5 Amazing Night Tricks That Will Give You Stunning Hair

Who doesn’t want to experience a good hair day, every day? It is the ultimate dream of every girl to wake up each day with her beautiful and striking hair. But how can you achieve it while you are sleeping? It is quite simple.

5 Amazing Night Tricks That Will Give You Stunning Hair

5 Amazing Night Tricks That Will Give You Stunning Hair

So, step ahead and catch up on those much-needed 8 hours. If you regularly follow the steps mentioned below, you can easily achieve perfect and shining tresses. Here are a few overnight tricks to get stunning hair while you sleep.

  1. Pull Your Hair Up In A Bun When You Sleep:

    Loose hair tends to tangle and get frizzy, such that when you wake up in the morning you sport a bird’s nest on your head. When you toss and turn during the night, your hair gets tangled and forms knots. These knots are very difficult to be brushed. The best solution to this problem is to tie up your hair in a bun when retiring for the night. You can even make a ponytail or a plait in case the bun applies pressure on your scalp. This amazing night trick is sure to give you stunning hair the next day and everyday!

  2. Do Proper Conditioning of Hair Every Night:

    Before you go to sleep apply a fortifying hair mask or even a leave-in moisturizer to your hair. With this technique, you will wake up in the morning to amazingly bouncy hair, which will look well nourished and stunning. However, make sure that you condition your tresses well. These moisturizers tend to seep deep into the cuticles of your hair and repair them thoroughly resulting in stunning hair the next morning.

    Tip: Remember to wear a shower cap on your head so as to prevent the spilling of the hair mask or the hair conditioner on your pillows and sheets.

  3. Oil Your Hair Regularly:

    Hair oil is the secret ingredient of our grannies whose wonders could be witnessed in their lustrous and striking locks. Regular oiling of your hair will certainly add to the strength of your hair and help it to grow at a fast pace. With the help of your fingertips, rub the oil on your scalp. This method of oiling will not only provide the proper nourishment to your tresses, but will also enhance the blood circulation to your scalp thereby enhancing the growth of your hair.

    Coconut oil is best suited for hairs and is deemed as one of the best hair-care solutions for our hair. Coconut oil contains a high content of proteins, such that it can effectively improve the quality of your hair and add to the health of your scalp. Apply coconut oil thoroughly on your tresses before you go to sleep and wake up to a beautiful and shining hair. Try the amazing coconut oil trick at night and wake up to stunning hair.

  4. Tame The Frizzy Hair:

    This is the best technique which will help you to tame your unruly frizzy hair. In the night time before hitting the bed, use a good hair serum on your hair. A hair serum It will not only give you a soothing effect but will also give shiny, smooth and frizz free hair. The trick is, after applying serum to your hair, twist your hair into a bun and go to sleep. In the morning, set your hair free from this bun and witness stunning and frizz-free hair. Moreover, you should use a smooth and silky pillow as it will be amazingly good for the health of your skin and hair.

  5. Ease Up On The Heating Products:

    With this technique, you can easily lower the time needed to use the heating and styling tools on your hair in the morning. Owing to the advice of the stylists, wash your hair the previous night and then comb it gently with a comb which has wide teeth. Now you won’t require a dryer in the morning and this method will effectively help you to reduce the heat your hairs are being exposed to. In the morning, your hair will be definitely softer and completely dried.

    Do not use the styling products more than necessary. An extensive use of these products will turn your scalp and hair dry. However, when you use them, remember to use them on the hair strands and not directly on the scalp. You should also switch to a healthy diet which provides the required nourishment to your hair. The protein content in your diet will add to the health of your hair. The regular consumption of eggs, chicken, soy, and fish will do wonder for your hair. Eat foods which are extensively rich in folic acid and vitamins B-6 and B-12 as these foods will make your hair healthy. Foods like banana, spinach, potato, citrus fruits and the dairy products are rich in these vitamins and minerals.

    Now, you can wake up to striking and absolutely stunning hair with these amazing night tricks.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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