Hand Grip Exercise & Deep Breathing Can Reduce Blood Pressure

It is a known fact that high blood pressure is the chief cause leading to stroke, eye sight disorder and above all heart attack. But there are very few people who know that performing hand grip exercise and deep breathing helps in lowering the blood pressure by as much as fifteen percent.

One of the renowned journals of Bulletin publication has published the fact that out of the many exercises suggested for high blood pressure, hand grip exercise is the most effective one. Hand grip exercise shows significant results after four weeks of performing the exercise continuously.

As per AARP the risk of having high blood pressure increases with age. Almost two third of people in the world are suffering from high blood pressure and one third are suffering from hypertension. The problem is majorly seen in people between 40-50 years of age.

Some of the interesting facts shared by AARP include:

  • Blood pressure medicines that are available in the market may be as good as the old standbys. For instance, earlier water pills also known as Diuretics were used by doctors for illuminating excess amount of sodium present in the body through urination. These days, doctors prescribe ACE i.e. angiotensin-converting enzyme which helps in inhibiting body from producing the hormone that leads to high blood pressure. Angiotensin II receptor blockers helps in restricting the action of the hormone. Research suggests that newer medicines are not as effective as old diuretics but there are some side effects that are observed on intake of old medicines.
  • There are many over the counter medications that can trigger high blood pressure. Some of these over the counter medicines include medicines for cold because it is composed of ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine.
  • The worst thing about high blood pressure is that there are no prominent symptoms of this problem. Hence, the only way to know about the problem is to get it checked by a registered practitioner.

Hand Grip Exercise to Reduce Blood Pressure

Hand grip exercising device is made of two handles with an intense spring in the middle. Let us take a look on some of the simple and effective exercises that one can do using this device.

Hand Grip Exercise to Reduce Blood Pressure

  • Use both the hand for performing the hand grip exercise by one by one. Hold the grip in one hand and press the handles for around two minutes in a row. Then perform the same hand grip exercise from the other hand. Gradually increase the number of minutes as well as the turn of repetition.
  • Hold the gripper in one hand and try to maximize the time limit gradually with inbuilt strength. Also, try to set a balance in the number of hand grip exercise repetitions performed by both the hands.
  • For better and speedy outcome, hold the hand grip exercise gripper tightly in one hand try to make the repetitions as fast as possible in the defined time limit. Perform the same practice with other hand as well. Keep a check on the time limit and try to make equal time limit for both the hands. Along with the time one should keep a proper check on the intensity of pressure performed from both the hands. Along with quality the exercise is also about quantity. This means that along with the intensity it is also very important the one should keep a proper check on the time spent on the hand grip exercise performed from each hand individually gradually.

Deep Breathing Exercise for Blood Pressure

Deep breathing also helps in reducing blood pressure. Breathing slowly that is around just 6 breaths in around 30 seconds can also help in reducing blood pressure to some extent. People who are old age suddenly face blood pressure problem can perform slow and deep breathing for normalizing the pressure level. One of the best breathing exercise is pranayama. Regular performance of pranayama can go a long way in not only controlling your blood pressure abut also improve your lung health.

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