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Best Exercises/Activities For Functional Dyspepsia

Functional dyspepsia (abbreviated as FD) takes place whenever the upper digestive tract of a person shows indigestion symptoms. These are pain, upset stomach, and prolonged fullness for about one month or even longer. Doctors refer to this condition as functional, as the patient does not have anything wrong structurally in his/her upper digestive section but he/she has bothersome symptoms. In some patients, Functional dyspepsia becomes chronic and affects life severely. However, you are available in multiple ways to reduce Functional dyspepsia related discomfort. These include medications, lifestyle changes and therapy.(1)

Best Exercises/Activities For Functional Dyspepsia

Based on the causes, we should say that a patient of functional dyspepsia should involve in exercises under two different categories-

Exercises To Deal With Indigestion

Brisk Walking: Walking is a simple type of exercise to include in a workout regime and for this, you only have to dedicate half an hour of your day. Walking for functional dyspepsia stimulates your intestinal contraction and thereby, helps in easy passage of waste products via your colon.

Breathing Exercise: When you follow an appropriate breathing pattern, you may avoid many problems, such as bloating, burping, nausea, feeling full and many more. The best thing is that you only have to sit straight and practice deep breathing slowly by your belly muscles.

Crunches: Crunches are ab workouts, which aim to bring your digestive system on the right track by focusing on the stomach or abdominal muscles. The exercise is available in different variations, such as long arm crunch, vertical leg crunch and reverse type of crunch. Also, core muscles and abdominal muscles help in strengthening your intestines and bowel movements to avoid bloating and burping largely.(4)

Exercises To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Relax Stress Via Visualization: You should paint a picture in your mind of any place, which gives relaxation to your body and brain both. The place, in this case, maybe of real and imaginary both. However, it should essentially portray an image that you feel happy, calming, safe and peaceful.

Relax Stress By Relaxing Your Muscles: Whenever you feel stressed and anxious in functional dyspepsia, you often experience tension or strain in your body muscles. Indeed, the muscular stress makes your anxiety challenging to manage. On the other side, when you relax your muscles, you will expect to reduce the anxiety levels.

Relieve Your Stress By Counting Numbers: Counting is a simple but effective way to ease your stress and anxiety in functional dyspepsia. Whenever you feel anxious, you should sit in a quiet place, close the eyes and slowly count from number 1 to number 10. In the case of requirement, you should count to 20, 30 or up to any high number. Counting helps you to relax because it lets you focus on something else than your stress and anxiety. Counting is an excellent tool to use in a big crowd or packed space, such as a train or store, where alternate exercises are challenging for you.(5)

Symptoms Of Functional Dyspepsia

Functional dyspepsia characterizes a group of various symptoms, which affect one’s gastrointestinal tract. These are-

  • Feeling of discomfort or pain in the upper abdomen and chest, often after having food too quickly or a heavy meal
  • Excessive burping and belching
  • Stomach bloating
  • Feeling full even after having only a few of the bites
  • Heartburn
  • Vomiting and nausea

Symptoms associated with functional dyspepsia very severely among people and may often be unpredictable and vague. Even though you may not have each of the symptoms related to functional dyspepsia, you will have multiple symptoms at a time.(2)

Causes Of Functional Dyspepsia

Until now, doctors are unable to identify the exact cause behind the functional dyspepsia type of indigestion problem. However, you will find a few of the triggers, which bring your Functional dyspepsia symptoms or make your condition worse. These are-


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