The congenital heart disease in adults is also known as congenital heart anomaly in adults or congenital heart defect in adults. In the congenital heart disease in adults, there is a problem with the structure of the heart during the formation of babies' heart in the mother's womb.

In this section of the article you will read about the recovery period/ healing time for congenital heart disease in adults, its prevention and Prognosis.

Recovery Period/Healing Time for Congenital Heart Disease in Adults

The doctor can accurately predict the recovery period/healing time based on the extent of the congenital heart disease in adults. Only your doctor can decide on the recovery period for congenital heart disease in adults. Depending on the intensity of the disease and the treatment mode the doctor will give you the proper recovery period/healing time.

Prevention of Congenital Heart Disease in Adults

Prevention of Congenital Heart Disease in Adults

The prevention of congenital heart disease in adults is not entirely possible but regular checkups throughout the life are the only best way to prevent congenital heart disease in adults. Congenital heart disease patients can contact the special congenital heart disease centers for adults.

  • ACHD centers can help congenital heart disease in adults. Patients can visit the ACHD (adult congenital heart disease) center and get health checkup twice every year to ensure that the symptoms do not worsen. Patients suffering from mild congenital heart disease should also visit the centers because the disease can aggravate due to varieties of reasons.
  • Patients suffering from new diseases apart from congenital heart disease in adults should contact the regional AHCD center. Medication for the unrelated disease too should be administered keeping the background of the heart defect in mind. People who do not have non cardiac problem need to discuss the issue with doctors because some medications might cause infections in the weak heart. The specialists at centers can provide detailed advice along with information and suggestions.
  • Reputed AHCD center would do a whirl of good toe patients because one can easily undergo X-ray and CT imaging tests with the help of the specialists and the state of the art equipment. Many tests including
  • You should go to an experienced regional ACHD center if you have moderate or complex congenital heart disease in adults and need echocardiography along with electrophysiology can be performed without any hassles.
  • Patients with mild or intensive congenital heart disease in adults should contact the specialists rather than the general medicine doctor.

Some of the mild versions of the congenital heart disease in adults include Stenosis and septal defect occurring in the ventricular area. Some symptoms such as aorta coarctation are quite common but they need immediate medical attention on the part of the doctors. If a patient is suffering from the advanced problem of congenital heart disease in adults, he or she might experience symptoms of constrictions in the great arteries and cyanosis. It is a problem that blocks the flow of oxygen to the body tissues.

Patients can lead a healthy life even when infected with congenital heart disease. They can avail help from the social workers accompanied by the psychologists and the nurses. You can live life like a normal human being.

  • Living without the physical help of anybody is possible for adults with congenital heart disease.
  • Social encouragement along with support from family and friends.
  • You can work normally
  • Life insurance access provides treatment.
  • Eliminating the learning issue
  • You can also get relief from depression.

You can consult the doctor about the health issues related to congenital heart disease in adults. Some of them are as follows:

  • Regular exercises and sporting activities
  • Change of dietary habits
  • Genetic diagnosis along with patient counseling.
  • Women suffering from congenital heart disease in adults should not consume estrogen pills as they affect the heart. It is important to find the safe pills from the doctor.
  • Blood thinners are administered to congenital heart disease in adults. Doctors can also advise the pregnant women about the risk to the child in the womb. Depending on the probability, one can evaluate the complications during pregnancy.

Prognosis for Congenital Heart Disease in Adults

Prognosis for congenital heart disease in adults is decent. Patients with congenital heart disease who are alert and get suitable medical attention in the initial phase are cured of the disease and can lead a normal healthy life. Early diagnosis is essential for the patients under the guidance of expert cardiologists.

Regular follow up would prevent the occurrence of the heart diseases in adults when they reach certain age. Due to the continuous research and evolution of the invasive and non-invasive techniques, one can lead a wonderfully productive life in an easy and hassle free manner. At present transplantation and catheterization techniques have undergone a massive transformation in recent times.

Due to the modern evolution in medical technology, people are able to understand the reasons of the congenital heart disease in adults. It would help to detect the problems in advance and take measures in order to repair the damages of the heart tissues.

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  Note: Information provided is not a substitute for physician, hospital or any form of medical care. Examination and Investigation is necessary for correct diagnosis.

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