List Of 15 Top Foods With Healthy Fats

The word ‘fats’ is automatically associated with unhealthy food. However, there are healthy fats that you could and should incorporate in your diet, too. Since fat was regarded as unhealthy, a number of people gave it up for sugar, processed food and refined carbohydrates. The outcome of the hazardous diet switch: people have become fatter and are more susceptible to sickness. However, studies suggest that fat, including saturated fat, is not as bad as everyone make it out to be.

A number of foods which contain healthy fats are listed below:

List Of 15 Top Foods With Healthy Fats

The 15 top list of foods with healthy fats is as below:

Fish As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Fish is on the top of the list of foods with healthy fats. Fatty fish like salmon, herring, sardines, and mackerel, among others, are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are the healthy fats. These ‘good’ fats will ensure better heart health too. Fish with healthy fats can also sharpen your brain even as you age. Experts suggest having two servings of any of fatty fish once a week. One serving of fatty fish would be three ounces – as thick as a deck of cards. You can always bake, grill or poach the fish to make it healthier.

Avocado As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Avocado can be added to your sandwich or can also be served as guacamole. Avocado is full of healthy fats, which is good for heart health and also helps with osteoarthritis symptoms. Avocado also comes with an extra benefit: when you decide to eat avocado along with other foods, it ensures that your body absorbs nutrients. Half of a medium-sized avocado can be termed as one serving. It contains around 115-160 calories which also contains healthy fats.

Seeds As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Little pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds pack in quite a punch of healthy fats. These seeds contain ‘good’ fats that help in lowering bad cholesterol. All this makes seed join the 15 top list of foods with healthy fats. It is a general fact that fats from plants are a healthier alternative to those from animals. Foods with ‘bad’ fat include fatty cuts of meat, dairy products with full fat and a few packaged foods. You will be required to limit saturated fats and give trans-fats a miss.

Nuts As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Nuts are good for heart health – from pecans to hazelnuts. Walnuts specifically provide heart-healthy fats. However, do not consume too much nuts. Even if nuts are healthy, you should not binge on them.

Olive Oil As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Olive oil should be used for cooking and for salad dressing instead of other regular oil as olive oil contains a high amount of good and healthy fats.

Vegetables As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Dark green vegetables like kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts will give you your daily fix of healthy omega 3s. Since your body does not have the ability to generate fats, food is your only source of fats. Around 2-3 cups of vegetables daily should be enough for you. Fish is also a rich source of omega-3 fats.

Eggs As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Eggs are a rich source of inexpensive protein, but not many people know that eggs are also full of healthy fats. If you consume a large egg, you stand to gain at least five grams of fat, mostly healthy fats. Some eggs are also a good source of extra omega-3s.

Ground Flaxseed As A Source Of Healthy Fats

The ‘good’ fats, when incorporated in your diet, can ensure you have great-looking skin, which looks more full and plump. Ground flaxseed is also a good source of fiber and can ease inflammation. You can sprinkle a teaspoon of ground flaxseed on your cereal or salad. You can also use ground flaxseed when baking to incorporate healthy fats in your baked goodies.

Beans As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Beans, all kinds of beans, are good for you. Whether it is kidney, Great Northern, soyabean or navy – including beans in your diet can help with physical and mental health. Beans are a rich source of omega 3s fatty acids, which ensures a better mood throughout the day.

Omega-3 Fortified Foods as a Source of Healthy Fats

Foods, which come with added omega-3s, will ensure better health. You will be able to find omega-3 fatty acids in fortified milk, bread, eggs and breakfast bars. You will need to check labels to be doubly sure of healthy fats composition. There are more health benefits associated with omega-3s through fortified products as opposed to supplements.

Cheese As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Cheese is a rich source of nutrients. Cheese is also rich in calcium, vitamin B12, selenium, and of course is loaded with healthy fats. Cheese is also a great protein source. A single slice of cheese contains 6.7g of protein. The healthy fats present in cheese also help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Dark Chocolate As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Dark chocolate is a healthy food that has an incredible taste. Dark chocolate is rich in fiber, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese. Dark chocolate is also packed with antioxidants, making it a favorite among the 15 top list of foods with healthy fats. A few of the antioxidants have the ability to lower blood pressure while also protecting LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized.

Studies suggest that people, who consume dark chocolate more than five times a week, will less likely suffer from health disease. Some studies also suggest that dark chocolate improves brain function, while also protecting your skin from sun damage. However, choose good dark chocolate which comes with 70% cocoa.

Chia Seeds As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Chia seeds are not exactly “fatty” food, but an ounce of chia seeds contains 9 grams of fat.

The fact that the carbs in chia seeds are actually fiber, most of the calories from them come from fat. Chia seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acid called ALA, which combats heart disease. Chia seeds can also help lower blood pressure. Chia seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties and are a good source of nutrients and minerals.

Coconut As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Coconuts, as well as coconut oil, are a rich source of saturated fats. Around 90% of fatty acids in coconut are saturated. Coconuts largely comprise of medium-chain fatty acids, which help in suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism. Studies suggest that consuming these healthy fats present in coconut can go a long way in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Full-Fat Yogurt As A Source Of Healthy Fats

Real, full-fat yogurt is a healthy ‘good’ fat option. Full-fat yogurt contains all the essential nutrients that other high-fat dairy products contain. Full-fat yogurt not only contains healthy fats, but is also loaded with probiotic bacteria, which has a positive impact on your health. Studies suggest that full-fat yogurt can improve digestive health while also helping to fight obesity and heart disease. Read the label before buying full-fat yogurt.

With this list of top 15 foods with healthy fats, you can never go wrong. So don’t completely ditch the “fats” from your diet and do consume these healthy fats on a regular basis for a balanced diet and good health.

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