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Can Cervical Spondylosis Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disease of the cervical spine, accompanied by a change in the intervertebral discs, ossification of the anterior longitudinal ligament, and the appearance of bone growths on the front and side surfaces of the vertebrae. It usually occurs in old age. It may be asymptomatic for a long time. With a decrease in the height of the discs and the attachment of spondylarthrosis, it manifests itself as a limitation of the mobility of the neck and pain in the neck. To have a good diagnosis, radiography, MRI, CT scans, myelography, electromyography, and other studies are used. The treatment is usually conservative: exercise therapy, massage, manual therapy, physiotherapy.(1)

Can Cervical Spondylosis Go Away On Its Own?

Can Cervical Spondylosis Go Away On Its Own?

Many cases of cervical spondylosis go away over time or with non-operative treatments. When the pain or discomfort persists more than a couple of days, call your physician for advice. When you have extreme pain or weakness in muscles, seek immediate medical attention, particularly when there are other aggravating symptoms.

Cervical spondylosis is often without symptoms. If symptoms eventually occur, they continue to improve, sometimes without medication, over time. Therapy may significantly reduce the effects when symptoms arise. Muscle relaxants are helpful when an individual has spasms of the neck, where the muscles of the neck unexpectedly contract. Cyclobenzaprine and related relaxants for the muscles are good options.(2)

What Are The Natural Remedies For Cervical Spondylosis?

Treatment for cervical spondylosis with the help of natural remedies allows you to relieve pain and prevent its further development without the use of radical methods or potent drugs.

Cervical spondylosis cannot be completely cured, especially using only compresses and ointments. The treatment should be aimed at making the life of a person suffering from this disease as comfortable as possible.

The main task is to eliminate the pain syndrome. Treatment of spondylosis with natural remedies, in this case, suggests that a person will adhere to certain rules at work and home. To do this, you must:

  • Limit motor activity;
  • Warm the cervical spine with ointments, compresses, or other methods;
  • Regularly do simple self-massage;
  • Ensure the correct position of the body both in a sitting position and during sleeping, and for this, you need to pay attention to the choice of a working chair, home chair, bedding;
  • Perform therapeutic exercises, but only after consulting a doctor.

Warming Up Your Cervical Region: To relieve muscle tension and eliminate pain, it is essential to warm them up. With drug treatment, special drugs are used for this – muscle relaxants. At home, a hot shower is suitable for these purposes. It can even be used as an emergency tool. So, if, with severe pain, a stream of hot water is directed to the back of the neck, then the pain can be relieved pretty quickly.

These include:

  • Warming compresses;
  • Warming baths with herbal decoctions;
  • Herbal infusions for internal use.

For the same purpose, you may use the proven natural remedy, the salt bags, which are preheated in a pan. Often therapists replace the heating with an infrared lamp. For such warming to give the maximum possible effect, muscles should not be strained, and it is best to ask your family for help.

Raspberry Tea: Drinking warm raspberry tea, add 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar is wonderful. Then you need to sit in a bath with hot water for several minutes (the temperature should be slightly more than 40 ° C).

You can use the salt bag treatment along with this preparation. To make heating even more effective, you need to put on warm clothes and lie down under a woolen blanket for an hour and a half to sweat properly.

Warm Baths And Herbal Infusions For Indoor Use: All herbal preparations used in the treatment of cervical spondylosis should be aimed at relieving muscle tension, improving blood circulation, eliminating pain. Herbal baths are made based on the infusion of horse chestnut flowers and chamomile, birch leaves, and lavender flowers (you can use the essential oil of this plant). To relieve stress, doctors also recommend coniferous baths.

Light Exercises And Self-Massage: These will help reduce muscle tension and might improve your pain and discomfort considerably. But, it is better to consult your physician or a specialist before doing any exercise or massage.(3)(4)(5)(6)


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