What Causes Low Energy in Males & Natural Remedies to Get Rid of it

Tiredness and fatigue are a part and parcel of everyday life in today’s competitive world where deadlines and meetings take most out of you in a day. When you get a good night’s sleep you will be refreshed the next day for another day at work. While this is a common practice, if you start experiencing Low Energy Levels on a everyday basis despite resting and even on a day off then it is a cause for concern and needs to be checked out.

There can be numerous factors which may affect energy levels in males. Low energy can not only impair your day to day activities but can also affect your work life adversely. You may not be able to do the work that you were able to do easily previously.

Thus, it becomes imperative to get yourself checked out if you have low energy levels, especially in males, as this may be a sign that the body is not getting enough intake of calories to produce sufficient energy to last for an entire day or may point to an indwelling illness of some kind which may need immediate medical attention.

Some of the factors which lead to low energy in males are testosterone levels, depression, lack of adequate sleep and certain medical conditions. Some of the symptoms associated with low energy in males are constipation, increased cold sensitivity, persistent muscle aches, weight gain, thinning of hair and drying of skin.

While a consultation with a physician is important to get to the bottom of low energy in males, there are also some natural lifestyle modifications that you can do to get rid of this problem. This article gives you a brief overview of what can be done at home to reduce or sometimes get rid of low energy in males.

What Causes Low Energy in Males?

What Causes Low Energy in Males?

Some of the potential causes of low energy level in males are:

Decreased Testosterone Levels: A reduced testosterone levels leads to decreased libido, emotional changes, altered sleep patterns, weight gain and the most common adverse affect of a low testosterone level is low energy in males.

Inadequate Sleep: This is yet another cause for low energy in males. If you do not get adequate sleep at night your body may not be prepared fully for the tasks ahead as it has not properly rested and results in low energy in males.

Iron Deficiency: This is also one of the common causes of low energy in males. Lack of iron in the body leads to less production of red blood cells which in turn leads to less oxygen being carried to various parts of the body for normal functioning and thus all the parts of the body do not function adequately causing low energy in males.

Thyroid Disorders: Certain thyroid disorders can also result in low energy in males apart from a host of other problems like significant increase in weight and drowsiness.

Depression: This psychological disorder arises due to increased stress. A depressed male will not only lack desire to do anything but will actually feel as if he has low energy to do anything.

Medical Conditions: There are certain medical conditions some of which potentially serious which may lead to low energy in males. Low energy in males may point to various medical conditions like liver failure, kidney failure, cancer, heart diseases, emphysema, and diabetes.

What are some of the Symptoms Associated With Low Energy in Males?

Apart from low energy in males, there are also certain other symptoms that the individual can experience. These symptoms are:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Cold Sensitivity
  • Frequent bouts of constipation
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Dry Skin
  • Thinning of Hair
  • Depression.

What are some of the Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Low Energy in Males?

Health Checkup: A complete health checkup is the first thing that you should be doing in cases of low energy, as it is an indicator that something is just not right with the body and that may be the real reason behind low energy, something like iron deficiency anemia or a thyroid disorder. If such an issue is identified and treated early then in majority of the cases you will get rid of low energy levels.

Adequate Hydration: If you feel that you do not have any energy left in you, then it is most important that you keep yourself as much hydrated as possible. This can be done by way of juices, water, or other fluids so that you do not get dehydrated which may complicate the situation and even get rid of Low Energy Levels in a natural way.

Adequate Sleep: If you are not a regular sleeper and you tend to get an interrupted sleep which is causing low energy levels then you can try having a sleep wake cycle. You try to go to bed at a stipulated time. Try and avoid eating or taking any caffeinated beverage before going to bed, so that you get a full night’s sleep and the body gets complete rest and is ready and refreshed the next morning. The important thing to note here is that no matter what happens you need to stick to your sleep wake cycle to get rid of low energy naturally.

Fish: Having fish in you diet is a good natural remedy to get rid of low energy in males. Fish contains omega-3 oils which helps restore the lost energy and is a great food to have to get rid of Low Energy Levels.

Exercise: Exercising regularly is the best natural remedy to increase energy levels. In case if you are overweight then also you need to exercise to do away with some of the extra weight in order to get rid of low energy levels in males.

Regular Meals: It is very important to have regular small meals to maintain energy levels throughout the day. You can try eating small meals two to three times a day and before you know it you will get rid of Low Energy Levels.

In summary, low energy levels in males if not caused by any medical conditions can be addressed successfully by modifying activities a bit and following certain dietary structures. In case if they are caused by a medical condition then treatment of that condition at the earliest goes a long way in getting rid of low energy in males.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:April 3, 2018

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