What Should Be The Random Blood Sugar Level & Why is Random Glucose Test Important?

What is the Random Blood Sugar Level?

Random blood sugar level is the measurement of the level of glucose in your blood. The random blood sugar test is done to detect diabetes in a patient. Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which the person has high blood sugar levels. The rise in the sugar level is due to inadequate insulin functioning or if the body cells are not responding properly to insulin or both.

Early symptoms of diabetes are excessive urination (polyuria), excessive hunger (polyphagia), and excessive thirst (polydipsia). It occurs as the sugar build up in the blood is not being absorbed and is filtered out through kidney in large amounts. This can lead to dehydration.

Other symptoms experienced by a patient suffering from diabetes are,

What Should be the Random Blood Sugar Level?

The normal range of random blood glucose measurement in a healthy person is 79mg/dl-160mg/dl. If the random blood glucose level is between 180mg/dl- 200mg/dl the person is listed under prediabetic (at a risk of diabetes). If the patient presents few of the above symptoms along with random blood glucose level of 180mg/dl or above, the doctor would advice to get further testing done i.e. a fasting blood sugar test and a postprandial test (blood sugar test after a meal).

Fasting test is usually performed on waking and the second test is done 2 hours after having meals.

High blood glucose level can be a sign that your body is not functioning properly and if not treated, at the earliest, can lead to severe health complications. Therefore random blood glucose level monitoring is a very important test. If the glucose level is high you can take a step to lower it down.

How is the Random Blood Glucose Test Done?

Random blood sugar test is performed outside the normal testing schedule. To test the random blood sugar level you need not be fasting or looking out for the time for the test, after having a meal. It is just a random test, which gives the blood sugar level at any time of the day.

In a healthy individual, the glucose levels are managed throughout the day, as the insulin functioning is normal, and the body sugar is being used as energy. Therefore the levels will be stable in the random test.

In diabetic or the prediabetic, there is a wide variation in the blood sugar levels at the different time in a day.

When to Perform the Random Blood Glucose Test?

If you are suffering from diabetes, always be aware of your symptoms. Perform the random blood glucose test, if you experience any of the symptoms of low blood sugar level. It helps in identifying hyperglycemia thus reducing the complication.

Not only sugar level peaks, low levels also create a lot of trouble, and keeping a random check on yur blood sugar levels can be of immense help. Random blood glucose level monitoring is the only way to know about your blood sugar level on regular basis. Testing your sugar level throughout the day helps in managing diabetes and reducing the risk of related complications.

Why is Random Blood Glucose Test Important?

Random blood glucose testing is an easier way to measure the blood glucose level, at any time of the day. It is of great help in diagnosing the cause of diabetes or any other illness. There are a couple of factors where the random blood glucose testing is of great importance.

Blood Sugar Targets: If in spite of regular diet and exercise the blood glucose levels are inappropriate, then a random checkup can help diagnose the cause. Measuring random blood glucose level frequently and compiling them can help the doctor to determine if there is any pattern. This can help the doctor, to guide you with any adjustment, to make in the daily activity or medication.

Illness: Blood glucose levels tend to rise, during an infection or illness. Testing frequently during illness can help keep a check on the sugar level, and take necessary action if the sugar is rising. It is very important to remember to take the diabetes medication as prescribed even when you are down with any other illness.

Blood Sugar Response To Physical Activity: Exercises lead to a drop in the blood sugar level. Measuring the random blood glucose level before and after exercise can help you determine how big the drop is, after doing any physical activity. If you experience the drop in sugar level very often, it can be discussed with the doctor to make any alteration or change in the medicine prescribed.

Diabetes is a severe condition and can be managed with proper care. Random glucose level monitoring proves to be of big help to the patient combined with a healthy lifestyle change.

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