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Wavy lines in vision can be a common problem for some people. This occurs when you see wavy lines instead of straight lines and is also known as metamorphopsia. The main causes of wavy lines in vision, can be ocular migraine and macular degeneration.

Vision basically refers to the process when your eye interacts with the brain. The moment, the external light enters into the human eye, it tries to interact with the brain, so that the brain can give a response to the respective action. When light enters the eye, various parts in the eye play their role to signal the brain about the action. A picture of what appears is created on the retina of the eye, which is further transferred to the brain with help of optic nerve. The work of the brain is to first decode the particular image as a vision, and then give a reaction accordingly.

Any sort of disturbance in the normal procedure of the vision can cause concern. This disturbance can be of any type, including problems like, severe blindness, short sightedness, vision which is blurred, long sightedness, and more. The causes of wavy lines in vision can be many and should be understood carefully. The treatment options of wavy lines can be accordingly planned depending on the causes.

What Can Cause Wavy Lines in Vision?

What are the Causes of Wavy Lines in Vision?

While there are many factors that can cause wavy lines in vision, the root causes of wavy lines in vision include conditions like ocular migraine and macular degeneration. Ocular migraine can be temporary but macular degeneration can gradually become permanent, if appropriate treatment is not provided in time.

Macular Degeneration – Commonest Cause of Wavy Lines in Vision

Macular Degeneration – Commonest Cause of Wavy Lines in Vision

Macular degeneration, is known to be one of the prime causes of wavy lines. It is related to the process of ageing and progresses gradually, but can be a serious eye problem which can lead to deterioration of the macula. Macula is located at the centre of retina, with the help of which, a person can see the objects sharp and clear. Any sort of degeneration in it can cause a problem and can cause wavy lines in vision.

As the person gets older, the macula starts degrading itself, which often results in the problem of wavy lines in vision. Any sort of deterioration in it leads a break in the sharp vision, which is why the person sees wavy lines, instead of straight lines.

Macular degeneration can not only cause wavy lines in vision, but can also lead to different eye problems. Appearance of different shapes in vision, dull and unattractive look of images, seeing blurred or hazy objects, difficulty in reading and writing, etc.

Wavy Lines in Vision Caused Due to Ocular Migraine

Wavy Lines in Vision Caused Due to Ocular Migraine

Another important cause of wavy lines in vision is ocular migraine, which is also referred to as retinal migraine. This condition occurs when the person is unable to see objects clearly and can cause wavy lines in vision. The problem starts with a gradual migraine headache, leading to temporary loss of vision. This loss or affected vision is temporary and can last for varying period ranging from four to seventy two hours. It differs from person to person and may be experienced as long as the episode of migraine lasts.

While the exact cause of ocular migraine is not clearly understood, it is believed that ocular migraine can result from spasms of the blood vessels or nerve disturbances. It can also be triggered due to certain diet and lifestyle factors. In addition to wavy lines in vision, ocular migraine may also present with flashes of lights, moving colors, spots, etc. in vision.

Treatment Options for Wavy Lines in Vision

Wavy lines in vision are a complaint, the cause of which must be treated to provide relief. Knowing the exact cause of wavy lines in vision can help to diagnose the condition related to it and explore treatment options for the same. With proper care and some treatment options, the severity of the episodes can be reduced.

Here are some of the treatment options for wavy lines in vision,

  • As this problem is related to ageing (if caused due to macular degeneration), it is difficult to stop the process. However, wavy lines in vision can be managed to certain extent by making use of telescopic lenses in the eye.
  • Macular degeneration causing wavy lines in vision due to ageing can be controlled to some extent by dietary supplements. Physicians may consider special supplements of vitamins and minerals, as a treatment option of wavy lines in vision.
  • In some cases, if appropriate, surgical treatment option may be considered. This is considered as an effective treatment option for wavy lines occurring due to degeneration of wet macula. In this surgical treatment option, laser treatments are used to inject a drug into the eye so that all the blood vessels which leak are destroyed.
  • Drugs like anti epileptics, which are usually taken for normal migraine problems can also be consumed for wavy lines due to ocular migraine. As this condition is not permanent, over the counter migraine drugs can provide relief, however, medical advice would be beneficial.
  • Anti-VEGF drugs, if appropriate may be given to control the new blood vessels and prevent progression of macular degeneration, in appropriate cases.

Similarly several other drugs may be useful in treating wavy lines in vision, depending on the cause. However, it is advisable to seek medical opinion to receive proper treatment for wavy lines in vision. Taking good care of your health, following a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular checkups can help to prevent further damage to eyesight.

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