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Can Neuroendocrine Tumor Go Away on Its Own & What Are It’s Natural Remedies?

Neuroendocrine tumors mainly form in cells, which interact with your nervous system or in specific glands, which produce hormones. Doctors call them neuroendocrine cells found in different areas of the body. However, NETs often found in one’s abdominal areas, particularly in their gastrointestinal tracts. In addition, these tumors are present in the patients’ adrenal glands, pancreas, and lungs. Can Neuroendocrine Tumor Go Away on Its Own?

Can Neuroendocrine Tumor Go Away on Its Own?

The problem of neuroendocrine tumor going away on its own or not depends on its size. If your tumor is of relatively small in size, you do not require availing any treatment for it. Instead, your doctor will observe it on a regular basis and recommends you following a healthy lifestyle. However, in case the tumor grows or spreads to different parts, you have to undergo treatment immediately. (1)

What Are It’s Natural Remedies?

Starting from your daily diet to physical exercises, you may do many things to make yourself feel better when you suffer from neuroendocrine tumors.

Strictly Avoid Foods Containing Amines In High Amounts

A few people with neuroendocrine tumors have groups of symptoms referred to as carcinoid syndromes. A few types of food items and beverages trigger problems, such as painful gas, flushing skin, severe diarrhea and bloating. If you are a patient of endocrine tumor and experiences any of the problems, you should avoid treats like blue or aged cheeses, red wine, chocolate and beer. Reason for this is that each of these food items has amines in high amounts, where amines are compounds, which affect both temperature and blood pressure of the patient’s body. Hence, when patients change their diet, they could manage their symptoms successfully. Other than wine and cheese, you should make sure avoiding other foods rich in amines, such as sausages, salamis and other similar types of smoked meats, pickled fish and miso or any other similar types of fermented foods. (1)

Additional Dietary Tips To Feel Better

Other than avoiding food items rich in amines, you should make sure following a few important dietary tips to feel yourself better by simply easing your symptoms. Accordingly-

  • You should make sure to have small but frequent meals
  • Choose for whole and natural food items as compared to any processed foods rich in salt
  • Strictly avoid any greasy, fatty or foods rich in spice

You should always keep in mind that a healthy diet gives you energy and physical strength while you undergo treatment with your neuroendocrine tumor. Especially, if doctors recommend you for chemotherapy, you should make sure of having protein and calories in enough amounts.

Physical Exercises

Other than following a few of the important dietary tips, you should definitely make a habit to do a few of the physical exercises. Even if you do not give time for exercises, you should make sure for brisk walking on a daily basis. (1)

Symptoms Of Neuroendocrine Tumor

In most of the cases, neuroendocrine tumors have the following major symptoms-


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