Benefits of Banana Peels in Teeth Whitening

Understanding the Importance of White Teeth!

A smile on one’s face makes the person look completely dressed! It is true that carrying a smile is so important for us. And to have this best outfit; it is essential to have shining and white teeth. There are many people who lack a beautiful smile or have a restricted smile because of discolored or yellowish teeth. There are several ways to shine your teeth white. However, if you prefer home remedies for teeth whitening then you must be very much interested in reading us here.

One of the known home remedies for whitening teeth is the banana peel. We all know banana is very much nutritious and beneficial for health; so as the banana peel.

Among the beauty benefits of banana peel, is the benefit in teeth whitening. However, to know how far it is beneficial in whitening of our teeth, let us read below and know about it.

Benefits of Banana Peels In Teeth Whitening

Benefits of Banana Peels In Teeth Whitening:

There is a hype that Banana peel helps you in teeth whitening like any other ingredient. It is also safe to use and one could feel the benefits of banana peel for teeth whitening after using it regularly. This is considered so because of the wonderful source of minerals and vitamins the banana peel contains in it that makes it so very essential in teeth whitening. However, what is the science of banana peel being helpful in teeth whitening? Read below.

Now, you must be wondering, that on what basis exactly we say banana peels can benefit in teeth whitening. There are claims that suggest minerals like potassium and magnesium found in banana peel aids with teeth whitening. But, unfortunately, our teeth do not absorb these minerals by simply applying the banana peel on teeth for few minutes. In order to get the real benefits of teeth whitening from banana peel, you will need to have the substance broken down and absorbed in the digestive system.

But again, there are people who claim that banana peel helps in whitening the teeth. So, though banana peels can be used for teeth whitening, it must not be considered as the primary source for whitening the teeth. You should spend at least two minutes or more in brushing your teeth and can use banana peel or even baking soda as a home remedy for teeth whitening.

How to Use Banana Peel for Teeth Whitening?

The process of teeth whitening using banana peel includes the following three important steps.

  1. Selecting Banana For Teeth Whitening:

    Select ripe banana peel for using it for teeth whitening. Choose the banana that is yellow in color with few black marks on it. Black marks indicate that the banana is ripe enough.

  2. Removing The Peel From Ripe Banana:

    Remove the peel from the ripe banana you have selected and immediately after eating the banana, rub the inner side of the peel so as to remove yellow stains on teeth.

  3. Rubbing The Banana Peel For Teeth Whitening:

    Before using the banana peel for teeth whitening, just cut them in to pieces of 3 inches, which helps you clean your teeth easily. Use the inner part of the banana peel to rub on your teeth as it is rich in nutrients that help in removing yellow stains caused by drinking coffee or tea. Rub the peel gently over your teeth for 15 minutes and then rinse your mouth with water. Repeat this, 2-3 times in a week or try out regularly.


Though, banana peel can be used as a remedy for whitening the teeth; it must be noted that one must use the fresh banana peels and not the stored ones. One more important thing that must be mentioned is that mere rubbing with banana peel cannot help you whiten your teeth. You need to be very much particular about your dental habits and keep brushing your teeth at least twice a day and maintain a very good oral hygiene to keep your teeth shine bright and white.

“Let your smile speak…! Shine white with bright teeth.”

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