental factors that might have triggered migraine must be avoided.
  • Stress Management to Prevent Migraine during Pregnancy: Stress is a prominent factor for migraines during pregnancy. Stress must be managed in every possible way, either by doing a little yoga or by doing things that makes you happy. Slow and deep abdominal breathing is a good way to keep the body and mind fresh and stress free. Apart from inhale and exhale exercises, you need to make time to listen to music or play music or do some other sorts of stress relieving tasks to get rid of migraine naturally at home.
  • Exercise can Reduce Migraine during Pregnancy: In relieving stress and in keeping the body active and health, mild to moderate exercises such as walking and a little aerobic exercises are very useful home remedies in managing migraine. Swimming is also a good alternative, if it comforts you.
  • Eat healthy and Eat Regularly: Avoid skipping meals. Eat all your meals and that too on time, so that the blood sugar levels are maintained. Eat healthy, especially proteins and foods that are rich in iron. A few almonds or apricots are quite a healthy snack. Avoid all sorts of foods and beverages that might cause you or trigger your migraines.
  • Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep: Proper sleep and rest is a must during pregnancy. In case of pregnant migraine sufferers, sleeping on time, going to bed early and taking breaks from work is always of help. Sleep deprivation and change in your sleeping pattern can contribute to your migraine attacks.

Natural Remedies for Migraine during Pregnancy

Here are a list of few herbal remedies that helps in reducing the pain and the migraine itself:

  • Herbal Beverages to Relieve Migraine during Pregnancy: Though caffeine is a major migraine trigger, a healthy and relaxing hot beverage recipe can often relieve your pain naturally.
    • Having 2-3 cups of Ginger and Chamomile tea can also relieve migraine pain during pregnancy. However, do not drink them in excess.
    • Alternatively, you can also drink a glass of warm milk by adding a little honey to it. Cinnamon powder is also often added to this milk to get relief from migraine during pregnancy naturally.
    • Relaxing Herbal Beverage Recipe to Get Rid of Migraine During Pregnancy:
      • Lemon rind
      • Fennel seeds
      • Lavender
      • Chamomile
      • Hot water.

Add all the ingredients to boiling water and let it boil for a minute and then settle down. Drink this herbal tea to get relief from migraine during pregnancy. You can add honey or milk if required.

  • Foods Useful in Reducing Migraine during Pregnancy: There are a number of food ingredients that have proven to be effective in managing migraine over the centuries. Foods those are rich in niacin like fish, tomato, whole wheat, nuts, green leafy vegetables helps in reducing migraine pain during pregnancy in a natural way.

Other natural remedies to reduce migraine during pregnancy are:

  • Applying sandalwood paste on the forehead can also help in reducing migraine pain during pregnancy as it has a cooling ad soothing effect.
  • Another effective natural remedy for migraine during pregnancy is to keep raw potato cuttings on the forehead for some time to relive migraine headache.
  • Horseradish oil, its dried or fresh root form can be used to get relief from migraine during pregnancy.
  • Grinded lemon peel can be applied on the forehead to relieve the migraine pain during pregnancy in a natural way.
  • Carrot juice as well as concentrated grape juice can help in reducing migraine pain during pregnancy.

However, always consult a doctor before taking any natural or herbal treatments especially during pregnancy. Primrose oil, in particular, which is otherwise very effective in treating migraine, must never be used during pregnancy as it may induce labour and premature delivery. Even Tiger balm and Feverfew are not safe to use during pregnancy.

If even after following the herbal and home remedies the migraine refuses to subside, do consult with your doctor. Do not take any over-the-counter medicine before consulting the doctor.

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