Benefits of Carrot Juice and its Preparation

Carrots are full of Vitamins K, Vitamins B1, B6, B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, along with manganese, biotin, molybdenum, potassium, dietary fiber, niacin, folate, Phosphorus, Copper, Panthothenic acid etc. Thus, Carrot juice is highly beneficial to human health. In this current article we will talk about the benefits of carrot juice and also talk about the methods to prepare carrot juice. Hope this would be beneficial for you to read.

Benefits of Carrot Juice

Benefits of Carrot Juice:

Carrots are healthy for our health and life. Carrot juice derived from at least 3-4 carrots makes it healthier. You can have a lot of benefits from carrot juice which we will be discussing in our following sections. Drinking carrot juice regularly is a habit that each individual should inculcate as it is healthy as well as tasty. Carrot juice aids in treating and preventing diseases like diabetescancer etc, and also helps in improving skin, hair, vision and nails. More about the benefits will be discussed below.

  1. Benefits of Carrot Juice in Improving Immunity and Controlling Heart Diseases:

    Carrot juice aids in improving your immunity. It is also beneficial for the kids to improve immunity. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which keeps the lining of internal organs healthy so as to prevent them from being infected by pathogenic organisms. Vitamin A and beta-carotene present in carrot juice make it effective enough in warding off germs out of body.

  2. Carrot Juice is Beneficial in Improving Heart Health:

    Carrot juice is also known to be beneficial for improving heart health. Carrots containing rich amount of antioxidants and dietary fiber, work towards keeping ones’ heart healthy by removing plaque from the arteries and also by maintaining proper blood circulation.

  3. Benefits of Carrot Juice in Reducing Cholesterol:

    If your cholesterol levels keep fluctuating then you must adopt carrot juice in your diet. The potassium content present in carrot juice helps in reducing cholesterol levels, which also helps in reducing heart issues.

  4. Carrot Juice Helps Heal External Wound:

    Carrot juice is known to heal external wounds very quickly. Vitamin C present in carrot juice, aids in healing the wounds quickly. So, next time you get wounded, you can try drinking carrot juice for quick healing.

  5. Carrot Juice is Beneficial for Clotting of the Blood:

    Carrot juice is also very much beneficial for clotting of the blood. It contains enough of Vitamin K which aids in blood clotting. This prevents the blood loss and fastens the healing process too.

  6. Bone Health Benefits of Carrot Juice:

    Carrot juice is also known to improve bone health. Vitamin K present in carrot juice is highly essential for the protein-building process in the body. Apart from this, it also aids in binding of calcium which in turn leads to quick healing of broken bones. Potassium found in carrot juice also aids in improving bone health

  7. Cancer Prevention Benefits of Carrot:

    Carrot juice can also act as an anti-cancer agent. Carrot contains a rich amount of carotenoids and it has been said that taking increased amount of carotenoids can decrease bladder, prostate, colon and also breast cancers

  8. Carrot Juice Helps Relieve Abdominal Gas:

    Carrot juice also helps in relieving abdominal gas. Accumulation of gas in stomach can be really painful and these are the times when one feels bloated. The carminative nature of carrot juice aids in eliminating the stored gas inside the stomach as well as intestines and thus provides good relief.

  9. Carrot Juice Cleanses Liver:

    Carrot juice is also known to cleanse and detoxify the liver. Taking carrot juice on regular basis can help in releasing toxins from the liver.

  10. Carrot Juice Cures Infection:

    It is also known that carrot juice is beneficial in curing infection both internally and externally, because of it being rich in antiviral and disinfectant properties. One can take the carrot juice orally to treat infections developed in the mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, colon, and urinary tract. Apart from this, carrot juice is known to cure cold, cough, flu, bronchitis, measles, rashes, mumps, sores, ulcers, psoriasis, carbuncles, etc.

  11. Carrot Juice Regularizes Menses:

    Carrot juice is known to regularize menses. It is beneficial in improving menstrual cycle by working as an emenagogue. Taking carrot juice during your menstrual period can also help in relieving pain.

  12. Benefits of Carrot Juice in Treating Macular Degeneration:

    Carrot juice is also known to be beneficial in treating macular degeneration. It is highly essential for the elderly people. Carrots contain high amount of beta-carotene, which splits itself via an enzymatic reaction, leading to the formation of pro-vitamin A. This nutrient is known to be responsible for the antioxidant capacity of carrots.

  13. Oral Health Benefits of Carrot Juice:

    Carrot juice is known to have wonderful oral health benefits. Carrot juice makes your gum healthy and is highly effective in keeping a great oral health. Carrot juice is full of mineral antioxidants that stimulate gums and make way for excess salivation. Saliva, being alkaline in nature, helps in fighting bacterial invasion in the mouth.

  14. Carrot Juice Promotes Urination:

    Carrot juice is a strong diuretic. It plays an important role in increasing urination; which further aids in purging almost 4% of total fat from the body. Apart from this, carrot juice also removes excessive content of bile and uric acid, lower blood pressure, eradicates renal calculi, keeps the kidney clean.

  15. Benefits of Carrot Juice in Enhancing Parental Care:

    Carrot juice is known to be very much beneficial for the pregnant women and the child inside their womb.

  16. Carrot Juice Prevents Infection In Unborn Child:

    It is known that carrot juice when taken during the last 3 months of pregnancy, reduces the chances of dangerous infections that might affect the child. So, it is beneficial for pregnant women to drink carrot juice, two times a day

  17. Carrot Juice is Good for Lactation:

    Carrot juice is also known to be very effective in lactating mothers. This aids in production of milk. Taking carrot juice during pregnancy, enhances the quality of breast milk, making it enriched in Vitamin A.

