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Get Better Skin With These Daily, Weekly and Monthly Skin Care Routine Tips

Everybody knows how to take care of their skin. With so much information available online at every step of the way, it is unlikely that to find someone unaware of the basic skincare routine that has to be followed. However, with a dizzying range of science-backed options available on the market, it is natural for things to become overwhelming once in a while. It is, but natural, to get confused in the sea of serums, exfoliants, creams, and moisturizers. Here is a complete guide to less effort to better skin and how to pull it off.

Everyday Skin Care

When it comes to skincare, the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple. Do not try to maintain a 10-step routine every day. After some time, you are going to get bored with it and soon start skipping the steps. Instead of having a long, drawn-out skincare routine every day, try and break it down into a daily, weekly, and monthly routine. For many, having a simple skincare routine, can prove to be preventive and protect against many types of skin problems.(1)

Here are some everyday steps towards better skin:(2)

Step 1: Cleanse Before Sleeping

It is not always necessary that you have the time to wash your face properly in the morning. However, before going to bed, it is essential to wash off all the makeup, sunscreen, dirt, bacteria, and oil that is covering your pores.

Micellar water is a great product to use for cleansing in the night. It helps remove makeup, cleanse, and moisturize all in one step. The tiny molecules present in this product, known as micelles, pull out the oil and dirt out from the skin. You can then follow it up with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2: Wear Sunscreen

Sun damage does not always show up as a tan on your skin. UV radiation can cause photoaging, skin cancer, and inflammation. Using an SPF 30 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection daily is essential in protecting your skin.

Step 3: Skip a Step Now and Then

Focus on what your skin really needs rather than doing things half-heartedly and wrong. The skin’s needs change due to change in climate, weather, seasons, and of course, age. If on a humid day, you wake up feeling like you don’t want to apply a thick and rich moisturizer, then you can skip it. Your daily skincare routine has to be enjoyable and relaxing. There is no rule that says you need to do the same things every day.

Weekly Skin Care

Here are some things you can do once or twice a week to have better skin.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Even though it is not necessary to exfoliate your skin, but exfoliation once a week can help the skin look and feel brighter, smoother, and will also decrease the chances of clogged pores.

However, avoid using harsh scrubs that feature rough or sharp particles. These can cause microtears in your skin, and such scrubs can also worsen acne.

Instead of using a scrub, opt for using a chemical exfoliant such as BHA or AHA. These not only get rid of dead skin but can also be gently wiped away.(3)

Step 2: Unclog your Pores

Congest pores can make acne worse and are not good for your skin. Use a purifying face mask once or twice a week to loosen the clogs and reduce the appearance of pores. Do not make the mistake of picking at your skin. You can try using a face mask such as a charcoal-based or clay face mask.

Monthly Skincare

Step 1: Check the Expiry Dates

You should not be using products that have expired on your skin. At least once in a month, you should make it a point to check the expiration dates of all your products and throw out anything that has expired.

Step 2: Self-check your Skin

A monthly self-exam of your skin will help identify any spots that may need to be checked out by a dermatologist.


Your skincare routine should not be something you do not enjoy and feels like a chore. It should be something you enjoy and feel good doing. When these simple steps are broken up into daily, weekly, and monthly steps, you can feel confident that you are giving your skin the care that it needs, and this will ensure that you will have healthy skin all year around.


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