6 Most Common Causes of Being Underweight & Ways to Gain Weight Naturally

Being Underweight

While fat shares a bad reputation for causing obesity and weight gain in people, having no fat in body can also be quite depressing. Being underweight is a problem, just as much as is being overweight.

Fat is an essential part of your diet and plays an important role in keep you healthy. It is the energy stored in the form of fat that lets you carry on with any intensive exercise or activity. Moreover, it has a crucial role to play in healthy skin growth, development of brain as well as in healthy clotting of blood.

Being skinny is no good when you don’t have the energy to go through daily activities of your life. Nothing is worth than good health and same applies to underweight issues. The zeal and zest to improve your health conditions should come from within. Before we dive deeper into how to combat underweight issues, let’s talk about the most common causes of being underweight.

6 Most Common Causes of Being Underweight

6 Most Common Causes of Being Underweight

While weight of a person is influenced by various factors, here are some of the common causes of being underweight.

Improper Nutrition

This is one of the most common causes of being underweight. People who do not have access to nutritious food can be malnourished and underweight especially in underdeveloped countries. On the other hand, in developed countries where people do not have any dearth of food, people might suffer from low weight issues due to faulty eating habits.

Intensive Physical Exercise

Intense exercises, when practiced on a regular basis can sometimes affect the body weight thereby leading to high metabolism. This way the calories get burnt more quickly in comparison to normal people who are inactive or live a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes, an active job, back to back physical activities or having an active personality can also lead to faster body metabolism inhibiting weight gain.

Hereditary Issues

Some people simply do not have the tendency to gain weight as this pattern runs into their family genes. In that case, genetic factors are to be blamed! Having a low appetite naturally or born with an active metabolism could lead you to such a scenario where you don’t gain weight easily.

Chronic Illness or Serious Health Issues

Long term illness or being sick repeatedly could hamper body’s metabolism and growth thereby affecting its capacity to gain weight. In case you have suddenly lost a large part of weight without doing any efforts, then that could be a warning sign of some serious health problem like thyroid, diabetes, gastric infections or something even more serious. Underlying health conditions are one of the most common causes of being underweight.

Side Effects of Medications

If you are taking regular medications for any problem that could also lead to weight loss or nausea making you go underweight over time. Procedures like chemotherapy can take a great toll on physical health causing abundant weight loss and other health implications. Medications and different treatment modalities can sometimes be the most common causes of being underweight.

Physiological Illness

A healthy mind in a healthy body, is an old proverb but has a great value that caters to overall wellbeing. Depression, stress issues and sleep deprivation can affect your health making you lose a lot of weight. Emotional imbalance directly affects body metabolism leading to low appetite and ill health and can be one of the most common causes of being underweight. Problems like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, etc. which result out of fear of gaining excess weight, can often result in low weight issues.

Ways to Gain Weight Naturally

Gaining weight naturally is not about eating a packet of fries and roaming about happily! You need to make efforts and follow a balanced approach to let your body promote growth at its natural pace.

Eat Right

When feeling hungry instead of gorging on snacks eat a fruit or munch on some dry fruits that will satisfy your cravings and also are healthy. Avoid eating heavy at night to avoid gastrointestinal reflux and acidity problems.

Go Dense on Vital Nutrients

Focus on healthy calories intake and greens that would promote strength building. High protein supplements like soya, whole grain foods and carbohydrate rich food will favor weight gain naturally. When your body will receive proper nourishment, it will automatically cope up and favor growth.

Sleep Well

After long hours of working throughout the day, your brain needs the much deserved rest and that can come only through a sound sleep. Having goals in life and working hard is good, but it should not come in the way of your precious sleep. Remember, better level of fitness will ensure higher work productivity making you work longer and better. So make sure you take a good night’s sleep which will also help you gain weight naturally.

Manage Stress

It is important to manage stress to ensure being healthy. Keep your friend circle intact and relationships strong. A good rapport with your family will bring emotional stability and contentment. Keep your self-morale high by developing a positive approach in life. When feeling low, seek advice from parents, friends, colleagues and vent out your feelings. Do not wait for build-up of stress.

Going in for weight gain programs might be fruitful but do take the advice of your doctor to avoid problems in future. Sometimes, changes in daily lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and proper sleep can also let you resolve your low weight issues naturally. A doctor’s advice is equally essential, who can carefully monitor your growth and track down what is missing or needs to be incorporated to promote weight gain. If there are any underlying medical conditions, better get them treated to resolve your weight issues.

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