  18. Carrot Juice Improves Immunity in Kids:

    Carrot juice is full of vitamins and minerals and thus improves the immunity in small kids, and protects them from a plethora of diseases. Thus, it can be included in their diet every day.

  19. Carrot Juice Aids in Muscle Growth:

    Carrot juice is known to help in muscle growth. Vitamin A present in the carrot aids our body to heal after a strenuous workout and helps in muscle growth. The phosphorous content present in the carrot juice is beneficial in building, repairing and maintaining of muscles.

  20. Benefits of Carrot Juice in Controlling Sugar Level:

    Carrot juice is known to balance our sugar levels. Magnesium, carotenoids, manganese, etc. present in carrot juice can stabilize the sugar levels and aid in reducing the weight gained due to diabetes. Carotenoids particularly are known to reduce blood sugar levels.

  21. Carrot Juice Provides Instant Energy:

    You can drink a glass of fresh and healthy carrot juice when you feel drained of all your strength and energy after a heavy workout. You can get instant energy from the juice. Presence of adequate amount of iron in carrot juice enables it to provide instant energy. Apart from this, iron also ensures proper supply of oxygen to the brain, leading to mental alertness and less fatigue.

  22. Benefits of Carrot Juice in Increasing Metabolism:

    Carrot juice contains high amount of vitamin B complex, which aids in breaking down glucose, fat and protein. This aids in building muscle and increasing body metabolism. Phosphorous content in the carrot juice enhances the body’s metabolic rate, ensures optimal use of energy in the body and reduces pain after workout.

  23. Weight Loss Benefits of Carrot Juice:

    It is known that carrot juice is helpful in weight loss. It has a low calorie count and is in fact the best natural drink for someone who is looking to lose weight.

  24. Benefits of Carrot Juice in Cleansing the Body:

    Carrot juice is known to cleanse your body by getting rid of toxins out of it. Fresh raw carrot juice cleanses the digestive tract of toxins and waste and indigestible material out of our tissues, bloodstreams, muscle fibers, joints and internal organs. This in turn aids in preventing obesity and also in preventing diseases like gout, edema, jaundice etc.

  25. Carrot Juice Aids in Digestion:

    Carrot juice helps in proper digestion. It is actually a boon for your stomach as it soothes the stomach lining and fastens up the process of digestion. Large amount of fiber contained in carrot makes it beneficial for digestion and make you feel fuller for a long period of time

  26. Carrot Juice Helps in Removing Dryness and Scars:

    Carrot juice aids you in removing dryness and scars. Potassium content present in carrot juice makes it possible to reduce dryness of the skin and also reduces scars. Apart from this, it gives the skin an enhanced skin tone.

  27. Carrot Juice Prevents Acne:

    Including carrot juice in your diet every day can be beneficial in preventing acne. As carrots are rich in essential vitamins, carrot juice aids in preventing acne by detoxifying your body.

  28. Carrot juice is the source of vitamin required for your skin:

    Because of the rich vitamin content present in carrot, carrot juice is known to be healthy enough for your skin and makes it glow. The healthy nutrients present in carrot, helps in reducing skin related issues like eczema.

  29. Carrot Juice Prevent Sun Damage:

    Carrot juice is known to prevent sun damage. Carrots are rich in beta-carotenoids and this makes them reduce sunburn and also helps the skin’s resistance to sun damage.

  30. Benefits of Carrot Juice for Hair and Nails:

    Drinking carrot juice daily can make your tresses gorgeous and healthy. It helps in hair growth and also prevents dandruff on your scalp. Carrot juice is also known to help you have healthy and pretty nails. It strengthens your nails, and also makes them sharp and shiny.

How to Prepare Carrot Juice?

If you want to know how to prepare carrot juice then below are the steps you can follow.

Ingredients required:

  • Carrots- 4
  • Sugar for taste
  • Ginger- 1 tbspn roughly chopped
  • Water- 3-4 tbspn
  • Lemon juice- 1 tbsp


  • Wash the carrots properly under flowing water
  • Then, dry them and chop then in to even and small pieces
  • Transfer the pieces to a food processer along with ginger, sugar and water. Blend them till smooth
  • Strain the juice in a glass and then squeeze lemon over it.
  • This is where you carrot juice is ready to drink.

Precautions to Keep in Mind While Usage of Carrot Juice:

Though carrot juice is healthy and have enough of benefits for mankind, there are some precautions one must keep in mind while taking carrot juice. Below are some of the points to keep in mind.

  • Avoid consuming carrot juice if you are a patient suffering from diabetes. It can lead to a hike in the blood sugar levels.
  • Taking too much of carrot juice can cause a condition known as Carotenosis, wherein the skin of the nose and soles turns yellowish-orange.
  • Lactating mothers should not consume carrot juice in excess as it may cause changes in the breast milk.
  • Make sure you check out for allergies before consuming carrot juice; as many of us can be hypersensitive to carrots.


Q: How Many Calories Does 100 Grams Of Carrot Juice Contain?

A: 100 grams of Carrot juice contains only 39 calories.

Q: How Many Grams Of Sugar Does 100 Grams Of Carrot Juice Contain?

A: 100 grams of carrot juice contain 3.9 grams of sugar. This is quite high in quantity

Q: Can Taking Excess Of Carrot Juice Have Bad Effect On Health?

A: Yes! Excess of carrot juice or more than twice a day can have a bad effect on your health, as it contains concentrated natural sugar in it. This may lead to weight gain too. So, avoid taking more of carrot juice in a day.

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