Migraine Triggers That One Can Face While Traveling

“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only the first page!” Traveling and discovering new places, knowing about various lives and experiencing the unknown are some of the most exciting things one must do in his lifetime. There is no life without excitement, but again for the best of excitement one must be well acquainted with the obstacles he needs to overcome in his path. If you are one of those travel enthusiasts who love visiting new places and wander around the world, but is struggling with the chronic neurological disorder of migraine, then it is very much obvious that you must keep some of the special tips to know while traveling that would help you reduce of keep you safe from the chronic migraine pain. The current article will revolve around this topic where we would discuss on migraine and air travel related migraine triggers along with some of the most important travel tips for patients suffering from migraine.

Migraine Triggers That One Can Face While Traveling

Migraine Overview:

A chronic neurological disorder accompanied by symptoms of moderate to severe headaches and some other noted symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, smell etc and some other symptoms related to Autonomic nervous system; is termed as Migraine. There are various triggers that can develop or aggravate the migraine pain. Some of the common triggers include environmental conditions like high altitudes, summer heat etc, fast foods, loud noises, stress and anxiety etc. There is no absolute treatment for migraine though there are some shorts of pain relievers which can reduce the chronic pain of migraine. However, it is always better to keep precautions for staying alert and keep self safe from sudden encounter of migraine in life. And when it comes to travel, one must be even more cautious. The following array of the article will discuss about some of the travel tips that would help you manage your migraine pain while traveling and keep self safe from any serious issues while on journey or vacation out of home.

Migraine Triggers That One Can Face While Traveling:

“Know your enemies well, to know be alert about the danger!” How about studying about some of the most noted migraine triggers that usually encounter patients with migraine while traveling? So, here below are some of the migraine triggers you must know about while traveling.

  • Fast Foods: Eating fast foods can trigger migraine and there are chances you might encounter them while traveling. Fast foods containing nitrates are most probably the major reasons aggravating migraine.
  • Caffeine: Excessive coffee is also a noted trigger for migraine. It usually happens that in flight travels, people mostly rely on coffee which might get the aggravated conditions of migraine pain.
  • Travel Stress: Loud noises, unfamiliar surroundings, change in normal routine, temperature changes, disturbed sleep and meals etc can be a huge stress in patients with migraine and can aggravate the conditions of migraine chronic pain.
  • Travel Sickness: It has been noted that around 60% of the adults who suffer from migraine had travel sickness in their childhood. Travel sickness includes the symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headache etc while traveling. So, travel sickness can be one of the major trigger for migraine.
  • High Altitude And Hot Weather: Studies have found that high altitude can trigger severe headaches in patients with migraine. Hypothalamus is the natural thermostat in man and hot temperature can affect it more and aggravate migraine pain.

Travel Tips For Patients With Migraine:

“Travel is about the about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown”. If you are crazy about exploring the unknown, then make sure you are very much cautious about your known obstacles. Because as the saying goes, “You are on vacation not your pain!” Here below is the list explaining about some of the most essential travel tips necessary for patients with migraine issues. Have a check on them and keep yourself safe from adverse migraine conditions while traveling.

  • Have A Well Organized Plan Much Ahead Your Travel: It is good to keep your plans well organized far before your travel day so as to avoid much of traveling stress. Proper planning on your trip would help you save much of anxiety and keep you safe from headaches of migraines during travel. You must carry all the necessary things which might help you safeguard self from migraine pain.
  • Take Well Stock Of Your Medications: It is essential to carry extra stock of your medicines for pain relief during migraine attacks so as to keep yourself safe in case you require your pain relievers in additional amount or if your plan gets extended for some more days in the travel trip.
  • Take Hassle-Free Products For Hot And Cold Therapies: You must be known to the hot and cold therapies that are prescribed for migraine pain. Make sure you carry the cold and hot packs while traveling and also make sure that you are carrying latest products for cold pads and hot pads which might help you keep your travel out of excessive risk in migraine. Eye pads, relief creams etc are some of the important things you must carry on with you while traveling.
  • Eat Healthy And Drink Enough Of Water While Traveling: Avoid taking fast foods or foods containing the allergy triggers like nitrates while traveling. It is important to avoid chocolates, cheese, citrus fruits etc in traveling span which might aggravate your headaches in migraine. One more thing which is essential is to avoid much of coffee which may trigger migraine attacks. It is essential to drink enough of water and keep safe from migraine headaches.
  • Check Your Sleep And Rest Hours: Make sure you get enough of rest and do not over stress self while traveling. It is also an important task to keep in mind that you must try for the best sleeping condition and has enough of your sleep, as lack of sleep during travel might affect your migraine conditions.
  • Take Care Of Your Travel Sickness: You must keep yourself protected from travel sickness and must protect self from the migraine attacks. Make sure you are prepared well for avoiding loud noise and other sick condition which might aggravate your migraine pain while traveling. Take your prescribed medicines for travel sickness conditions.
  • Seek Smoke-Free Environment While Travel And In Your Trip: It is very much important for patients with migraine issues, to keep self protected from smoke and look for smoke free rooms in vacation stay place or hotels. Try to be away from smokes in the environment around you while traveling.

Some Other Potential Tips For Patients With Migraine Planning For A Travel:

  • Make sure you carry your health insurance card
  • Do try to avoid alcohol while traveling.
  • It is necessary to keep more safety for self while you are on a foreign tour, as traveling abroad may be more challenging.
  • Do not take more of risks while traveling.

Final Note For Patients With Migraine And Planning To Travel:

“You have not known your life if you have not taken a step ahead from your place!” Travel keeps a great importance in having a well-flourished life. Your migraine must not keep you away from ignoring an important element of life, or keep self away from exploring the new places. So, make sure you follow enough of the travel tips while you are traveling with your migraine problem or any of the migraine related symptoms.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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