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How Can I Treat Blurred Vision Naturally?

Blurry vision refers to any type of loss in your sharpness or focuses on whatever you see with your eyes. The problem may take place in a single eye or both of them simultaneously. In addition, blurry vision may occur in a specific vision area or in almost everything, you see. In a majority of cases, blurry vision is mild and temporary, while it simply reveals your imperfect eyesight.

How Can I Treat Blurred Vision Naturally?

How Can I Treat Blurred Vision Naturally?

Eye Exercises And Vision Exercises

Blurred vision often takes place with aging. If you are the one experiencing vision blurriness with your age, you should opt for a few eye exercises before your blurriness becomes worse or results in any severe disease. Simple and natural eye exercises help you to maintain your optimal vision. For this-

You should warm the eyes steadily by simply rubbing the hands together followed by placing them on your eyes for about 5 seconds to 10 seconds. You should repeat this activity for 3 or 4 times for each session.

Alternatively, you should roll the eyes to keep it calm. You have to roll your eyes for about 8 times to 10 times in a day and that too both in anti-clockwise and clockwise direction. However, you should make sure of doing this exercise with your closed eyelids.

Along with eye exercises, you should try a focus exercise i.e. pen push-up to get your clear vision and brings improvement in your vision naturally.(1)

Provide Sufficient Rest To Your Eyes For The Day. You should keep in mind that eyes are sensitive organs of a human being. Because of this, they require rest for relatively more time as compared to any other external sensory organ. While providing sufficient rest to your eyes for the entire day, you will expect to sharp your vision. One of the best ways to do this is to give break to the eyes every hour while you remain at your office or workplace. Moreover, if you have the passion to surf the computer or read books, you should make sure giving rest to the eyes 10 minutes to 15 minutes for each of the 50 minutes you strain the eyes.(1)

Get A Decent 8 Hours Sleep. Getting a decent sleep for about 8 hours in a day is one of the ways to rest, repair as well as recover your eyes.

Make Sure Dealing With Overly Tired Eyes. If you experience the problem of overly tired eyes, you should always follow a golden relaxing rule i.e. placing slices of cold cucumber on your eyelids. This activity helps in soothing your eyes in the best way as possible.

Strictly Avoid Blurry Vision Triggers

When you are suffering from the problem of temporary blurry vision, you have to identify its triggers and avoid them strictly. Especially, you have to take steps to avoid a few of the common triggers of your vision blurriness problem i.e. stress, anxiety, migraines, and various other poor health conditions. Accordingly-

Follow Therapies To Relieve Your Anxiety And Stress. You should dedicate at least half an hour in a day for aromatherapy or meditation to relieve your stress and anxiety levels. If possible, you should join a support group or discuss with a psychotherapist about reducing your anxiety levels.

Track Your Migraines And Other Pains. You have to keep a proper track on the occurrence of your migraines and other related pains. In some of the cases, migraine come with blurry vision. Because of this, you should identify the triggers responsible to cause headache and thereby, reduce your visual disturbances.(1)


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