What Can Help Brain Aneurysm?

Brain aneurysm can be helped by various methods from medicinal treatments to surgeries. The method of management of brain aneurysm depends on various factors. One of the important factor is if the aneurysm is ruptured of not. It all depends on what the doctor may feel right for the patient.

What Can Help Brain Aneurysm?

What Are The Surgical Methods For Brain Aneurysm?

Brain aneurysm can be surgically treated by any of the following methods-

Surgical Clipping- In this particular method the doctor attempts to close the aneurysm so formed by removing a section of the skull in order to get near the aneurysm. The doctor gets tries to locate the faulty blood vessel and inserts a metal clip at the base of it. This stops the flow of blood to it.

Surgical Coiling- This minimally invasive method is another useful way to treat brain aneurysm. In this a catheter is inserted into the brain artery through the patient’s groin. A platinum wire is then guided through the catheter to the site of the aneurysm. This wire coils inside the aneurysm to stop the blood flow to it. This way the aneurysm is sealed.

Catheter Installation- This particular surgery reduces the chances of hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by presence of excess cerebrospinal fluid which may occur due to ruptured aneurysm in the brain. The procedure involves installment of catheters in the brain ventricles and spinal cord so that excess of accumulated water can be drained out from the brain.

Shunt Surgery- A shunt surgery is quite similar to the process of catheter installation, but sometimes the shunt surgery may be more helpful. In it, a shunt, which is basically a silicone tube and a valve, is introduced in the brain in order to construct a drainage channel from the brain to the abdomen. This way, the excess fluid is drained out of the brain.

How do Flow Diverters Help In Treating Brain Aneurysm?

Flow diverters are relatively newer version of the treatment procedure. These are basically implants similar to stents that diverts the blood flow from the aneurysm. Such diversion of blood flow does not allow the movement of blood in the aneurysm thereby reconstructing the parent artery. Treatments like flow diverters are of great help for treating large aneurysms.

What are the Other Forms To Treat Aneurysm Apart From Surgery?

The treatment methods used other than surgery mainly aim at reducing occurrence of the symptoms and aim to manage the related complications. They include-

Pain Relievers: Pain relievers are the most common form of medication given in brain aneurysm in order to help patient ease out the pain and headache.

Calcium Channel Blockers: Medicines which work as calcium channel blockers are widely used. Such medications do not allow the calcium to enter the walls of the blood vessels. This prevents the narrowing of blood vessels in case the aneurysm ruptures.

Vasopressor: One of the ways to prevent sudden incidence of stroke is the use of vasopressor. This medicinal drug is usually used as an injection. It increases the blood pressure which works as a form of resistance to potential stroke.

Anti-Seizure Medications: In many cases doctors are seen to use anti-seizure medications aiming to treat seizures originating due to brain aneurysm. Since these medications are having its own form of side effects, they have to be used with the consent of the caregiver or the patient. Some of these medications include levetiracetam, phenytoin, valproic acid and so on.

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