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Ways to Stave Off Hunger When Fasting

A study was conducted on two groups of people of which one group was asting and the other group was dieting. The participants of both the groups were asked to report their cravings and extent of hunger on a near continuous basis for a period of three weeks. During the study from time to time they were shown slides of their favorite food and their reactions were observed. After the period of three weeks of the study, observation was made that there were significant changes in the reactivity of the two groups to food stimuli [1].

The overall result of the study was that people who were fasting had a lesser tendency to crave for foods than people who were dieting. However, this is no way meant that there were no cravings on the group that was on fasting. Feeling hungry during fasting is a normal phenomenon where the body requires energy in the form of food to carry on functioning normally. This article gives a brief idea of how to stave off hunger when fasting [1].

 Ways to Stave Off Hunger When Fasting

Ways to Stave Off Hunger When Fasting?

Some of the ways to stave off hunger when fasting include:

Increased Water Intake. This is perhaps the easiest and the best ways to stave off hunger while fasting. Try and drink in as much of fluids as possible especially water. This is because lack of water intake causes dehydration and this condition manifests itself as hunger. Thus it is best to stay hydrated and fill in with water [2].

This is the best weapon against hunger when fasting. The minimum requirement of water when fasting is at least 8-10 glasses. However, most Americans even when fasting do not take in the required amount of water resulting in food cravings when fasting [2].

Caffeine. Having a cup of coffee or tea at the start of the day or after some exercise is a good way to stave off hunger during fasting. Caffeine present in coffee or tea act as a food suppressor and prevents an individual from feeling hungry. It also hydrates the body and boosts energy required by the body to function. It also injects plenty of antioxidants in the body [2].

Activity Modification. This is yet another way to keep hunger at bay when fasting. Getting involved in your favorite hobby is one such activity that can be done.

Additionally, doing other household chores like dusting, vacuuming, or cleaning the house is another way to keep oneself busy and away from the feeling of hunger [2].

Sporting Activities. Indulging in any form of sport distracts the mind and body from the feelings of hunger. Playing games like badminton, table tennis, or basketball out in the yard can all work to stave off hunger as long as these activities are not overdone [2].

Meditation. This is perhaps the best way to stave off hunger while fasting. Meditation not only relaxes the mind but also takes away any stress or anxiety that an individual may be having. This method may not work in the initial stages; however, as you master the art of meditation it becomes your best tool to stave off fasting hunger when fasting [2].

In conclusion, fasting is now picking up in various countries as a means to not only lose weight but also to keep the body fit and healthy. Studies have proved many benefits of fasting occasionally. Some people practice fasting for spiritual reasons as well. However, the effects of fasting can only be observed if it is done diligently [1, 2].

By this, it means that you should stay away from any food except water for at least a period of 24 hours. For doing this, staving off hunger is the biggest challenge.

Practicing the above mentioned ways can help an individual in staving off hunger for the time they are fasting and achieve their respective targets in terms of weight loss and staying fit [1, 2].


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