20 Foods That Are Natural Teeth Whiteners

Yellow shade teeth can be a spoiler when you go social. Dull and yellow teeth not only annoy people, but also give rise to dental problems like plaque, cavities, bleeding gums and many more. However, there are several ways available to get white shiny teeth in the stores such as mouth washes, white strips, teeth whitening pens which are not only expensive but also unnatural. This article discusses the foods that whiten teeth naturally.

20 Foods That Are Natural Teeth Whiteners

20 Foods That Are Natural Teeth Whiteners

There are some natural and effective ways to get the best results of whitening your teeth. Yes, there are some magical foods that significantly help you to whiten your teeth naturally without any side and harmful effects. Now, these foods not only give you super sparkling teeth but also help you to get healthy teeth with less dental problems.

Here are some of the best foods that are natural teeth whiteners:


Milk is highly rich in calcium that is great for teeth and bone health. The calcium strengthens teeth, keeps enamel healthy and makes teeth strong and whiter. Moreover protein present in milk prevents staining, which means if you have yellow stained teeth you can get whiter teeth just adding 1-2 glasses of milk to your daily diet. This is one of the amazing foods that whiten teeth naturally.


Dairy products significantly help to get white sparkling teeth naturally. Yogurt is one of the best foods that whiten teeth due to the presence of calcium and phosphorus in it. Rubbing some yogurt onto your teeth twice daily can gift you with super shiny teeth.


One of the super foods that whiten teeth naturally is strawberries. Unlike its color, strawberries give your teeth a dazzling white touch. The presence of malic acid acts like a natural astringent removing the discoloration layer from your teeth according to the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. Adding 2-3 cups of strawberries to your daily diet in a face of salads, snacks, deserts can help you to get white teeth in a less period of time.

Nuts and Seeds

Walnuts, pistachios, cashew nuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are some of the best foods that are natural teeth whitener. These nuts and seeds are highly rich in protein that blatantly prevent the stained layers from your teeth. The lightly abrasive texture of these seeds and nuts scrape off the plaque and stains from the teeth surface keeping the teeth white and dazzling.


According to the American Dental Association, celery is a natural stain remover. The crunch factor of these veggies scrub off the stains and plaque from your teeth by stimulating saliva production which acts as a natural mouth cleansing agent by killing bacteria that causes bad breath. Being one of the effective foods that whiten teeth naturaly, chewing celery more often a day is of great help.


Again these crunchy and chewy foods are known for their stain removing features from your teeth. The plaque that gets accumulated over your teeth making a thin layer, turns your teeth color dull. Chewing carrots clean your teeth’s stained layers keeping your teeth and gums healthy and white. These are one of the best foods that whiten teeth. So, next time whenever you go hungry, grab some carrots!


Lemons are known for natural bleaching properties either you need them for your face bleaching or super dazzling and whitened teeth. The vitamin C and citric acid present in lemon helps to stimulate saliva production that cleanses your mouth naturally by killing bad breath causing bacteria. The natural bleaching property present in lemons cleans the teeth stained layers, thus making them one of the amazingly useful foods that whiten teeth naturally.


Research on dental issues, recommend that munching on some pears more often neutralize the bad odor and stain causing bacteria breakout in your teeth and mouth. It not only increases the saliva production in your mouth but also erodes all the food debris left behind after every meal by keeping your teeth clean and white. So if you looking for foods that are natural teeth whiteners, make sure you include pears in your diet.


One of the other common foods that are natural teeth whiteners are citrus fruits like orange. Oranges are loaded with citric acid and vitamin C that significantly wear away stained teeth enamel by making it all sparkling and white. But too much of orange intake can also damage your teeth enamel so try to keep a check on the amount of oranges you eat for the sake of your bright smile.


This munching and crunchy fruit not only clears all the stains and plaque layers from your teeth but also cleans teeth naturally due to the higher concentration of malic acid in it which is specially used in all toothpastes for complete oral care. Apples are one of the best foods that whiten teeth.


Cheese is one the dairy products that is always recommended for good teeth care. The lactic acid and calcium present in cheese helps to get strong teeth and enamel as well as healthy gums. The lactic acid helps to remove the tough stains from your teeth by keeping it white for a very long time. So, adding some slices of cheese to your meal can help you whiten your teeth naturally.


One of the amazing food which is a natural teeth whitener is broccoli. Adding some raw broccoli florets to your meal especially lunch or dinner can give a nice brief teeth brush wiping out all the stains from your teeth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is actually a form of salt and an amazing food option to brush your teeth to whiten them getting sparkling glow. Baking soda is the base with salt and one of the effective foods that whiten teeth. Of course you can’t eat it to get dazzling teeth but adding few drops of lemon to it can do wonders.


One of the best natural teeth whitening food also includes onions. Due its crunchy texture onions clean your teeth by wiping out all the food particles left in your teeth. But eating onions with your meal can help you for sure.


The only food that is rich in special compound called bromelain that is anti-inflammatory in nature as well as a great cleansing agent. According to the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, bromelain is the effective ingredient used in all stain removing toothpastes available in market. So, including few chunks of pineapple to your everyday meal can be very effective for whitening your teeth and tastier for your taste buds.


This abrasive textured food significantly whitens your teeth by rubbing and wearing away all stains and plaque from your teeth enamel. Hence, this too is included in the foods that are natural teeth whiteners.


You must be thinking how these sugary sticky raisins can be good for teeth. Yes, actually they are best for oral care according to the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Dentistry. Oleanolic acid present in the dried grapes (raisins) inhibits the growth of two types of oral bacteria, one is Porphyromonas gingivalis which causes periodontal disease and the other is Streptococcus mutans that cause cavities. Moreover oleanolic acid present in raisins, protect your teeth from further staining and plaque deposition.


When bacteria get deposited in the gum pockets it leads to inflammation and further the gum disease which makes your teeth weak and also cause staining of teeth. But fish, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids are ant-inflammatory in nature and one of the foods that are natural teeth whiteners. Eating fish helps improve the overall gum and keeps teeth health by reducing the inflammation and deposition of plaque on your teeth.


Cocoa prevents inflammation in your gums, protects against erosion and improves dental enamel. When enamel gets strengthened your teeth naturally restores its natural pearly white shade. So those who love chocolates can substitute them with cocoa powder or hot chocolate milk as these are the foods that whiten teeth.


Flaxseeds are one the best foods that whiten teeth naturally. Flax seeds can be amazing scrubbing brush to be chewed for cleaning your teeth stains. Moreover, flax seeds are good source of magnesium, calcium and zinc that are good for bone and teeth health as they improve and strengthen bones and teeth by making enamel strong.

All these foods can help you to maximum extent for getting super sparkling and dazzling white teeth. These are some of the most effective foods that are natural teeth whiteners. But before incorporating these foods to your diet do consult with your physician or family doctor. Moreover, foods such as tea, coffee, blueberries, red wine, sugary drinks, colored sods, colored candy, soya sauce, beat, turmeric should be strictly avoided as they stain your teeth up to 50% and your regular toothpaste cleanses your mouth and teeth up to 30%. So it is better to stay away from these staining foods.

Another very easy and effective remedy to get whiter teeth is drinking water. Now you have got one solid reason to drink lots of water to fight all health issues. Swishing your mouth with water more often after taking your meal or having some drinks can help you to wash the leftover food particles or drink stains from your teeth and enamel. Hence drink more water and have some munching snacks with added lemon to get super shinier teeth.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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