Citrus Fruits Benefits on Hair, Skin, Nail, Physical, Mental Health

Citrus fruits have long been known for their exclusive nutritional benefits and their wonderful taste. Citrus and citrus products are highly rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre that are needed for normal growth and development and overall nutritional well-being. It is also known that the citrus fruits contain phytochemicals, which can aid in reducing the risk of several chronic diseases, flavonoids known for anticancer activities etc. More about the benefits of citrus fruits can be known from the following arrays of this article. Here we will talk about the nutrients, the vitamins present in the citrus fruits along with the benefits of the citrus fruits. Hope this would be a beneficial read for you.

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

In order to study the vast range of health benefits of citrus fruits, we have categorized them in to four sub categories, i.e. hair health benefits, skin health benefits, body or physical health benefits and mental health benefits of citrus fruits.

    1. Hair Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits:

      • Vitamin C present in citrus fruits is well known to be the most effective nutrient for strengthening and stimulating growth of hair. Applying citrus fruit mask on your scalp and hair helps in nourishing your hair.
      • Citrus fruit mask which consist of grapefruit, lemon and orange; can effectively work for frizzy and dry hair. Applying the mask regularly can heal damaged and dry hair to a greater extent.
      • Citrus fruits contain inositol, mostly known as Vitamin BH, which not only lowers cholesterol and fats in the body as well as stops thinning of hair. They aid in preventing hair loss and provide you healthy and shiny hair.
      • Fresh lemon juice can aid in combating dandruff and improving circulation of blood to the scalp when rubbed on the scalp. It is also beneficial for several other scalp disorders like itching.
      • Vitamin C present in citrus fruits can also help in giving you lustrous and soft hair.
      • Oranges aid in improving hair growth and prevents hair fall.
      • Premature greying of hair can be prevented by citrus fruits. Citrus fruits also aid in preventing baldness.
    2. Skin and Nail Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits:

      • Citrus fruits contain citric acids which aid in killing bacteria and various other pathogens present on the skin. This leaves the skin fresh and clean. Citrus fruits have a special space in aromatherapy because of their special fragrance.
      • Citrus fruits are beneficial in moisturizing the skin well, help in softening dry and patched skin and also help in treating other skin conditions like chapped hands. The antioxidants present in citrus fruits aid in removing dead skin cells.
      • Citrus fruits are used for pedicure as they aid in treating rough feet.
      • Citrus fruits tone your skin well. You need to switch your regular toners with few drops of any of the citrus fruit juice and apply them every day to feel your skin refreshed instantly.
      • Citrus fruits are also beneficial in reducing signs of aging. It helps in reducing wrinkles, discoloration, skin dryness and other signs of aging in the skin
      • Dehydration can make your skin dull. So, citrus fruits like lemon can be used to brighten up and refresh your face and skin. Vitamin C present in citrus fruits gives a natural radiant looking skin.
      • It is also known that citrus fruits help in reducing acne. Ice cubes of citrus fruits can be used to reduce the size of pores and acne. You just need to rub the ice cubes of citrus fruits on the affected part of the skin.
      • The peels of the citrus fruits can work as a nice body scrub. You need to dry them and grind them to make powder and store the powder in a container to be used as a body scrub. Using this along with milk can instantly help in glowing of your face.
      • Citrus fruits also help in strengthening and maintaining the integrity of nails. Apart from this, it also aid in growing nails healthy and faster.
    3. Body or Physical Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits:

      Citrus Fruits Prevents Heart Disease:

      There is a rich amount of antioxidants present in citrus fruits which counteract free radicals. Citrus fruits are beneficial in protecting against heart diseases. There are experimental studies which show that citrus fruits lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart burn, hypertension, and heart stroke etc.

Anti-Cancer Properties of Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits are rich in flavanoids and limonoids. Flavanoids are known to reduce the growth of cancer cells and tumor in the body. There are recent studies which show that citrus fruits can be beneficial in reducing the risk of breast cancer by about 10%. Combining green tea along with citrus fruits reduces the risk of breast cancer efficiently by about 26%.

Improves Blood Flow:

Blood flow in arteries is improved by citrus fruits intake. Citrus fruits also aid in preventing the formation of blood clots. They are also known to oxidize bad cholesterol, which prevents artery plaques. Citrus fruits destroy the calcium deposits in arteries and pancreas and helps in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Improves Immune System Function:

Vitamin C found in citrus fruits plays a crucial part in improving the functioning of body’s immune system, because of the presence of antioxidants in them. One can reboot his or her immune system in case he/she is sick; by regularly consuming citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are most important during winter season when one is more prone to cold and flu. They keep you away from several health issues because of the high amount of antioxidants present in them.

Citrus Fruits Helps in Removing Sore Throat:

Citrus fruits benefits in removing mucus from the back of the throat. You get an instant relief from sore throat by taking a cup of lemon tea. Orange juice along with turmeric is known to have healing effect on sore throat in a quick time.

Improves Digestion:

It is known that drinking a glass of orange juice after a heavy meal works greatly in improving digestion. Apart from this, citrus fruits are also known to keep nausea at bay, which can actually help in case you have overeaten. In China, people believe that consuming orange peel after meal can help in digestion of fatty foods.

Weight Loss Benefits of Citrus Fruits:

If you are looking for weight loss then citrus fruits can actually help in your mission. It is known that taking citrus fruits in the morning can aid in weight loss, especially those with health issues. Citrus fruits balance sugar levels to a fair extent, which makes them suitable for the people with diabetes. They also help in detoxifying the liver as they are low in cholesterol. They reduce the bad cholesterol without affecting the good cholesterol.

Strengthening Teeth and Gums:

Citrus fruits are known to be helpful for weak teeth and bleeding gums which occur due to a deficiency in vitamin C. It is known that regular intake of citrus fruits can improve our teeth and gums by providing the body an ample amount of vitamin C required for teeth and gums.

Citrus Fruits Help in Treating Anaemia:

Anaemia can be treated with citrus fruits. They help in improving appetite and also aid in curing severe anaemia.

Bone Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits:

There are wonderful bone health benefits of citrus fruits. They help in making bones stronger. Studies have found that orange juice can aid the body in absorption of calcium and vitamin D in a better way, which in turn help in making stronger bones.

  1. Mental Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits:

    Citrus fruits are known to have some real wonderful mental health benefits too. They help in lifting up your spirits. In aromatherapy, citrus fruits are known to be mood enhancing agents. Citrus fruits aid in relieving signs of stress and fatigues, as well as promote relaxation and elevate the mood.

Caution to Keep A Note on While Using Citrus Fruits:

It is important for you to keep a note on some points while taking citrus fruits. Below are some of the cautions listed for you if you are taking citrus fruits.

  • Avoid drinking water after taking citrus fruits, as it might increase acidity in stomach
  • Taking citrus fruits in the morning on an empty stomach, is the best time to consume the fruits.
  • It is beneficial eating the citrus fruits along with the skin as it has high fibrous content which reduces constipation.
  • Make sure that you are not preserving citrus fruits for a long times, as with extended shelf life, the nutritional value reduces. Try to take fresh fruits in your daily routine.
  • Never include citrus fruits along with your meal, which may increase acidity and hinder the process of digestion.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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