Can You Fly If You Have High Blood Pressure?

Travelling and high blood pressure can be a related trouble for those who are having a medical history of hypertension. If you are travelling by air then a general question that arises is that can you fly if you have high blood pressure? Well, there are various cures available and effective medications are there which can really make your travelling experience very pleasurable despite you suffering from blood pressure related problems.

Can You Fly If You Have High Blood Pressure?

Can You Fly If You Have High Blood Pressure?

Yes! you can fly even if you have high blood pressure as long as you follow the doctor’s advice prior to your globe-trotting experience. If you are going to be away from your home for few weeks then do take your blood pressure medicine with you. Just taking few precautions will make you sustain the troubles related to your blood pressure that are probable in flight.

The doctors generally ensure that you keep the following factors in mind if you are flying:

  • Take enough blood pressure medicines with you and extra dosage too needs to be there with you.
  • Travel Diet. Doctor is also likely to advise you on your diet plan while you are traveling, especially the food that you must avoid if you have high blood pressure. You are likely to be advised against salty snacks and foods.

What to do For Your High Blood Pressure Before You Fly?

Though problems of High blood pressure in flight can be very troubling and for your knowledge, no legal requirements are there. This problem may occur during day or night time but nervousness too plays its part during your journey. So it is recommended that you should enjoy wherever you are and keep the stress at bay so that your blood pressure remains at bay while traveling.

Follow up with Your Treating Physician for High Blood Pressure Before You Fly!

Sometimes it is difficult to say when your blood pressure is going to shoot up and for that matter it is preferable to consult your doctor for any aid and advice before you fly. If he says that you should not travel for a certain period of time until your blood pressure is under control then you need to pay heed to what he is saying.

Finding the Severity of the High Blood Pressure Before You Fly!

Air travel and high blood pressure are conjoined together so the degree of the problem determines how you should take care of yourself. If your blood pressure problem is serious then doctor’s advice is recommended so that no problems related to your high blood pressure or hypertension is encountered later on during your travel and flight. Remember, Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Can High Blood Pressure Medication Affect Your Travel Plans?

High blood pressure problem is a more or less common and there are medications that you would be recommended while you are out for an air travel. Generally, in the medical parlance, the duration of the medicine for blood pressure lasts for around three months and so it will not be advisable for you to travel during that time.

Even if you wish to travel for some of the unavoidable problems then take a blood pressure monitor with you so that keeping a track on your blood pressure is not a problem.

Insurance and Travelling With High Blood Pressure

Traveling specifically relates to the air travel woes for the patients and the insurance firms are good enough to take care of you. What you have to do is to get a medical screening done in order to get a medical verification. Your medical reports will aid you in getting the proper kind of claims later on if you have some health problem during your travel.

Tips to Deal with High Blood Pressure in a Flight

High blood pressure trouble in flight can be an occurrence so make sure that medicines are there with you and you inform the flight attendants in advance as well. These problems can be avoided when they know beforehand on how to take care of you if your blood pressure shoots up in flight. This is actually an intelligent way to tackle problems related to high blood pressure when you fly.

A general phenomenon is that as the altitude rises, the high blood pressure problem can be more prominent. This makes you a lot more vulnerable as the oxygen becomes thin and rising altitude levels of the plane can cause irregular heartbeats. This makes the patient more vulnerable to the related problems like swollen feet and blood clots.

Hypertension or high blood pressure during air travel can be a major killer when you are not taking proper precautions like your medicine and other cures with you. Take a walk every now and then while you are on a long flight so that blood flow remains normal. Airlines also have the provisions of providing the oxygen masks that keeps you hale and hearty during the air-travel.

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