What is Air Sickness?

Air sickness is actually a sensation which is induced by air travel. It can be said that air sickness is a specific form of motion sickness and is generally considered a normal response in healthy individuals. Airsickness occurs when the CNS or Central Nervous System receives conflicting messages from the body including the inner ear, muscles, eyes etc; thus affecting the balance and equilibrium.


Air sickness is generally a combination of spatial disorientation, vomiting and nausea. Some of the most common symptoms of air sickness include vomiting, nausea, vertigo, cold sweating, skin pallor, loss of appetite, confusion, difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, increased fatigue and drowsiness or dizziness. It must be mentioned that severe air sickness may cause an individual to become completely incapacitated.


What is Air Sickness?


How Long Does Air Sickness Last?

Generally the symptoms of air sickness last till the air travel journey lasts. In some cases it may last for few more hours after the journey and also sometimes, air sickness may last for a day or two after the journey. It differs from person to person on how well an individual's body is able to cope up with the condition and resolve the problem or symptoms of air sickness.

Preventing Air Sickness

Air sickness can be very disturbing. So, if you are traveling by air and are concerned about the air sickness then you can surely take some preventive measures so as to keep away from the air sickness and its symptoms.

Below are some of the preventive measures for air sickness:

  • Choose a window seat in the aircraft if possible.
  • Do not read or watch movie rather watch a distant object constantly
  • Eat olives, suck a lemon, etc
  • Drink a carbonated beverage
  • Use ear plugs.
  • Purchase motion sickness bands and use them during air travel
  • Take decongestants along with you.
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