Does the Human Body Possess The Ability To Cure The Blood Clots?

Blood clots form due to the reason of damage caused to the blood vessels. These clots then become an obstruction in the vein, making it difficult for the blood to flow freely. Additionally, these clots have the capability to grow in size, making it possible for them to come out of the veins if left unattended. During such periods, these lumps enter the regular bloodstream and become a barrier to the usual path of the blood. Such an episode is dangerous, as blocking the flow of blood leads to death.

Does the Human Body Possess The Ability To Cure The Blood Clots?

Does the Human Body Possess The Ability To Cure The Blood Clots?

Yes, the human body does possess the ability to absorb the clots. However, it has limitations. One should not assume that the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis or DVT would not be a problem. Do note down the fact that “DVT means ER,” as the clots grow in size and enter the bloodstream; they cause pulmonary embolism or PE. It is a case where the clots stop the blood from reaching the lungs and, when this happens, death is imminent.

What is The Solution for Blood Clots?

The first step is to understand whether you have clots and the severity of the condition. The first step is diagnosing the condition using CT scan, MRI and ultrasound. These tests for detecting blood clots will provide information about the presence of the clots, and if they exist, how old are they and their location.

With the help of this, the doctor will offer a solution, which is usually the use of medicines and involvement of the patient in physical activities. The medication involves the use of drugs that help in thinning the blood, which further benefits in delaying the clots formation in the veins. Due to this, the patient will acquire the time the body needs to dissolve the clots. In the meantime, the participation in the physical activities such as walking, running, and swimming will make sure that the episode does not repeat.

Symptoms of Blood Clot

As it is difficult to tell whether you are suffering from blood clot, identifying the following symptoms will be of immense help. Additionally, not all the symptoms described below will be of use, as they can occur due to other health conditions. The signs are:

  1. Weakness in legs
  2. Swelling
  3. The affected region turns red
  4. The skin becomes tender.

Reason Why Blood Clots Form

Reasons why correctly blood clots form could vary from one person to another. For instance, if you had a previous episode of the same, you are prone for another attack in the future. The only way to prevent it from reoccurrence is by using medicines and following the preventive measures provided by the doctor. In other case, the reason lies because someone in your family history suffered from deep vein thrombosis disorder. Therefore, the physician collects a lot of information before he/she arrives at a conclusion. Only then the doctor proceeds with the treatment plan.


As you now understand about deep vein thrombosis or DVT, and whether the blood clots go away on their own or not, it is time for you to keep the symptoms in mind at all times. If you sense any changes or notice swelling of the legs or sometimes the arms, make it a good practice to visit the doctor and seek help. If everything is right, then the reason could be due to another factor. But, if there are blood clots, then the physician will begin tests, seek details on how you are experiencing, and then proceeds with the cure. Remember that blood clots never go away on their own. It does require medical attention.

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