What are the Best Fiber Rich Foods to Eat & What are its Health Benefits?

Fiber, which is simply called roughage, is a plant oriented food, which enables your digestive system to function well. As it eases down the bowel movement and flushes down the harmful toxins, it works towards cleansing your body too. Fiber has many health benefits and most fiber rich foods offer them. Knowing the best fiber rich foods is important to reap the real benefits.

Fiber is basically of two types, the soluble and insoluble fiber.

  • Soluble fiber, gets dissolved in blood sugar and water, and is the prime reason behind the reduction in cholesterol level of the body. Some sources of soluble fiber include nuts, apple, pears, berries, beans, and more.
  • Insoluble fibers do not get dissolved in water and is the ultimate source of reducing the constipation. Some of the prime sources of insoluble fibers are whole grains, tomatoes, celery, carrots and more.

Also, there are certain food items which contain both types of fibers and are considered great for your health.

Fiber is mainly popular for the health benefits offered by various fiber rich foods. Ranging from prevention of heart diseases, strokes diabetes or some cancers to treatment of obesity, constipation or renal stone, fiber rich foods can make wonders.

What Are The Best Fiber Rich Foods To Eat?

What Are The Best Fiber Rich Foods To Eat?

It is good to consume natural fiber supplements which keep the nutrient quality of the fiber intact. All the fresh foods are much healthier and have high contents of fiber, with great health benefits.

Know some of the best fiber enriched natural foods which can keep you healthy and fit. These food items are not only known for its high fiber content, but contain other important nutrients as well. All these nutrient content helps in regulating the body.

Here are some of the best fiber rich foods to eat for better health

  • Avocados are known to be a wonderful source of fiber. It all depends upon the type of avocados, based on their color, type, and several other qualities. Apart from being one of the best fiber rich foods, avocados are known to have good fats, which lowers down the cholesterol level in the body.
  • Another great source of high fiber is the Asian pears, which contain healthy fatty acids which is responsible for the proper functioning of our nervous system.
  • Other best fiber rich foods include the berries. Blackberry and raspberry contain approximately 8 grams of fiber content, along with high amount of vitamins and minerals. It is known to increase the bone density in our body and tastes great as fresh fruits, pulps or sorbets.
  • Coconut is known to have fiber content of approximately 7.3 grams. It is a wonderful way of having natural fiber in out body. It is also a good source of magnesium, folate, which are essential minerals for your body.
  • One cup of dried figs is known to have an approximate of 15 grams of fiber content. Dried figs contain equal amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber, which makes it one of the best fiber rich foods. It can be consumed as dry fruits or in the form of salads, cereals and many other delicacies.

What are the Health Benefits of Eating Fiber Rich Foods?

Fiber rich foods are known to provide many health benefits. Here are some health benefits offered of fiber, which you can enjoy by consuming fiber rich foods.

  • Boost Immunity – A good, healthy fiber enriched diet, helps to boost up the immune system of the body, which can help you fight common diseases like cold, cough and many more.
  • Improve Digestion -The most important and popular benefit of consuming fiber enriched foods is that the digestive system always remains healthy. Fiber provide roughage and helps to bulk up the stool so that it can be passed easily. It keeps the bowel movements healthy, thus useful to prevent and treat constipation. Managing constipation with fiber rich foods can also help to control other problems like indigestion, piles and may also offer protection against certain digestive disorders.
  • Prevent Heart Disease – Another major benefit of incorporating fiber rich foods in our diet is the prevention of heart diseases. Soluble fiber is known to lower down the cholesterol level in the body and increase the level of good cholesterol in the body, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Fiber can also help to maintain blood pressure levels thus preventing further complications of heart disorders and stroke.
  • Manage Blood Glucose – Eating fiber rich foods helps manage diabetes. Insoluble fiber is particularly known for reducing the blood sugar level, which absorbs the sugar present in our blood. Normally, the consumption of cereals can prevent diabetes, making the body fit and healthy.
  • Weight Management – One of the biggest and most popular health benefits of incorporating fiber in your diet is weight loss. Fiber content in your body, helps in shedding the extra kilos and helps to keep your body in shape. The fiber rich food items stay in your body for a longer time, which makes you less hungry. If compounded with adequate daily exercises, it also helps to increase your metabolism so that you can burn the excess fat. Fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables have very low calorie content and nutritious too. Hence, try to incorporate fiber rich foods in your diet, which can help in weight management, thus preventing obesity and the health risks associated with it.
  • Prevent Metabolic Syndrome – Metabolic syndrome, can have serious effects on your health. By preventing heart diseases, diabetes and obesity, high fiber consumption can help to reduce the risks of metabolic syndrome.
  • Reduce Risk of Some Cancers – Research has proven that the consumption of high fiber rich food items can prevent certain types of cancers, like the colorectal cancer. They can also be of great help in prevention of stomach or mouth cancers.
  • Detoxification and Healthy Skin – Consumption of fiber rich foods is beneficial in flushing out all toxins built up in the body, which can help in many ways. It can prevent the occurrence of acne and give more beautiful, glowing skin.

Tips to Have Best Fiber Rich Foods

In order to enjoy the health benefits of fiber rich foods you need to incorporate fiber in your diet and maintain a healthy routine. Some tips can help you.

  • It is always good to start off the day with fiber rich foods. Start your day with a fruit, if you wish.
  • Eating cereals, and other grain food items for breakfast are good. They help in regulating the digestive system of the body, this will keep you energetic and stress free all day.
  • Replace white rice and white bread with the brown, whole wheat items which contain high amounts of fiber for your breakfast and meals. Instead of going for white bread sandwiches, make sure that you choose, brown bread one as they rich in fiber content.
  • If you have any plans for baking at home, go for whole wheat powder, which is high in fiber and reduces the body fat, by regulating the fat burning capacity of the body.
  • Try to incorporate flaxseed in your diet, which is high in fiber content, and contains essential fatty acids which will keep the blood cholesterol level regulated. You can start taking flaxseeds with yoghurt, breakfast cereals and many more.

So, if you are looking forward to start the intake of fiber rich food items, then now is the best time, as it will help you to lead a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

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