How Can I Treat Mono At Home?

Mono or mononucleosis is a viral infection that spreads through saliva, sneezing, coughing and sharing utensils with the affected persons. It is also known as kissing disease.

How Can I Treat Mono At Home?

How Can I Treat Mono At Home?

There is no cure for mono since it is a viral disease. However, with the help of some natural and home remedies, symptoms of mono can be reduced, and the discomfort alleviated.

Up The Fluid Intake-

  • A proper fluid intake can help you in getting relief from sore throat and fever in mono
  • Dehydration can make your symptoms worse

OTC Medications-

  • Pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be taken as needed for mono at home
  • However, they do not have any anti-viral properties
  • Hence, they should be taken only when necessary, especially to relieve any pain or fever
  • Use such medications and others like aspirin very cautiously in small and young children, as they can be potentially hazardous
  • It is recommended not to use these medicines without any advice from the doctor

Salt Water Gargle

  • Gargling with salt water can help you relieve the symptoms of sore throat in mono
  • Mix around ½ a tsp of salt in warm water and gargle with this solution twice or thrice a day

Coconut Oil Remedy-

  • Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies for mono and the associated symptoms
  • Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acid known as lauric acid, which gets rapidly absorbed in the body and gets transformed into monolauric acid, which is believed to be an excellent anti-viral molecule
  • This molecule helps in preventing the virus that is responsible for causing this infection
  • Coconut oil is also extremely rich in antibacterial, antifungal and healing properties
  • It is very rich in nutrient composition and hence, helps in a speedy recovery from any illness
  • Consuming 2 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil every morning and evening can give you excellent results
  • Coconut oil can also be added to salads or used as a cooking oil to reap its benefits

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C acts as a preventive as well as a curative remedy
  • It helps in arresting the spread of the mono virus and reduces the symptoms related to it
  • Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant and a superb immune-booster
  • It is a water-soluble vitamin
  • Vitamin C helps in boosting the immunity and is given by many doctors as a part of mono treatment to speed up the recovery process
  • Vitamin C is responsible for a general immune cell health
  • Include foods that are rich sources of vitamin c in your regular diet. These may include lemons, oranges, limes, kiwis, pineapples, tomatoes, blackberries, broccoli etc.
  • Vitamin C supplements can be taken if symptoms are severe
  • The RDA of vitamin c for mono infection is 1 to 2 grams or 1000 to 2000 mg per 3 to 4 hours
  • After the symptoms are reduced, the dose is brought down to 1000 mg per day

Other simple tips and remedies to get relief from mono infection may include-

  • Take ample rest and do not tire yourself out. Ample rest will ensure that you recover speedily. Rest even during the daytime
  • Give up the habit of smoking, at least till you recover. Smoking with mono will only worsen your symptoms
  • Keep your throat moist by sucking on a candy

Prevention Of A Mono Infection

A mono infection spreads through saliva, sneezing, coughing and using contaminated vessels from an affected person. If you are infected or if you know someone that is infected, it is best to not share things like utensils with other healthy people, do not kiss them, do not share food etc. with them. Remember the golden rule- prevention is always better than cure.

Mono cannot be cured but it can be treated. With the use of some natural and home remedies mono symptoms can be reduced and the discomfort caused due to the symptoms can be alleviated.

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