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Is Banana Good for Preventing Kidney Stones?

The most prevalent urinary tract disorders existing in the US is the development or presence of kidney stone that affects more than 1 million Americans each year. Having a kidney stone is an acutely painful condition with symptoms of severe and sudden pain in the abdomen, back pain, and pain in the genital portion along with vomiting, nausea, chills and fever. There are some foods that can prove really good for kidney stones. Let us see if banana is a friend or a foe of kidney stones.

Is Banana Good for Preventing Kidney Stones?

Is Banana Good for Preventing Kidney Stones?

Banana is known to be one of the best foods for preventing kidney stones (1). In several studies, researchers found that the rich amount of potassium and magnesium present in banana helps in preventing the kidney stone formation (1). Let us take a deeper look on this.

Potassium Content in Banana is Good for Prevention of Kidney Stones (1)

As per the Linus Pauling Institute, it is explained that if you are excreting a lot of calcium in urine then you are probably at risk for having calcium-containing kidney stones.

This is because of a lack of potassium content in the diet that increases the amount of calcium you excrete, thus putting you at a risk of developing kidney stones.

You can thus reduce how much calcium you excrete in your urine, by enhancing potassium in your diet. So, adequate amount of potassium, at least 4,700 mg for adults, could help you reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. It must be mentioned that a medium sized banana has 422 mg of potassium in it.

Magnesium Content in Banana is Good for Preventing Kidney Stones (1)

Apart from potassium, you also need to increase your magnesium intake in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones. A diet that is high in calcium content and is low in the magnesium content can result in calcium formation of kidney stone. Magnesium prevents the calcium from combining with the oxalate and thus reduces the crystal formation that leads to the most common types of kidney stones.

Banana contains fair amount of magnesium in it and thus can be beneficial in preventing kidney stone formation (1). One medium sized banana offers you with 32 mg of magnesium, or about 10% of the recommended daily dietary allowance for women and 8% for men.


So, from the above descriptions, we can conclude that banana is good for preventing kidney stones (1). Apart from eating bananas, there are also some other dietary changes that you need to do so as to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Limit the intake of animal proteins, refined grains, and consume more of anti-oxidant-rich vegetables and fruits, along with foods that are high in fiber content (2). Moreover, you also need to reduce the salt and sugar intake and also drink plenty of water and also exercise on a daily basis. So we can safely conclude that bananas are a foe of kidney stones and consumption of bananas greatly help with preventing kidney stones.


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