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Is It Possible to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally?

With growing work pressure and reduced time for self relaxation, today most of the people get encountered with stress and tensions in their life; and with this, develops one more condition, i.e. graying of hair. Stress for a long time can develop gray hair. Gray hair also develops because of the natural aging process. Though the graying of hair due to aging may not be easy to treat, gray hair caused due to stress or other conditions may be reversed naturally as well as with many other treatments. Read below to know about it.

Is It Possible to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally?

Is It Possible to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally?

Gray hair can be reversed naturally if they are appropriately paid attention to and treated internally as well as externally. You need to take the essential diets, avoid the unnecessary or harmful diets and go for some of the natural remedies to reverse your graying of hair. Below are some of the natural remedies to reverse gray hair.

Appropriate Diet and Supplements Can Help Reverse Gray Hair Naturally:

You need to take foods that are rich in essential minerals such as, copper and Zinc, which are essential in preventing premature graying of your hair. Copper plays a significant role in the formation of melanin pigment (the pigment that gives your hair its natural black color). You can take a multivitamin that contain copper and zinc.

Moreover, you can also take foods such as soy or other legumes, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, nuts, mushrooms, oyster, and chocolates; which are good sources of copper. Shell fish is known to be rich in Zinc, and you can add it to your diet. However, make sure not to add too much of zinc content to your diet, as it can cause copper deficiency.

One more diet to be added for reversing gray hair can be the cereal grasses, such as wheatgrass and barley, which are loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin B and also minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, silica; which are must to be added in your regular diet.

Vitamin B12 is one crucial vitamin and a deficiency in this vitamin can result in early graying of hair. So, you need to add foods that are rich in vitamin B12 in your diet, such as milk, dairy products, egg, meat, fish, and shitake mushrooms.

Reverse Gray Hair Naturally By Avoiding Processed Foods:

Gray hair can be reversed naturally by restricting some diets. Avoid all processed foods and coffee as they leach essential minerals like iron, zinc, copper etc from the body. Apart from this, do avoid smoking.

Other Natural Home Remedies To Help Reverse Gray Hair:

Let us know about some of the natural home remedies which can reverse graying of hair.

Onion Juice:

Onion juice can help you reverse gray hair. Onion, being rich in the catalase enzyme, is used as a topical remedy for gray hair since ages. It is found that a buildup of Hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles and in the scalp can result in hair thinning and premature gray hair. Studies have also found that catalase enzyme helps in neutralizing hydrogen peroxide and thus reverses graying of hair.

Onion Juice

So, using the juice of onion can be used to remove hydrogen peroxide buildup, help in providing nourishment to regenerate the hair follicles and also help in reversing gray hair naturally.

In order to use onion juice to reverse premature graying of hair, apply the juice of onions to your scalp regularly and massage it lightly and then leave it on the scalp for 30 minutes to 60 minutes and then wash it off.

Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves can also be used to reverse gray hair naturally. These leaves have the ability to restore the melanin in your hair follicles, which help in tackling with graying of hair. Curry leaves also help in enhancing hair growth by improving the scalp health. Curry leaves are essential in restoring the natural color of your hair because they are rich in Vitamin B.

Curry Leaves

To use this as a remedy, you will require 3 tablespoon of coconut oil along with handful of curry leaves. Heat them both together until you see the formation of a black residue. Once the oil is cooled, massage it into your scalp and also along the entire length of your hair. Leave this for 1-2 hours and then wash your head with a mild sulfate-free shampoo.

Gooseberries Or Amla:

Drinking gooseberry juice every day can benefit in reversing gray hair. You can also mix up dried gooseberries and coconut or almond oil and can rub and massage it on your scalp every night. Make a note that the best type of gooseberry can be Amla or Indian Gooseberry.

Gooseberries Or Amla

Black Tea:

Black tea can also help you in reversing gray hair naturally. It actually stains your hair and thus darkens it and also adds shine to your hair. For using this as a remedy, you require 2 teaspoon of black tea leaves and a cup of water. You need to boil black tea leaves in water and allow it steep for 2 minutes and then set the solution to cool; after which you can apply it to your hair and allow it to stand for at least 30 minutes before you rinse your hair. Make sure not to use shampoo.

Black Tea

Henna, Castor Oil, And Lemon Juice:

You can try one more remedy by mixing up some castor oil and lemon juice, until it goes frothy and then after add some henna.

Henna, Castor Oil, And Lemon Juice

You need to apply this mixture to your hair and scalp and allow it for 1 hour before washing your hair. This treatment must be repeated every day.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil can be used for treating a lot of hair-related problems, such as graying of hair, balding, dandruff and lice. This works great because of the presence of Capric and Caprylic acids in the oil that has antioxidant properties and acts as disinfectants. In addition, the low molecular weight of coconut oil allows for easy penetration of the hair shaft.

Coconut Oil

For using this as a remedy, just apply a small amount of the coconut oil directly onto your hair or mix it into your shampoo and leave it for 30 minutes.


Amaranth is a vegetable that is loaded with a lot of nutrients and it looks just like spinach. Amaranth helps in reversing gray hair naturally by restoring the natural color of the hair.


All you require is simply apply the juice from some fresh leaves of Amaranth on your scalp and massage it gently. Then leave it for 30 minutes and wash your head.


So, we now know that gray hair can be reversed naturally if you manage appropriate diet, which helps in improving hair health, avoid diet which are harmful for hair health and take the essential remedies for reversing graying of hair naturally. Above all, it must be noted that keeping stress free or avoiding excess of stress can help in reversing gray hair caused due to stress over time.


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