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How Long Does Trigeminal Neuralgia Last & Ways to Get Rid of it?

About Trigeminal Neuralgia

Severe sensitivity of the face across the trigeminal nerve area is called trigeminal neuralgia. Pain can be mild or severe. Loss of myelin of the trigeminal nerve attributes to this condition. There are mainly two types of trigeminal neuralgia; typical and atypical trigeminal neuralgia. Women are seen to be more commonly affected than men. Some of the common symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia include pain along the trigeminal nerve divisions; pain in the eyes, ear, forehead, jaw, mouth, face; oversensitivity in the mentioned areas, uncomfortable tingling and burning, numbness of face, toothache.

When the myelin sheath covering the trigeminal nerve is damaged due to certain neurological conditions, the nerve functioning becomes erratic and hyperactive. Whenever trigeminal nerve comes into use (during chewing, swallowing, etc), a sharp pain occurs which can range from a few seconds to minutes in duration, even hours in some cases.

How Long Does Trigeminal Neuralgia Last?

The person affected with trigeminal neuralgia often gets painful episodes which can come and go, sometimes several times throughout the day. Each episode of trigeminal neuralgia can last from a few seconds to few minutes or hours each. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a chronic one and can last years on end. Women above 50 are more commonly affected with Trigeminal Neuralgia.

How Long Does Trigeminal Neuralgia Last?

Ways to Get Rid of Trigeminal Neuralgia

  1. Normal Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia:

    The pain experienced with each episode of trigeminal neuralgia can be quite painful for most people. It affects the activities of daily living and people often fall into depression because of fear of the next episode. Simple daily activities like washing your face, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, chewing etc can trigger an episode. The doctor will prescribe medication for trigeminal neuralgia, which will minimize or block the pain signals sent to the brain. Relief from the medication is shown to be effective in treating trigeminal neuralgia.

  2. Home Remedies to Get Rid of Trigeminal Neuralgia:

    Some home remedies are available which can help in providing relief from trigeminal neuralgia naturally. Regular usage of some methods may help in natural pain relief. It is always advisable to consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

    Some home remedies that can help get rid of trigeminal neuralgia symptoms are:

  1. Healthy Diet:

    Maintaining a healthy diet goes a long way in helping us deal with Trigeminal Neuralgia naturally. In fact it can be an effective home remedy to get rid of trigeminal neuralgia. Foods like nuts, avocados, grape seed oil, groundnut oil, sesame oil, corn oil, canola oil, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and peanuts contain monounsaturated fats which contain high levels of essential fatty acids required for efficient metabolism, thus reducing inflammation. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin B are essential to strengthen the cranial nerves, which includes the trigeminal nerve. Foods rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin B are eggs, milk, walnuts, oatmeal, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, leafy greens, kale, mint, parsley. Foods rich in Vitamin A are essential to boost the immune system, which include foods like apricots, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, mango, tomato, sweet potato, etc.

  2. Carrot Avocado Juice:

    A mixture of these fruits will provide you with a powerhouse of nutrients, which when taken adequately will provide you natural relief against trigeminal neuralgia naturally. Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and folic acid are the nutrients provided collectively from this concoction. All of these nutrient help in the proper functioning of the nervous system and also boost the nervous system.

  3. Ashwagandha Oil:

    An useful natural ingredient which provides effective relief from nerve pain, ashwagandha oil has healing properties and antioxidant properties. It also has sedative properties, which will help the nerves to calm. Application of ashwagandha oil will provide relief from trigeminal neuralgia pain.

  4. Almond Milk:

    Almonds can be an excellent home remedy to get rid of trigeminal neuralgia as they are a rich source of Vitamin B. Riboflavin, biotin, niacin are all present in almonds, which helps to maintain the nervous system, have antioxidant properties, helps in proper hormone functions, boost the immune system, promote healthy brain activity and memory.

  5. Rosemary:

    This herb has analgesic properties. Rosemary helps to strengthen the trigeminal nerve, thus providing effective relief from trigeminal neuralgia. Rosemary also as antioxidant properties, and nerve relaxing properties. It gives a feeling of calm when ingested as tea, and should be avoided by pregnant women.

  6. Cayenne Pepper:

    This has a property known as Capsaicin, which helps is providing relief against trigeminal neuralgia by blocking the pain. Mix a pinch of cayenne pepper with olive oil and take it to get rid of pain from trigeminal neuralgia. It has anti inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties.

  7. Foods to Avoid for Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Foods rich in trans fats, saturated fats and those with a high glycemic index aggravate inflammation and should be best avoided if you are suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. This list includes butter, ghee, lard, coconut oil, cottonseed oil, palm kernel oil, meat as well as some processed foods. High glycemic foods include sodas, white rice, potatoes, beer etc. Following these dietary restrictions will rid the person of trigeminal neuralgia symptoms.

  8. Hot/Cold Compresses:

    When the pain aggravates from a trigeminal neuralgia episode, try placing a hot or cold compress over the face where the pain seems to be. The muscles get relaxed and aid in relief of the pain associated with trigeminal neuralgia, acting as a muscle relaxant.


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