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What Is The Best Treatment For Functional Dyspepsia?

Functional dyspepsia is a group of symptoms or problems take place in the abdominal or upper belly area, which is linked with digestion. Accordingly, you feel full quickly after even after having only a few bites. Also, you have a burning sensation or pain and other related problems. In some of the cases, dyspepsia takes place due to physical problems or infection, treatment of which is possible easily.

However, functional dyspepsia never takes place due to a disease and its symptoms are chronic ones. Thus, you have to learn various ways to manage your symptoms with time. For this, you not only have to change your diet and lifestyle but also have to take certain medicines and undergo therapy to manage your stress levels.(1)

What Is The Best Treatment For Functional Dyspepsia?

If you suffer from functional dyspepsia for a long time and fail to control its symptoms by following suitable lifestyle changes, you need a combination of medications and behavioral therapy. Even though these treatment options do not cure your disease, it helps you to control the related signs and symptoms.

Medications At A Glance

Over-The-Counter i.e. OTC Gas Remedies: OTC gas remedies drugs contain an ingredient called simethicone, which gives you relief by reducing your gas in the intestinal areas. Gas-X and Mylanta are a few of the gas relieving remedies for functional dyspepsia.

Medications To Prevent/Reduce Acid Production: Also known as H-2 receptor blockers, these OTC medications incorporate cimetidine i.e. Tagamet HB, nizatidine i.e. Axid AR, famotidine i.e. Pepcid AC and ranitidine. However, if you need strong versions of the mentioned medications, you have to get them in prescribed forms.

Medications To Block Acid Pumps: Proton pump inhibitors intend to shut down your acid pumps present in your stomach cells responsible for secrete acids. Proton pump inhibitors reduce the acid component in your stomach by gives blocking the action of the mentioned tiny acid pumps. A few of the over-the-counter type of proton pump inhibitors for functional dyspepsia are omeprazole, lansoprazole, esomeprazole. Also, you may get a few other proton pump inhibitors that are available to you in the prescribed form.

Medications To Enhance The Strength Of Esophageal Sphincter: Prokinetic agents present in these medications for functional dyspepsia assist your stomach to empty rapidly and to tight the valve present between your esophagus and stomach. In this way, the medicines reduce the likelihood of your pain and discomfort in the upper abdominal area.

Medicines To Boost The Stomach Emptying Rate: Doctors prescribe you metoclopramide medication in case they diagnose delay in emptying of the stomach.

Low-Dosage Or Tricyclic Antidepressants: Tricyclic or low-dosage antidepressants and/or drugs may inhibit various activities of neurons to control the pain in the intestinal region.

Antibiotics To Cure H Pylori: If your tests detect a common type of ulcer-causing bacterium i.e. H pylori in the stomach, your doctor will recommend antibiotic medicines.(2)

Behavioral Therapy To Deal With Functional Dyspepsia

Other than the aforementioned over-the-counter medications, functional dyspepsia patients have to work with therapists or counselors to relieve signs and symptoms largely. A counselor will provide you the necessary relaxation techniques to help you cope up with the signs and symptoms. Also, a therapist lets you learn different ways to reduce or overcome your life stress to avoid the recurrence of your functional dyspepsia.(3)

Symptoms Of Functional Dyspepsia

Symptoms in case of functional dyspepsia last for about 3 months and higher, while they include-

  • Feeling full even after having only a few bites
  • Excessive burping
  • Burning sensation in your abdomen or middle area of your chest
  • Pain, which never improves after passing gas or bowel movement
  • Vomiting and upset stomach, along with nausea after you have your meals
  • Bloating problem
  • Appetite loss

Other than this, you experience a few additional symptoms related to IBS i.e. irritable bowel syndrome. These may even include ongoing diarrhea or constipation.(1)


Treatment procedure (therapy or medication) depends solely on the underlying signs and symptoms of an individual suffering from functional dyspepsia. However, treatment options only help in managing symptoms and fail to give a complete cure.


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