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10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Going To A Beach

Almost all of us love to go to a beach. In fact beaches are some of the most enjoyable natural places on this earth. Going to a beach, taking bath in the sea or simply taking sun bath, all of these offer an immense pleasure to us, help us release stress and keep us quite energetic. Now, what exactly are the health benefits of going to a beach?

Read on to know some of the surprising health benefits of going to a beach.

10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Going To A Beach

10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Going To A Beach:

  1. Going To A Beach Relieves Stress:

    One of the most surprising health benefits of going to a beach is, it helps in relieving stress. Both, the sun light and the waves combined together work greatly to relax your body, helps you release you from pains and aches and also frees you from your daily stresses.

    When you arrive on the beach, serotonin hormone is released immediately and this hormone is known for happiness and relaxation; however, the sound and visuals of the serene beach and the sea or the ocean are amazingly soothing and offers you peace.

  2. Going To Beach Helps You To Get A Better Sleep:

    What else could be the benefit of going to a beach? Well, you get a better sleep when you go to beach. You can have a wonderful night’s sleep if you spend few hours at a beach in a day.

    For those suffering from insomnia, beach is definitely a scene of natural beauty and it helps them relieve stress, anxiety, and helps you maintain hormonal balance and reduce physical fatigue, all of which benefits them in getting better sleep at the night.

    In addition to the, the sun at the beach and a reduced levels of stress helps in regulating a person’s hormones, making it much easier to fall asleep peacefully at night.

  3. You Get Vitamin D When You Go To A Beach:

    One of the most important vitamins that we need is Vitamin D. However, in our diet only little of this vitamin is actually absorbed through food. Vitamin D is enriched in milk; but again, it is usually not enough for our bodies to absorb the appropriate amount of it on a regular basis.

    However, the good news is that spending only 10 minutes in the sunlight can allow a person to absorb their daily requirement of vitamin D directly through the skin. So, going to a beach means spending time under the outside sun and getting enough of vitamin D.

  4. Going To A Beach Helps You To Fight Off Infections, Reduces Pain And Inflammation:

    There is another surprising benefit of going to a beach, especially if you take a dip or swim in the sea. Have you ever experienced that painful sting on an open wound that is exposed to salt water? Well, that pain is actually a sign that your wound is getting cleansed by the water.

    Salt water has got a unique antibacterial and antifungal abilities and this makes it a wonderful source for external infections; and at times also for the internal infections. The iodine in salt water or the ocean or sea water is highly antiseptic and it helps in various ways, such as fighting of infections, pain, and inflammation and enhancing immune system.

  5. You Can Enjoy An Easier Breathing After A Day Out At Beach:

    Breathing in the fresh sea or ocean air might not cure all the respiratory problem of yours, but there are researches that looks quite promising for a number of conditions.

    One long-term Australian study that was published by the Wall Street Journal, showed that salt-laden air, such as the air blowing in from the sea, helped to clear out patient’s lungs, thin mucus, and also improve the functioning of their lungs across the board.(1)

    Even a single visit to a beach can offer you some sort of therapeutic benefits. People suffering from asthma, breathing difficulties, or COPD, will actually find that it is easier to breathe on the beach than almost in any other place. This is because our chest muscles that surrounds the lungs get relaxed when we step onto the beach and also because the air there is charged with negative ions that actually work for increasing absorption of oxygen in the lungs.

  6. You Can Increase The Level Of Iodine In Your Body When You Swim In The Sea:

    Iodine is a supplement that we take in because of several health benefits to our body. Having adequate iodine levels in our body ensures that there is an optimal level of energy and metabolic rates, and there is a peak in hair and nail growth and also that the levels of hormones are regulated.

    Iodine is also taken for its excellent anti-carcinogenic properties and also because of the fact that it can help you in reducing symptoms of fibrocystic disease.

    So, if you want to maintain an optimal level of iodine in your body, then going to a beach and the sea water is a great way to do!

  7. Get Benefits Of Magical Minerals:

    It’s not just the iodine, but also many other ocean minerals that are quite beneficial for reducing joint pain and inflammation. It can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis by going to a beach.

  8. Sand Makes You Svelte:

    It is very much obvious that walking on the beach is more challenging than walking on any flat or stable surface. And when we walk in a challenging surface, our body burns more energy, and it also burns more calories. This is the reason why walking or running or a beach or doing beach workout is a better workout than working out or walking on a concrete surface.

  9. Going To A Beach Fights Inflammation And Improves Immunity:

    What could be much better than knowing that going to a beach helps in improving your immunity? Yes! It actually does. The iodine found in the sea or ocean water actually works as a excellent booster of the immune system. It is greatly antiseptic and it also helps to enhance the function of your thyroid gland and can even boost your immune system.

  10. Skin Health Benefits Of Going To A Beach:

    The beach and also the sea or ocean water has truly got a positive effect on the overall health and also the appearance of your skin. It helps you get enough of skin health benefits because of the antibacterial and detoxification properties of the elements on the beach.

    The sand in a beach does a great job in exfoliating your hands, feet, and body. It is true that nothing actually removes dead skin cells as better than the sand does.

    Again, there is also the benefit of detoxification by going to a beach. The warm sun opens up your skin pores, and the salt water is then able to go in and pull out any toxins present. So, you can be free from excess oils, uneven skin, and blemishes too.

    Apart from this, the antibacterial property of salt water also comes in to action here in improving your skin health.


Are you not really impressed with so many surprising health benefits of going to a beach? Is yes, then get up and get ready for a nice time on any nearby beach. You will enjoy the natural beauty and also get a boost in your health and wellness.


Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:December 20, 2021

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