Stretches For Lower Back Pain

If an individual experiences low back pain and hip pain simultaneously then the probability of them being related are more. In certain instances, hip pain results because of a back problem just like low back pain may result due to hamstrings being tight, the abdominal muscles being weak, or the hips being inflexible. In such cases stretching the back and hips can go a long way in increasing flexibility and increasing range of motion of the back. It is statutory warning that before beginning any sort of exercise regimen, one should consult with a healthcare provider who can recommend the best possible exercises to treat lower back and hip pain.

Child’s Pose Stretch:

This exercise is a form of a yoga pose which stretches the upper, middle, and lower back along with the gluteus muscles. To do this exercise, begin with kneeling on the floor with sides of the feet close together and the knees separated approximately a foot apart. Sit on the heels and fold forward such that the torso is rested on the top of the thighs. Place the forehead on the floor stretching the back of your neck. Relax the arms alongside the body with the palms facing upwards. Release the shoulders towards the floor. Hold this position for at least half a minute.

Child's Pose Stretch

Pelvic Tilt Stretch:

This exercise stretches the lower back muscles. This exercise can be done in numerous positions like lying on floor, standing or sitting with the back against a wall, etc. To do this exercise, be in a supine position, lie on the back with knees bent and feet on floor. To start with, one needs to make sure that just the hand comes in between the floor and the back. Now, tilt the pelvis towards the torso so as to flatten the lumbar spine against the floor and at the same time keeping the gluteal muscles in a relaxed position. Hold this position for about half a minute.

Pelvic Tilt Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch:

Hip flexor tightness is quite common in those people who have a sedentary job and are required to sit for an extended period of time. Hip flexor tightness contributes to back pain by putting excessive pressure on the low back; therefore, in order to stretch these muscles this exercise is done. To do this exercise, one needs to kneel on the floor, preferably on a towel. Place the right foot flat on floor in front such that the thigh becomes parallel to the floor and the knees are bent perpendicular to the floor. Place the right hand on the thigh for support. Place the left hand on the hip. Now, shift the body weight forward in the right leg until there is a sensation of a stretch which extends from the front of left hip to the thigh. Maintain this position for about half a minute and then change sides

Hip Flexor Stretch

Piriformis Stretch:

The piriformis muscle joins the lower portion of the spine to the upper part of the thigh bone and facilitates external rotation of the hip joint. Stretching these muscles also can go a long way in alleviating back pain. To do this exercise, one needs to lie on the back with knees bent and the feet on floor. Now, cross the left ankle over the right knee and then lift the right foot off the floor until the thigh becomes vertical and the calf becomes horizontal. One can use the fingers behind the right thigh to maintain its position and even bring it closer so as to increase the stretch. Maintain this position for around half a minute and then change the sides.

Piriformis Stretch

Toe Touch (Standing):

To do this exercise, stand upright and now try and bend at the waist all the while keeping the legs straight until there is a relaxed feeling. Now, let the upper part of the body hang down. Now, start to stretch out the arms and try and touch the toes without bending the legs. One needs to do this slowly and cautiously. When maximum stretch has been reached, maintain this position for about 10 seconds. The effectiveness of this exercise depends on how long the stretch is.

Toe Touch (Standing)

Toe Touch (Sitting):

To do this exercise, one needs to sit on ground with the legs stretched out and the feet in a flexed position with the back straight. Inhale deeply thus involving the abdominal muscles as well and now masking sure that the head is properly aligned with the spine slowly bend forward without bending the legs. Now, bend forward with the arms and try and touch the toes. Even if one is not able to touch the toes, try and go as far as possible. Maintain this position for about half a minute and then come back to the normal position. Try and do this exercise about four times.

Toe Touch (Sitting)

Standing Backward Bend:

To do this exercise, stand straight with the hands on the waist. Now, try and bend backwards arching the back as much as possible while maintaining proper balance. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds and do this exercise about five times.

Standing Backward Bend

Cross Body Toe Touches:

To do this exercise, stand straight with legs spread wide apart. Now, try and touch the right leg toe with the left hand finger, while doing this, your right hand should be pointing towards the sky, now alternate it by touching your right hand fingers to the left foot toe without bending the knees. This is a good stretching exercise for your low back and hips.

Cross Body Toe Touches

Caution: These exercises are for stretching and strengthening the back. If anyone has a preexisting back condition then it is advisable that the individual consult with the primary physician before beginning these exercises.

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