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Foods, Fruits and Drinks That Stain Teeth

Each one of us loves to have bright and white smile. In fact, white and stainless teeth help in enhancing our physical appearance and also enhance our confidence. However, there are conditions which affect the teeth or cause discoloration or stain in the teeth. These conditions can be treated with expert dental treatments. One more thing which may cause stained teeth is the food we consume. There are certain foods, fruits and drinks that stain teeth. Here we will note down some of them in the following arrays of the article. Perhaps this may help you keep away from such foods, fruits and drinks that stain teeth or may look for some of the ways to prevent your teeth from getting stained and have white, brighter smiles

Foods, Fruits and Drinks That Stain Teeth

Foods that Stain Teeth:

Below are some of the foods that stain teeth.

  1. Sweets:

    One of the major foods that are primary culprit for staining the teeth, teeth discoloration as well as tooth decay are sweets. You need to know that the sugar present in sweets latch onto your teeth and become the primary meal for the bacteria in the mouth. When bacteria feed of these sugars, they release acids which may cause tooth decay and stain the teeth.

  2. Food Dye:

    Ever sucked on a lollipop and found that your tongue and teeth turned blue, red or anything such? Colored candies, pops, etc are not safe for white teeth. Food coloring or food dye used in these foods can take away the whites from your teeth.

  3. Balsamic Vinegar:

    It must be noted that Balsamic vinegar can also stain your teeth. Moreover, it was found that vinegar rich foods had a 30 to 85% increased risk of causing enamel erosion.

    So in case you are using vinegar in your salad, make use of lettuce, broccoli etc which would help you in keeping away from the damage.

  4. Soy Sauce:

    Dark sauces like soy sauce are used to flavor foods and they may cause stain teeth. So, you must be cautious while using soy sauce. You must quickly rinse your mouth properly to prevent staining your teeth after eating soy sauce.

  5. Tomato Sauce:

    Tomato sauce is the favorite of many people. However it too can stain your teeth. But it is difficult to keep away from eating tomato sauce as we all love it. So, what you can do is eat an appetizer of spinach or broccoli at first and then take tomato sauce. Spinach, broccoli or lettuce form a protective film over your teeth so foods causing stains can’t seep in to your teeth pores.

  6. Beets:

    Beets are known to cause stain. In fact you must have seen the stains right after cutting the vegetable right in your hands. So, if you are a great fan of eating beets then swish your mouth with water and prevent your teeth from getting stained.

  7. Curry:

    Curry may make teeth yellow. However they are delicious and also have enough health importance. So, in case you are eating curry, then quickly swish your mouth properly with water

Fruits That Stain Teeth:

There are also some fruits that may stain your teeth. Have a look on some of them.

  1. Citrus and Acidic Fruits or Foods:

    Citrus fruits and acidic foods may cause stains on your teeth. Though they are packed with a lot of nutrients, these colorful fruits may erode the teeth enamel which might expose the yellowish dentin (or the tissue beneath enamel made of mostly calcium and phosphate crystals).

  2. Berries:

    Blueberries, Blackberries etc may be full of antioxidants, yet these richly pigmented berries can cause stain teeth. You must have noticed that their stain is difficult to remove from clothing, so it might also be difficult to remove the stains caused in the teeth.

  3. Pomegranates:

    There is one more fruit that stain teeth. Pomegranates are also the colored fruits which may cause stain on teeth.

It must be mentioned that apples are not only good for health but also for teeth. You can consume apple without staining teeth as they are light colored and also works as a natural detergent on your teeth. That is why we say; “An apple a day, keep the doctor away”.

Drinks that Stain Teeth:

Drinks that stain teeth include the following.

  1. Tea:

    Tea contains staining saboteurs known as tannins and thus may stain your teeth. Taking green tea would stain teeth gray and drinking black tea would stain the teeth yellow. However, adding milk to your tea would help.

  2. Coffee:

    Coffee contains tannins or acidic polyphenols that causes stained teeth and discoloration. Moreover, coffee is acidic and it alters the pH balance of the mouth and this makes any acidic foods you eat afterward damage the teeth much quickly

  3. Red Wine:

    Red wine may take away the whites from your teeth. Pesky tannins found in tea and coffee are also the culprit here.

  4. White Wine:

    White wine also cause teeth stain darker. So, though white wine may actually not stain teeth, its acidic content creates little pockets on the teeth surface that allow other beverages to seep in deeper and cause the damage.

  5. Soda:

    Soda are very dangerous to teeth and may cause stain, since anything carbonated is also acidic and that creates holes in teeth and also stain your teeth

  6. Soft drinks:

    If you are drinking cola or other soft drinks you might have noticed your teeth turning yellow over time. That is because soda is highly acidic and dark cola or other soft drinks contains chromogens.

  7. Dark Colored Fruit Juice:

    Dark colored fruit juices may be good for your health, however they are not that good enough for your teeth. They may yellow your teeth. So, in order to keep your teeth white, you can rather drink fruit juice spritzers or can take light colored solid fruit.

Few Tips to Keep away from Stain Teeth:

Here are some quick tips to note down to keep your teeth from getting stained”

  • After eating a bowl of cereal with berries; simply brush your teeth right away.
  • If you are drinking coffee or tea at work, keep a toothbrush with you and brush your teeth using the paste with a little whitening agent right after taking the last cup of your beverage.
  • If you cannot brush, quickly rinse your mouth after you eat or drink. Even water would help you in keeping away from stain teeth.
  • If you are drinking soft drinks or soda, make use of a straw that pulls the liquids inside your mouth and the liquids are not going all over your teeth. Thus, this would help you in preventing stain teeth.
  • Visit the dentist and keep your teeth clean, polished which aids in reducing the amount of stain


“Your smile makes someone else smile too!” Keep your smile brighter, whiter and more beautiful with stainless and white teeth. Avoid taking excess of foods, fruits, drinks causing stain teeth or follow the quick tips right away so as to prevent the stains in your teeth.


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