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15 Foods With High Dietary Fiber

If there is one food component that is considered apart from the rest and yet held in extremely high rankings, it is fiber. If consumed as per daily requirement, fiber can reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension and even heart disease.(1) Since, it is so commendably beneficial for our systems, we list here some of the foods with high dietary fiber.

15 Foods with High Dietary Fiber

15 Foods with High Dietary Fiber

Owing to the benefits of fiber in our diet, it is important to know about high fiber foods. Here is a list of 15 foods with high dietary fiber that can be included in our daily diet.

  1. Beans: Almost all sorts of beans qualify for being in the top 15 foods with high dietary fiber.(2, 4) Beans are good for the heart too. For an ideal diet plan, you should increase your bean intake by having them in curries, soups, salads or any way you prefer.
  2. Edamame: Popular in the East Asian countries, edamame are immature soy beans boiled in the pods.(3) This too is one of the 15 foods with high dietary fiber with a high nutritional value as well.(4) Edamame can be used in a variety of ways like in dips or can be had simply by popping them open.
  3. Peas: As astonishing as it may sound, peas are a very good source of fiber. Though small in size, they are one of the top 15 foods with high dietary fiber. Soups, stews, side dishes, salads or dips, this amazing little vegetable can be used almost anywhere.
  4. Berries: Berries are mainly highlighted due to their anti-oxidant content, but the fact is that these fruits are also one of the best 15 foods with high dietary fiber.(4) This fruit has generally higher fibrous value than other fruits because they have their tiny seeds packed with them. Apart from having raw, berries can be had in salads, breakfast cereal, yogurt and desserts also.
  5. Bran: The rawest form of fiber and one of the essential foods with high dietary fiber is bran.(5) Bran is derived out of many grains like oats, wheat, corn and rice, but oat bran is highly soluble making it the most preferred one. It can be used as a sprinkler in almost all the dishes and desserts.
  6. Nuts: Almonds, pecan and walnuts, all are good sources of dietary fiber if had with their peel.(4) Other than being one of the 15 foods with high dietary fiber, these foods are exceptionally blessed with antioxidant properties too and extremely nutritious.(6)
  7. Seeds: Seeds are also a very good source of fiber,(7, 8) hence listed in the top 15 foods with high dietary fiber. Chia, flax seeds, water melon, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are the most popular ones. As a bonus, these seeds contain healthy fats, protein and phytochemicals, which are some of the best compounds for humans.
  8. Brown or Whole Grain Rice (4): The brown version of white rice is rich in bran and germ, which form is an excellent source of fiber,(9) It is undoubtedly one of the top 15 foods with high dietary fiber. A small serving of brown rice can satiate your fiber needs for the day to quite an extent.
  9. Quinoa: Contrary to the common belief, quinoa is a seed and not a grain which is excellent for your health.(10) Quinoa is rich in protein and one of the 15 foods with high dietary fiber. One cup of serving of Quinoa can give you up to 5.2 g of fiber.
  10. Spinach: Spinach is a green leafy vegetable and is one of the top 15 foods with high dietary fiber.(11) Spinach can be cooked, be used in salads, or simply be made into a smoothie; but the nutritional value of spinach does not depreciate.
  11. Carrots: Another one of the foods with high dietary fiber are the carrots.(12) Other than fiber, this amazingly moldable vegetable carrot is rich in beta carotenes also.(12, 13)
  12. Whole Grains and Products: It is always suggested that you head in for the whole grain foods to substitute the refined ones. Like brown rice, other whole grains namely wheat, barley, millets, and rye, which are whole grains come in the top 15 foods with high dietary fiber.(14) Even if these grains have been processed, they would contain almost the same amount of fiber as the raw ones.
  13. Brassica Vegetables (15): We always talk about green leafy vegetables when we talk of the nutritional value, but the brassica vegetables are no less in nutrition. Known for their cancer curing properties, brassica vegetables are good sources of fiber too. Some of the common brassy vegetables include: broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, Brussel sprouts, red cabbage, green cabbage and cauliflower. These too are one of the 15 foods with high dietary fiber.
  14. Hot Potatoes: Different varieties of potatoes provide a wide range of nutrition like minerals, and vitamins; but it is a lesser known fact that this vegetable is plump with fiber too.(4) Best if had with the peels in the hot form, potatoes, russet are one of the foods with high dietary fiber. When cooked this vegetable becomes quite versatile and can be used in a number of dishes, salads, stews, soups etc.
  15. Pears: Pears are naturally packed with fiber, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals.(16) Be it in a dried form or simply had raw or even added to a cereal or cooked, this power fruit retinas its fiber content making it one of the best 15 foods with high dietary fiber.


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