Top 8 Medicine-Free Natural Ways to Control Hypertension or High B.P

The below mentioned ways are medicine-free natural ways in lowering the blood pressure and lessen the risk of heart diseases by adding a few adjustments to your lifestyle. If you are a victim of high blood pressure or hypertension, your worry would be around bringing the numbers down by proper medication.

Treating the high blood pressure or hypertension holds a paramount importance in lifestyle. To reduce the need of medication, controlling the blood pressure is significant; with this you can avoid hypertension. Here is the list of 8 changes that must be followed in lifestyle to Handle Hypertension (High B.P).

Top 8 Medicine-Free Natural Ways to Control Hypertension or High B.P

  1. Lose the Unwanted Pounds and Keep an Eye on Your Weight Gain to Control Hypertension or High B.P Naturally Without Medicines

    By losing the unwanted weight and keeping an eye on your weight gain, you will naturally be able to handle hypertension or high blood pressure. Weight and blood pressure are directly proportional to each other. When weight increases, the blood pressure also increases. Disrupted breathing is noticed while you sleep and is caused by overweight which is called as sleep apnea that leads to blood pressure. The most effective change in lifestyle is weight loss that regulates blood pressure. Reducing 10 pounds or 4.5 kg will lower your blood pressure.

    Apart from losing pounds, watching your waistline lets you keep you updated of gaining weight. Be conscious of waistline as the too much fat around your waist renders a high risk of hypertension. In general:

    • In male, 40+ inches or 102+ cm of waistline causes risk of high blood pressure.
    • In Female, waistline of 35+ inches or 89+ cm holds the risk of hypertension.

    The waistline number changes among the ethnic groups. Consult the doctor to know the suitable waist measurement.

  2. Regular Exercise is the Best Medicine-Free Natural Way To Control the Hypertension or High B.P

    Regular physical exercise -30 minutes a day on maximum days of the week – can reduce the blood pressure by 4-9 mm of mercury (mm Hg). Be consistent in exercising as if you stop exercising, there is a probability of rising blood pressure.

    Prehypertension which means a slight high blood pressure can be avoided by regular exercise that blows hypertension. The safer levels of blood pressure can be attained by regular physical exercise by the people who have hypertension.

    Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and regular cycling are the best kinds of exercises that let the blood pressure to go down. Strength training reduces the high blood pressure successfully. Visit the doctor to develop the suitable exercise program for you.

  3. Healthy Diet is an Effective Way to Control Hypertension or High B.P Naturally Without Medicine

    Consumption of healthy food on daily basis is a best way to naturally reduce the hypertension or high blood pressure. When the regular diet contains whole grains, vegetables, less fat dairy eatables, fruits, a reduction of 14 mm Hg can be obtained with cholesterol and fat that is saturated. This program is called as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension and in short DASH diet.

    Though it is difficult to modify the existing eating program, these tips can allow you to do the same.

    • Manage a Food Diary: True eating habits can be brought to notice if you write the food that you eat for a single week. Watch the food content, how much, when you are eating and most importantly why you are eating.
    • Observe Boosting Potassium: Potassium is good in lessening the blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables offer best source of potassium than the supplements. Know the suitable potassium level that suits you.
    • Be a Smart Shopper: Stick to healthy eating plans and go through the food labels when you go on shopping.
  4. Cutting Down on Sodium in Your Diet Helps Control Hypertension or High B.P Naturally Without Medicine

    By lessening the sodium quantity in your diet; you will be naturally slowing down the hypertension or high blood pressure without medicine. A 2 to 8 mm Hg reduction of blood pressure is possible by reducing sodium in the diet.

    Sodium intake affects individuals in various ways. Generally, limiting the sodium usage to less than 2,300 mg on daily basis adds good health to your heart. An intake of 1500 mg a day is substantial for people having higher salt sensitivity that including: African-Americans, Anyone age of 51 or above and Individuals who are diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or serious kidney disease.

    To Have a Better Control Over your Hypertension Naturally Without Medicine, Consider These Tips To Reduce Sodium Quantity In Your Diet:

    • Go through the food labels. If possible, select low-sodium supplements of the foods and beverages which you buy regularly.
    • Sodium is generally added to foods while processing. Go for natural foods to reduce the consumption of sodium.
    • Using herbs or spices add the flavor of salt that reduces the use of salt thereby usage of sodium. Avoid the usage of salt to great extent.
    • Ease into it. Gradual reduction in of sodium lets you feel comfortable. Your palates will take a little time adjust but surely they do.
  5. Regulate the Consumption of Alcohol to Easily and Naturally Control Hypertension or High B.P without Medicine

    You can naturally slow down the hypertension or high B.P by regulating the consumption of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol renders mixed results. When taken in small quantity, it lowers the blood pressure by 2 to 4 mm Hg.

