Top 9 Vegetarian Foods That are a Rich Source of Protein

Protein deficiency can lead to weak immune system, loss of muscle tissues and a weak heart. Proteins are essential for the growth and development of muscles, bones, ligaments and tissues. There is a wrong notion that protein is availed only from meat and animal sources. Here we have listed few of the top vegetarian foods that a rich source of protein.

Top 9 Vegetarian Foods That are a Rich Source of Protein

Top 9 Vegetarian Foods That are a Rich Source of Protein

  1. CHIA SEEDS: How Do Chia Seeds Help You with Your Protein Requirements?

    When you are searching for a high amount of amino acids, you need not look further than chia seeds. Chia seeds are very healthy and contain around 2.5 grams of protein and are one of the important vegetarian foods that are rich source of protein. Some of the benefits of chia seeds include its ability to boost the energy levels of your body. Talking about the amino acids, it is the blood sugar stabilizing ratio which makes you get the best kind of fat and fiber which truly changes your form and figure. Best part about chia seeds is that, you can lose your fat significantly with the help of omega 3 fatty acids that are in it.

  2. EGGS – The Wonder Food!

    Talking about the protein content, this one is awesome. Since ages, people have vouched for the benefits eggs have to offer. Though, there has been a debate regarding the nutrition value of egg white and egg yolk part, benefits can be availed if you are taking an egg in full. Do not separate the white and the yellow part as it is the whole egg which fulfills the protein level your body requires. Egg is a complete food and has the protein sources which have nutrients that promote flat-belly in a quick time. You may find around 6 grams of protein in a single egg.

  3. GUAVA – The Tropical Delight!

    Why run from pillar to post when you have guava in your backyard. This is a tropical fruit which is unbelievably high in protein content that is more than 4 grams. Besides protein, guava also has fiber and calories which act as a fuel recharger for your body. Guava is also rich in vitamin C content which makes it equivalent to eight oranges.

    You may enjoy guava in many forms, as a salad or simply as a fruit and you will not only get good digestion but will feel full too. So, guava is on the third position in our top vegetarian foods that are rich source of protein.

  4. PEAS – Greenery Everywhere!

    Nothing can be greener than peas and peas also are a good vegetarian food which is rich source of protein with protein content up to 8 grams. The good fiber in it makes it a more viable option for your protein intake. You may eat peas for better absorption of content which can truly revolutionize the way you are eating food. Peas are for those people who seek food of convenience. You may cook peas or dry roast it; or for making it easier you can consume raw peas also. Take it in any form and here you are, getting the benefits of high protein from the greens. You can boost your immunity as well by adding a dash of garlic and lemon to make the serving of peas more tasteful and delicious.

  5. LENTILS – Go Local!

    Picking the food which is locally available serves two purposes, if you are a nature lover, eating lentils can significantly cut down on the burden you put on environment as you are eating the home grown food. Besides that, lentils are a very rich source of vegetarian protein having up to 18 grams of protein in one cup of lentils! So with one cup of lentils, you are getting the protein which is equivalent to 3 eggs and also aids in losing inches from your waist. Combine lentil soup with rice and here you are, enjoying the food in full bloom and getting your protein without putting on weight!

  6. SOY – The Granular Powerhouse for Protein!

    Looking for an easy option to find a vegetarian protein source? Here is soya for you, check out the protein content which is quite exorbitant and is up to 10 grams for ½ cup serving of soy. Soy is a complete protein food as compared to other sources like beans which may have fiber and vitamins as well, but soy is a complete protein vegetarian food source. You can take soy raw after soaking it in water or roast it in a few herbs. This makes soy a bit light and does not bloat your stomach.

  7. RICE & BEANS – An Amazing Protein Combo

    While going for vegetarian protein sources which are high in protein, it is the combination of rice and beans which gives you food that is equivalent to meat. Rice is low in lysine while beans are high in lysine, but low in methionine. If you have an intense workout, this combination of rice and beans works well in providing adequate protein and saves you from bone injury problem.

    Take food which is rich in protein content and makes you gain muscles sans fat. When you are taking everything, but your diet is lacking in protein and you want to take the food which is locally available, then beans and rice always come out to be the best option.

  8. PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH- Tasty & Healthy Snack

    You may seek peanut butter to get around 15 grams of protein from two tbsp of peanut butter. This is an easy to eat and very-very tasty product with protein content and is equipped with all kinds of nutrition. Peanut butter has optimum levels of good fat as well which makes it truly beneficial for your body. Being an easy snack, you can put peanut butter on your bread and pancakes to get the required benefits of protein. Calories are quite high in the butter which makes it a rich energy source. Peanut butter is especially useful in winters; so you can enjoy this delicious vegetarian source of protein with minimum spending.

  9. HUMMUS & PITA- Go East!

    For high protein content in a vegetarian food, you can go for hummus and pita bread. Hummus is prepared from chickpeas and pita bread is a good option to get some fiber. We all know that chickpeas are an excellent source of protein and when you are combining it with pita bread, then benefits of this can increase multifold. So eating hummus with pita bread is an excellent vegetarian food that is rich source of protein.

    Amino acids are present in the combo of hummus and pita which keeps you fit and safe from any kind of wear and tear. You can also combine the hummus with edamame and cannellini. You can get about 7 grams of protein from consuming 1 whole pita bread and two tbsp of hummus. So this dynamic combo of hummus and pita bread becomes an excellent source of vegetarian protein.

    Out of the above mentioned 9 sources of vegetarian protein, none of them are tough to find. You may combine the recipes easily with other vegetarian food sources of protein as well.

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