How Long Does Motion Sickness Last & Ways to Overcome it

Many of us must have experienced motion sickness. Motion sickness is also commonly known as travel sickness which may make you feel too sick or become actually sick. Motion sickness is caused because of the repeated and unusual movements which primarily occur when travelling by car, plane, boat or even train. There are effective treatments available for getting rid of motion sickness. Let us know about how exactly motion sickness last and also note down some of the ways to overcome it.

How Long Does Motion Sickness Last?

How Long Does Motion Sickness Last?

The repeated movements while traveling or when in motion, send lots of messages to your brain and your inner ear balance mechanisms feel different signals to those that your eyes are seeing which then sends your brain confusing or mixed messages. This in turn causes symptoms like feeling sick or nausea, sweating, headaches, feeling cold and going pale.

Anyone can get motion sickness. However it is more common in children (Of age 3 years to 12 years) and women, especially during their pregnancy. Moreover, individuals who have migraine issues will also likely experience motion sickness as well as migraine headaches during travel most of the times.

It must be noted that the symptoms of motion sickness generally go away soon after the travel or the journey is over; or in some cases it may last for about few hours after the journey. However, it is important to note that if motion sickness symptoms remain even after some hours of the travel period then it is crucial enough to meet with an expert medical professional and take best of the medical treatments so as to get rid of it. One more thing that must be known that the symptoms and the time motion sickness lasts, may vary from person to person.

We would also mention here that in case an individual is exposed to motion for a longer period of time, such as a long journey over the sea or has repeated exposures; their brain may adapt in time to the constant motion and thus they may no longer experience the symptoms of motion sickness.

Ways to Overcome Motion Sickness:

Now, if you are someone who is worried about the motion sickness then it is very obvious you must be looking for the ways to overcome it. So below we have listed some of the treatments to help overcome motion sickness.

  1. Medications for Motion Sickness:

    There are a lot of medications available in the market which can reduce or prevent the symptoms of motion sickness. You can purchase them from pharmacies or can get them on prescription. It must be mentioned that medications are best taken before the journey, however they may still be helpful even if you take them after you have experienced the symptoms of motion sickness.

    Hyoscine is the most effective medicine for motion sickness which works by preventing the confusing nerve messages going to your brain. There are a lot of brands of medicines containing hyosine and they come as a soluble form for children. You must take a dose 30 to 60 minutes before your journey and the effect may last up to 72 hours. However, there may be side effects of this medicine such as dry mouth, blurred vision, drowsiness etc.

    One more medicine that works well for motion sickness includes the antihistamines such as promethazine, cyclizine, cinnarizine etc. These medicines have fewer side effects however they are not as effective as hyoscine. These medicines may also cause drowsiness.

  2. Alternative Treatments to Overcome Motion Sickness:

    • Apart from taking the medications, you can also try out these alternative treatments to overcome motion sickness.
    • Breathe deeply and slowly and also listen to soothing music while focusing on your breathing. This would help you ease symptoms of motion sickness
    • Ginger can help improve the condition of motion sickness in few people. You can drink the ginger tea or take it in tablet form before journey.
  3. Other Ways to Overcome Motion Sickness:

    • Try to close your eyes or sleep during travel
    • Breathe fresh air if possible. (Example- Open the car window if you are in car)
    • Do not read or watch film if you have motion sickness
    • Do not stare at moving objects, like other cars or anything such


Apart from all the treatments to overcome motion sickness, you can also avoid taking heavy meals or alcohol before traveling. This would help you prevent motion sickness to some extent. Make sure that in case you have severe issues of motion sickness or in case the symptoms lasts longer even after the journey then seek immediate medical attention.