Benefits and Side Effects Of Monoi Oil

Monoi oil is an infusion made by soaking the Tiare flowers in pure coconut oil. It is admired for its delicate fragrance and the numerous health benefits such as moisturizing skin and hair, slowing signs of aging, balancing cholesterol levels, soothing inflammation, preventing oxidative stress, protecting against sun damage, and many more.

The combination of pure organic coconut oil and high levels of vitamin E and methyl salicylate makes it a very effective tonic for skin and hair.


There are numerous health benefits of using this oil regularly:

Benefits of Monoi Oil

They are:

Prevents Dandruff


Monoi oil is an excellent moisturizer. When rubbed into the scalp it locks in moisture and prevents drying and flaking.

Benefits of Monoi Oil

For those struggling with dandruff, using this oil for one or two weeks helps neutralize symptoms. It also gives immediate relief during dandruff flare-up.

Prevents Split Ends


Split ends arise when the hair becomes dry and nutrient deficient. Such hair can no longer retain shape and start breaking down or splitting.

Applying monoi oil helps increase hair strength and prevents breakage and split ends. This makes the hair look and feel, healthy.

A study shows how coconut oil in comparison to sunflower oil and mineral oil has a higher affinity for hair proteins and is able to effectively penetrate the hair shaft (1).


Monoi oil reduces protein loss from both damaged and undamaged hair and can be used as a pre-wash or post-hair hair care product. It helps the hair grow stronger, reduce frizz, reduce split ends and makes the hair shine brighter.

Treats Hair Loss

Hair loss has numerous factors with poor nutrition, environmental stress, topical infection, and insufficient blood flow being a few amongst them.

Massaging hair with monoi oil helps in the growth of new hair, protects hair already present, and proves to be a simple strategy to protect hair (2).

Increases Immunity

Skin is a part of the body most exposed to pathogens, allergens, and irritants that can damage it.

Monoi oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal effects that keep the skin, infection free (3).

Anti-Aging Effects

Coconut oil is well known for its antioxidant properties, making it the most used natural remedy for skin benefits. Similarly, monoi oil benefits skin by neutralizing the free radicals which can lead to oxidative stress (4).

It helps in removing wrinkles, improving the skin texture and lowering the risk of skin cancer.

Soothes Sunburn

It is very important to protect the skin from dangerous UV rays.

Monoi oil help in blocking some UV rays from penetrating the skin (5). Though one cannot fully rely on this oil as a sunscreen.

In the case of sunburn, it helps soothe inflammation, eliminate pain, and speed up the healing process.

Moisturizes The Skin

In France, many people use monoi oil as a moisturizer for the whole body. They often cover their bodies in this oil before sailing or diving as it helps their body retain moisture when exposed to salt, water, wind, and harsh sun.

It also helps keep the skin moist and nourished the whole day.

Reduces Inflammation

There are various health conditions that can cause inflammation. Methyl salicylate present in monoi oil helps eliminate the underlying factors (6)

It has soothing and moisturizing effects that help ease pain in such conditions and also protect against further inflammation, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Side Effects Of Monoi Oil

  • Though side effects related with monoi oil are very few, a few people have complained of gastrointestinal symptoms and skin irritation after using this oil.
  • For consumption, coconut oil is better as it isn’t highly perfumed.
  • Pregnant females should consult a doctor before adding monoi oil to the health regimen.

Skin irritation: Due to the presence of powerful chemicals in gardenia flowers as well as organic coconut oil, people with sensitive skin may suffer from inflammation and irritation. To avoid this effect, a patch test should be done to watch for any negative reactions.

Stomach upset: Consuming monoi oil can cause stomach symptoms. It is due to the presence of methyl salicylate in the petal of the flowers which may cause inflammation.

Pregnancy: There are numerous side effects that may pass through the uterus. Therefore the use of this oil is not recommended during pregnancy.

Monoi oil has various health properties due to the presence of coconut oil. But before using this product it is always good to consult a doctor to avoid any adverse reaction.