15 Salty Foods To Avoid

Salt is the basic ingredient that adds to the taste of a dish, salad, fruit or even drinks. But salt has a negative side too and like everything else an excess of this little component can lead to considerable harm to your body. This article deals with 15 salty foods to avoid for good health.

15 Salty Foods To Avoid

To guide you in your dietary planning, a list of high salt containing foods has been compiled. These are the 15 salty foods to avoid for good health.

  1. Breads and Rolls: Some of the most common sources of excessive salts, bread disguise their way into our daily diets without letting us have the slightest inclination of their harms. Though the whole grain breads are considered healthy, they do contain plenty of salt. These are one of the most important 15 salty foods to avoid.
  2. Pre-Packaged Foods: The heat and eat dinners might be doing rounds these days, but it has its own downside. Being a package of high salt content, packaged foods and cup noodles aren’t the best options once you analyze their nutritional values. These are one of the popular salty food to avoid.
  3. Soy Sauce: Another surprise compound that you would have never believed to contain a shocking amount of salt is soy sauce. We might relish a spoon of this sauce once in some delicacies, but a single tablespoon of soy sauce contains half our required salt intake. This is undoubtedly one of the 15 salty foods to avoid for good health.
  4. Soups: Though soups might seem like a healthy option but packaged soups are not all goodness. The salt content that most canned soups contain is again equivalent to half our daily requirement, making them excessively unhealthy. Thus, unfortunately such coups also come under 15 salty foods to avoid, however, fresh prepare homemade soups with limited salt can be a healthy option.

  5. Poultry: Cooking of poultry items like chicken makes them quite a store house of excess sodium. These too can be one of the 15 salty foods to avoid. However, among the different options grilled, lean, skinless chicken, should be preferred as they are known to have comparatively lesser reserves of salt.
  6. Cold Cuts And Cured Meats: Added to fight off bacteria and for better preservation, the cold cut meats are loaded with sodium. These meats are great source of protein too but the excess salt making them one of the salty foods to avoid. Slices of ham, bologna, or turkey breast are particularly high in sodium. If these are further combined with two slices of bread, the meal becomes exceptionally high in salt content, though it might not taste as such.
  7. Canned Vegetables: Since salt works as a perfect preserving agent, it is found in high quantities in most canned and processed foods. Thus, like any other canned food, these too are one of the 15 salty foods to avoid. It is best to opt for fresh vegetables and can also be properly stored at home for few days.

  8. Pizza: Though this food item has a lot of other harmful components like cholesterol, fat and excess calories, but it also has an excess of salt. Hence, pizza is rated among the worst foods when it comes to a test for health and is definitely one of the 15 salty foods to avoid.
  9. Cereal: Though it is popularly known to have sugar than salt, but on checking the labels, it reveals that they are high in sodium too. Though their high content of the fiber is most highlighted, it is one of the 15 salty foods to avoid. You can go in for other natural alternatives which are not as high in sodium as the packaged cereal.
  10. Tomato Sauce: Preserved tomato purees or sauces are also very high in the concentration of salt. The canned tomato sauce particularly, is quite high in salt and is listed in the top 15 salty foods to avoid.
  11. Tortilla Chips: Since most chips and other packaged fried foods are dusted with salt to maintain their flavor, they are exceptionally high in sodium. A simple serving of 2 ounces of tortilla chips has a minimum of 250 milligrams of salt. Thus, such chips are tasty but one of the 15 salty foods to avoid. You can try and make such chips at home to avoid the high sodium content from salt.
  12. Bottled Salad Dressing: Salad dressings that are processed and come in bottles are another extremely high in salt content. The concentration of salt may vary depending upon the different brands and the different types of dressing but they are salty all the same. These too are one of the salty foods to avoid and can be replaced it with fresh homemade dressings.
  13. Burgers and Sandwiches: Another hefty source of salt, a single veggie burger can have more sodium than your requirement for the whole day. Since the foods served at restaurants are basically made from the preserved components, they contain more salt. These surely are some of the salty foods to avoid. You can instead make your own vegetable or chicken burgers with low sodium condiments and spices.
  14. French Fries: However small a package of French fries, it is excessively loaded with salt. It is the combination of fried potato and salt that results in such high concentration of sodium in such salty foods that are best avoided.

  15. Pretzels: Though pretzels are made of whole wheat flour, if their serving size is not kept in check, they can result in high dose of sodium intake. These are yet another one of the 15 salty foods to avoid. A simplistic action of dusting of a pretzel before consuming it can also control your salt intake from pretzels, and you should prefer a big size pretzel as that will have more fiber and less salt.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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