    When taken in excess it creates a fuss and drinking too much will affect the level of blood pressure. 12 ounces of beer is called drink or five ounces of wine too. 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor is also known as drink and one drink would be substantial once a day or in two days.

    Raise in blood pressure is caused by drinking alcohol more than actually needed. The same decreases the effectiveness of the medication that you are in.

  6. Quitting Smoking is the best Medicine-Free Natural Way To Control Hypertension or High B.P

    By quitting smoking you will surely and naturally handle the hypertension or high blood pressure. Each cigarette increases the level of blood pressure after it is finished. Normal blood pressure is attained after you quit smoking. When you quit smoking, there is a high probability of living long and gain normal blood pressure.

  7. Cutting Back on Caffeine Helps Lower the High Blood Pressure or High B.P Naturally Without Medicine

    Caffeine plays an effective role in blood pressure and must be discussed. Cutting back on caffeine intake is a natural way to lower the hypertension or high blood pressure. 10 mm Hg blood pressure increase is found in people who consume it seldom and habitual coffee drinkers can get affected by the caffeine to a huge extent. The effects of chronic caffeine are not clear on blood pressure, there would be a slight hike is noticed on blood pressure.

    To know whether your blood pressure alters after consuming the caffeine positive beverage, check the same within 30 minutes after having it. When you notice that the blood pressure increase by 5 to 10 mm Hg, you are declared that you are sensitive to caffeine beverages in terms of high blood pressure. Consult your doctor regarding the effect that is noticed on your blood pressure.

  8. Reducing the Stress is the Best Medicine-Free Natural Way to Control Hypertension or High Blood Pressure in a Natural Way

    Chronic stress contributes a high blood pressure or hypertension for sure. Stress that is experienced occasionally also cause hypertension. Unhealthy food, alcohol consumption or smoking contributes the high blood pressure which spoils the equilibrium of physical and mental health.

    Take optimum time and look within to sort the causes of stress that you usually come across. It can be a hectic schedule, family issues, financial lapses or physical illness, pin it up to reduce the hypertension. If you are unable to deactivate the stressors, cope with them in a special way which is healthier. Try to:

    • Slash your expectations. Give time to yourself and let the things be done finer way. Negotiate well and learn to say ‘no’ to live within the manageable limits. Accept the things that you cannot slash as these things causes a high pressure on your blood.
    • Open up to solve the problems that you are facing in workplace or in family. Think about the problems that you can control and frame a few steps to solve the same in quicker and safer way possible.
    • Know the cause of stress. Avoid whatever activates the stress. For example, spend little time with people who pester you or avoid driving in the rush hour traffic.
    • Make extra space to relax and to perform the activities that you love. Practice breathing exercises for 15 to 20 minutes and sit quietly and enjoy deeper breathe. Go with love in your heart on whatever work that you do rather hurrying during the relaxing activities that instead lets you enjoy life.
    • Practice gratitude. Stressful thoughts can be successfully eliminated by practicing the gratitude and uttering the words of gratitude.

Regularly Monitor the Blood Pressure and Visit the Doctor Frequently

Monitoring the blood pressure at home gives you finest results so that it would be easy to analyze the changes in daily life are effecting you or not. Respond to the alerts that you get from your health and visit the doctor. Blood pressure monitors are obtainable online and can be used without availing the prescription from the physician. Speak to your doctor before getting started the monitoring process on your own.

Visiting regularly and letting your doctor and knowing the status of your high blood pressure is the gateway to sound health. If you keep your blood pressure under control, it is sufficient to visit the doctor once in six months or once a year. When the blood pressure is uncontrollable, your doctor suggests for regular visits.

Get Support

Your health can be improved unconditionally with supportive family and friends. They let you take good care of your health and blood pressure fluctuations and suggest you to visit the doctor whenever you need it. This may keep your hypertension to come down.

Support groups are available to render awesome support rather than family and friends. Emotional guidance and support is assured by the people who boost your emotional balance to a distinct range. Monitor the blood pressure and lead life happily with the above tips that you’ve gone through.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:April 8, 2019

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