Can Having Sweets At Night Increase The Blood Sugar Levels In The Morning?

Also known as glucose, the blood sugar level is the most important source of energy in the body. It not being at its normal level can make you feel pretty terrible. Diabetes is a condition which is characterized by having high sugar levels in the blood. If not controlled, it can lead to some major health issues such as heart disease, kidney problem, a problem with eyes and blood vessels.

Can Having Sweets At Night Increase The Blood Sugar Levels In The Morning?

Can Having Sweets At Night Increase The Blood Sugar Levels In The Morning?

It is always important to know how eating affects the blood sugar, as it can be of great help in a long-term, whether you are a diabetic or not. The body breaks down whatever you eat into carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and other nutrients. The carbohydrates you eat are converted into sugar. Therefore more the carbohydrate intake, higher will be the blood sugar levels.

What and how much you eat at night have a great impact on the overnight as well as the morning blood sugar level, especially if the binge choice is more of carbohydrates or sweets. The medicine which the diabetics take may not cover up for the excessive eating at night, which might lead to an unpleasant rise in the next morning blood sugar level.

Can Having Sweets At Night Increase The Blood Sugar Levels In The Morning?

Mostly at night, you tend to catch up on the hands-on snacks or sweets, which are calorie laden. The portions might go overboard more if you are snacking while watching television or while work. Having sweets or snacks not only affects the blood sugar level but also, makes you end up gaining weight.

Controlling the high blood sugar levels is very important for the overall health, and is of more concern for the people suffering from diabetes. Simple lifestyle changes and a choice of healthy bedtime snack and prove to be of great help in keeping a check on the sugar level even during the long hours between bedtime and breakfast.

How to Deal With The Night Time Craving for Sweets or Snacks ?

As discussed above what we eat at night really a matter, therefore giving a thought to what you should eat or how you can manage the desire to eat sweets or snacks is not a bad idea.

Let’s check out a few tips to deal with night time craving for sweets or snacks:

  • Review your schedule so that you need not keep awake for long at night. Working late or staying up late for any reason increases the desire to eat something especially something sweet or some snacks. And if that something is sugary or fatty, then it is a red signal for health. You can consider getting up early if you have to work instead of staying up late.
  • Choose healthy or low-fat snacks. Keep yourself away from the tempting fatty snacks or sweets.
    • Proteins: Protein is known to be the first choice of a food which can be taken before bedtime. When digested it does not spike the sugar or insulin levels. Important food sources of protein are eggs, legumes, soy, and fish.
    • Fats: A small amount of healthy fat (omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) helps in controlling the sugar levels. It also helps in processing the protein consumed. Avoid consuming trans fats and saturated fat as they can lead to a risk of heart disease.
    • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are often known as enemies of blood sugar, but healthy carbohydrates can actually prove to be beneficial. Vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, along with being rich in nutrient are rich in fiber content. Fiber intake lowers the risk of heart disease and also stabilizes the blood sugar levels.
    • Healthy snacks: Enjoying a healthy snack a few hours before bedtime can be of great help in regulating the insulin levels. Few options which you can include as a snack are whole grain crackers, walnuts, fresh berries and low fat cottage cheese. Be careful to keep a tab on the portion size, as it should not be large.
  • Distract yourself, if your mind is tempting to eat some sweets like cakes or ice creams, go for a walk, move out of the boredom or just go to bed.
  • Never deprive yourself of calories in the early part of the day. If done, you might end up eating something very fatty or a food rich in carbohydrates to satisfy the urge.

Bedtime is that prolonged period when your body is fasting for a long period of time, which is a matter of concern for any person, with or without diabetes. Eating sweets not only add those extra calories to the body weight but also affects the blood sugar mark. Small lifestyle changes if can bring about a big change, then what is a harm in adapting them. After all HEALTH IS WEALTH.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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