Immune Boosting Foods: List of Foods to Build Immunity

To have a disease free healthy life, you need a strong immune system. There are some immune boosting foods. The prime focus of these immune boosting foods is to amplify the fighter cells so that they can fight against cold, flu and other infections. Few changes in diet can largely help your immune system to get a boost and increase its ability to combat viruses and bacteria. Here is a list of 8 foods that build your immunity.

Immune Boosting Foods: List of Foods to Build Immunity

Immune Boosting Foods: List of Foods to Build Immunity

These immune boosting foods are the superfoods that can make you healthy and keep infections away. Include these lists of food in your daily diet and see the change.


There is old proverb saying that “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctors Away” and this proverb is very true indeed. Apple tops the list of foods that builds immunity. Apple is a very healthy fruit rich in quercetin, which has wonderful properties to develop immunity and maintain blood sugar levels. Including an apple in your breakfast or eating it as day snacks can help you boost your immune system at large and prevent you from falling ill. Frapes, tea, red wine, onions and kale are some of the other foods rich in quercetin.


Garlic is not just limited for kitchen use; instead it is one of the flavorsome foods that builds immunity. Garlic has sulfur-containing compound like sulfides and allicin which boost your immune system and increase its ability to combat flu and colds making it one of the best immune boosting food. It also acts as an antioxidant that decreases the accumulation of free radicals in bloodstream. Garlic also lowers the incidence of intestinal cancer and is helpful for your cardiovascular health.


Spinach is a wonder food, especially rich in iron and other nutrients. Iron deficiency may cause your immune system to function abnormally and this may increase the chance of infections. However, it is important that you know your daily iron requirement to avoid any excess. Spinach, a green leafy vegetable when taken regularly can provide you with the required dose of iron and other nutrients making it an essential immune boosting food. The other good sources of iron are tofu, fortified cereals, red meat and lentils.


Yogurt is really an immune boosting superfood. It is loaded with vitamin B5, riboflavin, phosphorous, potassium, iodine and zinc. Yogurt is a rich source of good bacteria called probiotics, which are the healthy bacteria helpful for healthy digestion. Vitamin B12 in it helps maintain the red blood cells in body and even makes the nervous system function optimally. Most of the infections react to an abnormal gut, which leads to several problems. So, it is important to keep gut healthy to enjoy better overall health. Yogurt should certainly be included in your list of foods if you want to build immunity.


Mushrooms are rich in selenium, which can mobilize the cancer fighting cells in body, while boosting the natural killer cells and immune system making it an essential immune boosting food. The other selenium containing foods that boost immune system include cottage cheese, vegetables, whole grains, lobster, egg yolks, chicken, garlic, lamb chops, shrimp, brown rice, Brazil Nuts and Red Snapper.


Avocados are the rich source of essential amino acids, good fats, and antioxidants that are known to balance the hormone production in body. This healthy fruit has gained much popularity among the foods that build immunity while promoting optimal hormonal functions. Including this fruit into your diet can enhance your immune system, promote healthy digestion and hormonal balance. You can consume avocados in raw form, or you may use the avocado oil for preparation of foods and salads.


Cashews are not just a healthy snack but it can be healthy immune boosting food too. Cashews are a rich source of zinc and they help restore the level of zinc in your body. Your body requires sufficient amount of zinc on daily basis to produce and activate T-cells, which boosts immune system. Hence, cashews too are very healthy and are one of the tastiest foods that boost your immune system. Other great sources of zinc are chicken, beef, crab, beans and fortified cereals.

Black Tea

Hot tea is often served to people suffering from common cold because it helps in soothing the throat and also has other benefits which are beyond one’s imagination. Black tea is considered as a healthy drink because it contains an amino acid called L-Theanine. This amino acid can build immunity, hence black tea is listed as one of the foods that builds immunity and helps combat against bacteria and viruses.

These were the 8 immune boosting foods that should be included in your daily diet regime to stay healthy. You can consult your doctor or nutritionist, regarding the exact quantities to be taken and various ways in which they can be added to your diet.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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