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Can Neck Pain Go Away On Its Own & What Are It’s Natural Remedies?

Everyone suffers from neck pain at some point in their life. Sometimes the pain is mild and disappears after a few days of time. However, some experiences severe pain that continues to radiate to other parts of the body and persists despite surgical and non-surgical procedures. The kind of pain that endures for longer periods of time is often referred to as chronic pain.

Can Neck Pain Go Away On Its Own?

Can Neck Pain Go Away On Its Own?

Chronic neck pain does not go away on its own and requires certain types of treatment that can bring you relief. However, in most cases, neck pain can be managed with some combination of rest and therapy along with few anti-inflammatory and pain control medications.

Neck pain is an incredibly common issue. For some, neck pain occurs as a result of poor posture, while for others it may probably due to an accident or injury that would have caused stress in the spinal column. These are a short-lived problem but you should not get confused this condition with chronic pain because chronic pain is more frustrating and in some cases more painful than you experienced during the injury.(2)

What Are The Natural Ways To Treat Neck Pain?

Your treatment plan purely depends on the location and cause of the neck pain. Traditionally, the common pains are treated through conservative therapy. But if you still experience the pain, then it is followed by physical therapy done with a combination of exercises. Clinical trials were conducted on many patients who reported of this condition and significant results were produced after therapy.

The natural remedy approaches to chronic neck pain include:

Take It Easy- If you know that you have hurt your back, try avoiding putting pressure on your back. However, many people often do not do that and the pain will worsen and is pushed down to the knees or causes stiffness in your back. While some individuals continue with their routine with bearable pain, while for others it might restrict their activity. Studies state that chronic pain gets better within a few days of restricted activity and taking the appropriate over the counter medication.(1)

Improve Your Posture-The head and shoulders forward posture is the most common example of poor posture which is one of the main factors for causing neck pain. When there is a pain in the neck not caused by trauma, posture can be a contributing factor. So you can improve your posture by sitting comfortably while working at a computer or looking at your smartphone or tablet. Similarly, when you are resting or sleeping, never sleep on your stomach. This can cause excessive strain on your neck and shoulders.(1)

Strengthening Your Neck- Researches says that simple therapies can provide huge results regardless of the cause of pain especially the strength-training exercises work best to relieve neck pain. It involves the use of an elastic resistance band with which you will do a set of exercises. However, it is essential to get an opinion from your physiotherapist before trying these strengthening exercises at home.(1)

Cold And Hot Compress – Most men develop neck pain for the same reasons they suffer lower back pain. The essential remedies for the sore neck are icing and heating followed by gentle therapeutic exercises and good posture. For any trauma or pain, it is often advised to apply ice for 48 hours and then apply heat compress. This is perhaps a rule when you have some injury in your back or shoulder area. These compresses can soothe muscle tension and spasms to reduce pain and provide relief.(1)


When you can no longer control the pain, then you probably require surgery. This will require when you have troubles in walking or having some imbalance. Otherwise, in most cases, neck pain is treated naturally.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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